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This post is all about college essentials clothes (rainy day edition!).

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When you go to college there are many things you think of bringing... comforter, futon, tv, etc. But, there are some little things that you just don't think twice about (at least I didn't).

For me, I had no idea how much it would rain where I go to school.

I honestly didn't even think about bringing rain stuff. Of course, the first week I was there it rained almost every day. And let me tell you, walking to your class in rain is not fun!

Here are the 4 essentials I recommend bringing to college to help you stay dry in the rain.

1) Rain jacket

Duh! I actually completely forgot about this until the night before I left for college.

I quickly ran to Target just hoping they had something. I ended up getting THIS rain jacket and really love it.. super affordable and actually pretty cute.

(GUYS! While getting the link for that jacket I saw this super cute rain jacket for EIGHT DOLLARS! So good.)

At school though, I would say this rainjacket is definitely the most popular one.


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2) Rain boots

When I came to college I debated not bringing rain boots just because of how bulky they were and how much room they would take up.

While they do take up some room, I wear them all the time (even if it's not raining:/) and love them!

I have this pair of Hunter boots and really do love them. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that my feet literally feel like they freeze off in them but I ended up purchasing the insert for them and it makes them feel so much warmer.

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3) Umbrella

...and another thing I forgot to bring! Please tell me I am not the only one that completely forgot some important products!

I ended up running to the closest Walgreens to get one.

It made walking on campus in the rain much more tolerable!

Here's the best-rated (and cheap) umbrella available on Amazon.

4) Waterproof Backpack

I didn't know this before going to college but make sure that if you are renting books, you're backpack doesn't get wet in the rain.

The rental company you get your books from will make you purchase the book if it gets water damage. Annoying, but something to definitely think about.

 I guess last year on the day the books were due, it was raining really bad and a lot of people ended up having to buy them from the school.

This is hands-down the only backpack I recommend for college. You NEED to make sure you get a backpack that is high quality enough and big enough to hold all your books. I actually purchased a "cute" backpack for college and ended up buying this backpack instead because it didn't hold enough books.

Learn from my mistakes and plan on packing rain essentials. It will make rainy days much more tolerable :).

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  1. I loved this post! Prior to college I never even owned a real rain jacket or a pair of rain boots, but I cannot imagine going through freshman year without either of these items!

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