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Looking to create a space cowgirl costume?  These top notch outfit ideas to copy will ensure you have a space cowgirl costume everyone will be talking about.

space cowgirl costume

If you have been paying attention to Halloween costumes and party theme trends in the past couple of years you are bound to have seen space cowgirl costumes all over. Honestly, I highly doubt there is anyone reading this post that has never seen this costume before. But if you haven’t, this costume is basically just a trendy take on cowboys and aliens and girls all over are absolutely obsessed with this theme (and for good reason... it is SO cute!)

To create a space cowgirl costume you are going to need a few key costume pieces, bright colors, and a whole lot of sparkles! There are a ton of different ways to create a space cowgirl costume and this post will show you exactly how to do it as well as the ideas to inspire an outfit of your very own!

With inspiration from these ideas and all the costume essentials, you are guaranteed to have the absolute best space cowgirl costume at any party.

This post is all about how to create a space cowgirl costume.


space cowgirl costume

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Honestly, there are so many fun and cute ways to style this costume but these essentials are a great place to start. Feel free to have fun mixing and matching different clothing and accessories. Whether you choose to pair a bikini top with metallic pants or throw a fringe belt over a silver bodysuit you really can’t go wrong creating a space cowgirl costume as long as you have glitter and a hat!

While doing research on the best space cowgirl costumes out there, I found that the best places to look for clothing and accessories for this costume were actually music festival-based clothing companies. Some of my favorites include Dolls Kill, Boohoo, RaveFix, and iHeartRaves. But, Amazon, Etsy, Shein, and other general clothing stores sell a ton of cute bodysuits and accessories that would be perfect for a space cowgirl costume as well!


1. Light Up Cowgirl Hats And Fringe Belts

space cowgirl costume hats

Recreate this costume:

Talk about a top-notch space cowgirl costume! From trendy clothing to sparkly makeup these girls really nailed this costume theme. The best part about this costume inspiration is that you can recreate it all with clothing from Amazon! Who doesn’t love a costume that comes with Prime shipping?

Like I said before, this costume is all about metallics, fringe, and glitter so be sure you incorporate that into your clothing and accessories. Pairing a silver bodysuit with a fringe body harness is a great way to do this. And of course, don't forget your cowgirl hat! Even better... make it a sequin light-up cowgirl hat!

2. All Silver Metallic Clothing

space cowgirl costume college

Recreate this costume:

Did someone say metallic?! Here is just the silver costume you need to incorporate all that shininess into a space cowgirl costume. All you need to recreate this costume is a metallic bikini, a cowgirl hat, shoulder pads, and a pair of silver pants.

I actually spent at least 45 minutes trying to find the silver chaps these girls are wearing but once I finally did I found that they are currently sold out (and literally no other stores sell these… trust me I searched hard). But, I will still link them here in case they are restocked anytime soon! 

While you cant recreate this look exactly, you can still create something really similar with a pair of metallic pants like these from Amazon. They may be a little warmer anyways. The shoulder pads in the photos were actually a DIY but you can buy some similar off of Amazon and safety pin them to your clothing. Overall, this costume is one of the best ones I’ve seen so it is definitely one to take inspiration from!

3. Sequin Fringe Skirts

space cowgirl costume skirts

Recreate this costume:

One of the most popular ideas for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and Halloween costumes for girls is to have all your friends dress up as space cowgirls. So, if you are thinking of using this idea for your group costume this inspiration is just what you need!

While you and your friends can plan to buy the exact same costumes it is also super fun to mix and match when creating your space cowgirl costumes. Whether it’s silver shorts, sparkly fringe skirts or cow print tops there are so many different options when it comes to creating this costume. You and your friends are guaranteed to have so much fun styling your outfits and taking pictures the day of the event!


1. Sexy Cowgirl Costume

While this set from Amazon maybe a little less “space” and a little more “cowgirl” it is one of the cutest costumes you can buy as a whole and would be super easy to turn into a space cowgirl costume.

The set comes with everything pictured except that hat so that is the only other thing you need to purchase separately. You could even pick out a metallic cowgirl hat to incorporate the “space” theme into this costume! To truly take this costume to the next level, add glitter to your hair and makeup and you’re done!

2. Metallic Bodysuit With Fringe Skirt

Does this costume set not just scream space cowgirl?! Literally the perfect bodysuit for this costume idea. To finish off the look all you need are cowgirl boots and a hat! Super easy but combines space and cowgirl perfectly.

3. Space Cowgirl Costume With Fringe Vest And Skirt

There really aren’t too many costumes labeled “space cowgirl” since this costume idea only became super popular pretty recently and is usually made by just combining different styles of clothing. But, Party City does have this super stylish costume that nails the space cowgirl theme right on the head.

The set comes with a fringe belt and vest that is perfect to accessorize a plain white tank or other clothing you choose.

4. Tassel Skirt And Shoulder Pads

space cowgirl costume diy

Etsy is one of the best places to look for space cowgirl costumes that are actually trendy. If you are looking for unique and stylish pieces for this costume I would highly recommend checking out Etsy’s options. You can also find a lot of pieces that can be used for this costume idea by searching for festival or rave outfits on here. 

This fringe vest and belt are the perfect examples of costume sets that you can find on Etsy! Some clothing maybe a little on the pricier side but you can guarantee you will be receiving unique clothing that no one else has at the party


1. Sparkly Eyeshadow And Rhinestones

space cowgirl makeup

Recreate this makeup look:

Before we get to the makeup, these women created the most amazing costume ever! If you are looking to DIY a unique space cowgirl costume this year you definitely need to check out their Instagrams  @vivathevisionary & @_sisi.stylez for inspiration! 

But, aside from the outfits, this space cowgirl makeup is the perfect inspiration for your costume this year! Match your eyeshadow with your outfit and have fun by using bright colors and sparkly shadows. To really amp up the look, add rhinestones to your eyes and face by using self-adhesive stones or eyelash glue! Everyone is guaranteed to be insanely impressed with your costume when you have the stunning makeup to go with it.

2. Bright Colorful Eyeshadow With Glitter

Recreate this makeup look:

No alien cowgirl costume is complete without bright and bold colorful eyeshadow! If you are a makeup fanatic, feel free to use any colorful or neon shadows that you have at home. But, if you usually stay with neutrals on your eyes you are definitely going to want to buy a bright-colored pallet for this costume. This pallet from Amazon has all the neon colors you could ever need and it has great reviews for the price. All that is left after your eyeshadow is complete is to add glitter!

3. Face Jewels And Colored Hair

Recreate this makeup look:

Really want to take your costume to the next level? Add face jewels and colored hair! Both of these have been music festival essentials for years and they fit right into the space cowgirl costume.

Buy colored hair clip-ins from Amazon and incorporate them into whatever hairstyle you choose. Braids and space buns are always the go-to options for this costume.

Then, all you need are the face jewels to stick around your eyes! These are both super easy makeup and hair accessories that don’t require a ton of skill or effort but will really make your space cowgirl costume stand out from the rest.

This post was all about how to create a space cowgirl costume.

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