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Planning a graduation party this year? Here are the 31 best 2022 graduation party ideas every grad will be obsessed with.  

graduation gift ideas

The class of 2022 has had it rough, missing out on junior year AND senior year events. I can't imagine how disappointing that is, so hopefully these graduation party ideas can make a not-so-great school year end on a high note! 

When you're planning your graduation party, there's seriously nothing to stress about if you follow these ideas for the BEST graduation party of 2022.  

This post is all about the best 2022 graduation party ideas.


1. Make a balloon garland

Recreate this super cute balloon display:

If you're going to have just one decoration at your graduation party, this is the one!! Balloon garlands are the most trendy decoration for any party because they can be done with any colors or theme. 

There are a ton of kits available on amazon to make this decoration look professionally made (but is actually SO easy to make)!

Bonus! This balloon backdrop doubles as a photo backdrop 🙂

2. Get cookies customized with your school colors

graduation party decorations

Recreate these adorable cookies for your grad party: 

How cute and special are these cookies? I love this addition to any graduation party dessert table. 

They are sure to impress your party guests because they're not only super pretty, but yummy! 

3. Speaking of cookies, make a clever cookie bar

Recreate this super cute cookie bar: 

I love a cute dessert table at any party, but how perfect is this for graduation? This printable makes a beautiful chalkboard sign super easy and requires no actual writing 😉

Just add cookies and you're ready to go! 

4. Show off your school pictures from every school year

graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this sweet and nostalgic graduation display:

This is such a sentimental party decoration that family and friends will love to see! Sorry grad, the awkward stage is on full display! 

Seriously though, this is such an easy decoration that is really special. 

5. Have a super cute sign to welcome guests

Recreate this welcome sign: 

This cute welcome sign is the perfect way to welcome guests to your party. I love chalkboards because you can use them over and over again for different parties and events. 

6. DIY a donut wall

graduation decoration ideas homemade

Recreate this darling donut wall:

Donut walls are ALL over Pinterest right now and I am here for it! There are so many cute options on amazon and I love this one with the gold calligraphy. 

Also donuts are super inexpensive, so that's a plus! 

7. Have a card basket 

Recreate this simple and sweet card basket:

Let's face it, one of the best reasons to have a grad party is for the cards... or what's in the cards 😉

This card basket is so cute and makes sure guests don't misplace their gift! 

8. Put together a table displaying all of your accomplishments

graduation party cake

Recreate this cute table all of your guests will love:

This table pretty much brings together all of your school photos, certificates, varsity letters, and trophies. Getting a cute cork board to pin everything on is the perfect addition to this display table. 

I love this cork board (not only for the gold accent) because it is meant to sit on a table! 

9. Have a polaroid guest book to remember your day

Recreate this guest book:

My best friend had a polaroid guest book at her grad party and it was SO fun. The camera was passed around the party and everyone left the nicest messages and advice in the book. 

10. Make your backyard beautiful for an outdoor party

fun graduation party games

Recreate this pretty outdoor party set up: 

It's so hard to decorate an outdoor space, so I love how these lanterns and string lights tie together the decor on the tables. 

They come in so many different colors so they could match any college colors or theme. 

11. Throw a graduation FIESTA!

Recreate this fun fiesta theme:

Sticking with a theme makes decorating a party not only easier but way cuter! 

It would be fitting to have a taco or nacho bar, which is perfect when you're feeding a lot of guests. 

12. Make some clever party favors

simple graduation centerpieces

Recreate these cute party favors:

Pop some popcorn and tell your guests thanks for coming with these super cute favors! 

I think it is really sweet to have something to send home with your guests, especially something tasty. 

13. Put your graduation year on full display

Recreate this photo backdrop: 

You should have "2022" all over your graduation party. This is a big celebratory year and everyone should know it! 

I love these rose gold balloons because they are so cute and girly. This balloon kit from amazon would make the perfect photo backdrop. 

14. Make a college themed popcorn bar

graduation party open house

Recreate this popcorn bar:

More popcorn!! Instead of sending your guests home with it, make it a snack option at the party. 

There are so many different popcorn flavors, so you could make this a big popcorn bar or a smaller one depending on how many guests you have. 

15. Make easy mason jar centerpieces 

Recreate this centerpiece:

These centerpieces are so cute and convenient, especially if you have a ton of tables to decorate. You could add these little signs to floral arrangements or to jars with paper shreds like the picture. 

16. Have your guests address an envelope for your thank you notes

grad party gift ideas

Recreate this grad party table:

You know grad parties come with a lot of gifts, which means a lot of thank you notes. Have your guests save you some time by addressing an envelope for themselves. 

17. Make a balloon walkway into the party

Recreate this balloon walkway:

I love this party entrance, it is so fun and exciting! You could make the balloons your college or high school colors and incorporate those colors throughout the party. 

18. Make this adorable globe decoration

graduation party food ideas
sourced from:

Recreate this decoration: 

This globe decoration is super cute and sweet. A lot of grads have used this Dr. Suess book as party decor inspiration. 

I really like this white and gold globe from amazon, it is so pretty and trendy. 

19. Make sure your guests have drinks

Recreate this pink lemonade station: 

Make sure your guests have something to drink with this adorable pink lemonade station. 

If you had a couple of these drink dispensers, you could have some different drink options and everyone would be satisfied! 

20. Have a pretty cake everyone will love 

Recreate this cake: 

I love this simple and sweet graduation cake. The cap and diploma details are so cute! 

This definitely is something you would have to get from a local bakery or store, but this cake topper would be the prefect addition to any graduation cake. 

21. Let your guests leave you some good advice

Recreate this sign and notecards: 

graduation party outfits

I love this ideas for a grad party because it gives the guests something to do. I think this station would be especially popular among older guests with lots of knowledge to share! 

22. Get some large marquee letters

graduation party games printables

Recreate this display:

This display is amazing!! These big marquee letters are definitely something I would look into renting from a local company, but you can always buy them on Amazon or Etsy!

23. Put cute banners everywhere

Recreate this sweet banner look: 

graduation decoration ideas

Banners are the cutest and easiest decoration for any party! I love this one because it seems like a personal message from the parents to the grad. 

24. Make centerpieces with your graduation year

Recreate these mason jar centerpieces: 

Like I said before, this is a very special year for the grad, put it everywhere!! Think New Years, but even more 2022 decorations. 

25. Put your college on full display

Recreate this photo backdrop:

Graduating high school is something to celebrate, but going to college is even more exciting to celebrate! 

I love how the focal points of this party are the college colors and logo! 

26. Have a cupcake tower

Recreate this dessert tower:

Cupcakes are way easier than a cake when you have a big crowd, so I love this cupcake tower. It makes a big statement and you can re-use this stand for different parties and events. 

27. Use extra large balloons as table decor

Recreate this balloon look: 

These confetti balloons are super popular right now and SO cute. You can use them anywhere in your party, but I love the way they lined the table with them. 

28. Have a s'mores station

Recreate this yummy dessert station:

I love this s'mores station for a graduation party because it is so unique and it's the perfect summer night treat. 

I think all guests would enjoy having s'mores at your grad party!

29. Use a ladder to display decor and food

Recreate this graduation display: 

This ladder display trend is so fun, especially for a more rustic theme. It's so versatile, you can add photos, food, flowers, or drinks on this display.

30. Have candy with cute, clever labels

Recreate this clever candy bar: 

fun graduation party games

I have seen these "punny" candy labels all over Pinterest, but these are by far the cutest ones! 

You could always make them yourself, but I love this free printable option. 

31. Make sure you have some cute invitations

Recreate this party invite: 

graduation party picture ideas

Set the tone for how fun your party will be with these SUPER cute invitations. I love the play on words, and you can customize the tassel to be any color! 

32. Incorporate photos throughout the party

Recreate this grad party:

I love how this party incorporates photos everywhere - a full wall of large square photos, a collage of polaroids, photos on the tables, etc. This makes it really personalized and keeps the guests engaged and entertained. And definitely don't forget to put out those embarrassing middle school photos... those are always a hit ?

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