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Need a little dorm inspiration to give you ideas on how to decorate your room? Here are all the best dorm inspiration ideas to copy this year!

dorm inspiration

There is literally nothing more exciting than moving into your college dorm room. Well, maybe one thing… decorating it!

I remember the summer before my freshman year (and honestly even months before that) I spent all my free time looking for dorm room decor and trying to find ideas I wanted to recreate in my college dorm! If you’re as obsessed with having a cute dorm room (which you probably are if you are taking the time to read this post) then you are most likely looking for dorm inspiration to help you plan as well!

From the cutest desk decorations to trendy wall decor, these girls totally nailed it when it came time to decorate their dorm. You will 100% want to take all the dorm inspiration you can from these rooms!

This post is all about the best dorm inspiration.


1. Accent With Hot Pink Throws

colorful dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

This one is for all the girly girls out there that love pink! Accent your dorm room with neon pink blankets, paintings, and neon signs to really brighten up your room.

2. Use Fun & Bright Colored Patterns

trendy dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

If there is one thing you should take away from this dorm inspiration it should show you not to be scared of bright colors and patterns! Orange is a color not as often used in dorm room designs but based on how good this room looks it should totally be used more often!!

3. Incorporate A Pop Of Yellow

yellow dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

Incorporating yellow into your dorm room is a guaranteed way to brighten up your room. With smiley face pillows, yellow throws, and trendy wall prints, there is no way you walk into your dorm room without smiling!

4. Cover Wall Space With Flags & Picture Collages

hot pink dorm room

Recreate this dorm room:

Decorate with wall decor but make it ~cute~ by using trendy flags and wall collages! You find packs of aesthetic photos to arrange on your walls on Amazon and Etsy, or screenshot photos off Pinterest and print them yourself to save money!

5. Decorate With Bright Colors & Trendy Prints

colorful dorm room decor

Recreate this dorm inspiration:

This dorm inspiration is another amazing example of how to incorporate bright colors like hot pink into your dorm room design!

6. Decorate Your Walls With Posters & Neon Lights

colorful dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

If there is one thing you need to focus on when decorating your dorm room it’s to fill up all the blank wall space! Trendy posters like the ones in this dorm inspiration are big enough to cover a good amount of wall space but aren’t super expensive which is always a plus when it comes to dorm decorating.

7. Accent Your Room With Colorful Curtains

orange dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

You may not think of curtains as “decor” in your room now but when it comes to living in a dorm, hanging cute curtains makes all the difference! If you really want to make a colorful statement in your room, adding bright curtains like these is the way to go.

8. Use A Dresser As A Shared Night Stand

best dorm room ideas

Recreate this dorm room:

Conserving space is super important in dorm rooms so you want to make sure the furniture you use is multi-functional. This dorm inspiration is the perfect example of how to combine all your needs into one area. Using a shared dresser creates storage space, a nightstand for both you and your roommate, and looks SO stylish all while doing it!

9. Hang A Plug-In Pendant Light

dorm inspiration blue green

Recreate this dorm room:

I had never heard of this idea until recently but this dorm inspiration is genius!! To create accent lighting, add a plug-in pendant light above your bed. This is a small and expensive element that will make such a big difference in the feeling of your dorm room!

10. Mix & Match Patterns

dorm inspiration cozy
dorm inspiration indie

Recreate this dorm room:

Get creative and mix and match different patterns! You can do this by decorating with patterned wallpaper, different colored pillows, and layering a variety of textured rugs and furniture.

11. Create Accent Seating With A Colorful Sofa

dorm inspirations

Recreate this dorm room:

Here is such a fun way to create a bright and colorful focal point in your dorm room! Additional seating is always a plus to have in your dorm room so having a colorful couch like this blue one will not only serve as decor but is super functional in your space as well.


12. Keep Your Decor Light & Airy

dorm living room inspo
blue dorm inspiration blue

Recreate this dorm room:

Going for a boho theme in your dorm room? You absolutely NEED to take inspiration from this dorm. This is the epitome of a boho dorm room and it looks flawless! You almost wouldn’t have guessed it was even a dorm room.

dorm room essentials

13. Use A Neon Light As A Focal Point Above Your Bed

minimilist dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

Neon lights are super popular right now and for good reason. They not only add subtle lighting that will make your dorm room feel super cozy, but they also make such great statement pieces above your bed. Oh, and don’t forget to add colorful throw pillows and blankets on your bed as well for extra ~coziness~!

14. Matted Photo Frames Look Much More Put Together

minimilist dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

This may seem like a small detail but I promise picture frames with mats in them make all the difference in the look of your wall decor! You can find plenty of different-sized matted frames on Amazon, Target, and other home stores!

15. Hang Lights & Leaves On Your Walls

dorm inspo minimilist

Recreate this dorm room:

Like I said before, filling up your wall space with cute decor will make all the difference in your dorm room. Plants, garlands, and fairy lights are all inexpensive but super cute ways to decorate blank walls.

16. Decorate A Storage Cubby

dorm inspiration gray
dorm wall decor ideas

Recreate this dorm room:

Creating cute but functional storage space when it comes to designing your dorm room. This dorm inspiration is the perfect example of how you can turn a bland storage cube into a stylish and usable furniture piece!

17. Mix & Match Patterns With Your Roommate

boho dorm decor

Recreate this dorm room:

It doesn’t get more boho than this dorm inspiration! When decorating a bohemian-styled dorm room, have fun mixing and matching patterns and colors. And of course, you can’t forget the fringe decor and macrame!

18. Decorate Your Bed & Walls With Macrame

indie dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

The boho style is all about using fun colors and incorporating natural elements and this dorm inspiration absolutely killed it!


19. Monochromatic Color Schemes Look Stunning

dorm ideas

Recreate this dorm room:

Not a fan of color? It’s okay, I shy away from it too. Don’t be afraid to go with a monochromatic color scheme in your dorm room! This all-silver dorm room is the perfect inspo for anyone looking to stick with neutrals in their dorm design.

20. Cover Dorm Furniture & Bring In Some Of Your Own

dorm inspo boho
dorm inspo vintage
rustic dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

Is this dorm inspiration not one of the best ones you have seen?! From the custom fabric used to make the bed skirt to an assortment of cute wall decor, this rustic dorm room looks so well put together! Not to mention the insanely cool plant wall in the living room… You can guarantee your dorm will be the picture spot if you choose to recreate this idea!

21. Layer Bedding

dorm inspiration girly
dorm living room

Recreate this dorm room:

Layered bedding is the best way to transform your 100-year-old dorm mattress into one that feels like a 5-star hotel bed. To do this, start with thin sheets and add layers with blankets and plush comforters.

22. Go With A Blue & White Color Scheme

trendy dorm ideas

Recreate this dorm room:

Not a girl that goes for pink? No worries, this dorm inspiration has all the blue-loving girls covered! To incorporate this idea into your dorm, find a rug with small amounts of blue in it. Then, seal the deal with a plush blue comforter and throw pillows!

23. Create A Seating Area With A Futon

trendy dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

Here is another super cute dorm inspiration to use when designing a seating area! Futons are always the best option when it comes to dorm seating because they can be turned into a bed when friends stay over but folded up when not in use!

24. Use Colorful Headboards

dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

Colorful headboards are a little harder to find but they are out there! Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Etsy have some of the best options. If you really want to use a colorful headboard but can’t find exactly the one you want, you can always DIY your own using wood, cushions, and the fabric of your choice!

25. ... Or A Shelf Headboard!

dorm decor inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

If you need extra storage space in your dorm, a headboard with built-in shelves is the perfect solution! Not only can you store frequently needed items like your chargers in this, but you can also completely style and customize it with picture frames. This will make your room feel so much homier and unique to you.

26. Conceal Your Fridge With A Cabinet

dorm inspiration 2021

Recreate this dorm room:

I know when I was living in my dorm I always found my mini-fridge such an eyesore so I totally wish I had a fridge cabinet back then. A cabinet not only conceals your (probably ugly) dorm fridge, it also allows you to organize and store all your food. Now, I think we can all agree these look stunning, but I am going to warn you they are insanely expensive. Try looking on Facebook Marketplace (or other buy & sell pages) at your school before handing over the cash for these! 

27. Grey & Pink Always Look Great In Dorm Rooms

dorm bedding
dorm room ideas for guys

Recreate this dorm room:

You can never go wrong with a good grey and pink color scheme in your dorm! From the pink bed skirt to the matching wall art, this dorm inspiration is the perfect idea for all the girly girls out there to copy.

28. Use Mainly White Bedding & Furniture And Accent With Color Sparingly

dorm decor
dorm cabinet

Recreate this dorm room:

Looking to incorporate a little bit of color into your dorm room without it being too much? Here is just the idea for you! Stick with a mostly neutral color scheme by using all-white bedding, rugs, and furniture but adding just a tiny pop of color with a throw pillow or two.

29. Decorate Your Neutral Dorm Room With White & Shades Of Grey

dorm room ideas girl

Recreate this dorm room:

Now for the completely neutral dorm inspiration! To recreate this, stick with only white and shades of grey in all your bedding, furniture, and other decor!

30. Mix Patterns, Color, & Texture

dorm room inspiration 2021

Recreate this dorm room:

Like some of the other dorm inspirations, this room mixes all kinds of textures and patterns while staying with a pink theme! Copying this style will give you a variety and contrast while still only having to focus on incorporating one color!

31. Storage Cubes Are Always A Good Idea In Dorms

boho dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

If you can’t tell by looking at all the other dorm rooms already, all the best ones have some kind of additional storage. Using storage cubes and fridge cabinets will instantly take any dorm room to the next level!

32. Create An Accent Wall With Peel & Stick Wallpaper

boho dorm inspo

Recreate this dorm room:

Peel and stick wallpaper is pretty much the next best thing to painting that is 100% dorm approved! There are tons of cute patterns of wallpaper to choose from so you can add a completely customized accent wall to your dorm!

33. Show School Spirit In A Classy Way

dorm decor inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

If we’re being honest there aren’t too many colleges with pink in their school color scheme but this is a cute and classy way to show some school spirit in your dorm room!

34. Customize Your Side Of The Room

dorm rooms 2022

Recreate this dorm room:

If you and your roommate are planning on having matching bedding and decor, a fun way to differentiate your sides is with a custom name sign above your bed! There are a ton of different options on both Amazon and Etsy!

35. Personalize A Cork Board With Printed Photos

dorm room wall decor inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

Corkboards are both an inexpensive and stylish way to personalize your dorm room! You can either print off photos of you and your friends to hang or screenshot aesthetic photos off Pinterest to match the rest of your decor.

36. (Almost) Match With Your Roommate

dorm inspo pink

Recreate this dorm room:

This is the perfect example of how you can design a super cute and cohesive dorm room with your roomie even if you have different favorite colors!


37. Mix & Match All Sorts Of Different Decor

dorm desk decor ideas

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

From picture frames to florals this dorm desk inspiration did such an amazing job incorporating a variety of decor!

38. Create A Pin Board

dorm desk inspo

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

Sometimes you may need to pin up a sticky note while doing homework or maybe you just want to spice up the look of your desk. Either way, a pinboard is a perfect addition to your workspace!

39. Turn Your Desk Into A Vanity

dorm vanity inspo

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

I mean, how could you not feel like a celebrity while getting ready at this dorm desk?! Honestly, this is better described as a vanity… Either way, this stunning transformation is sure to give you all the inspo you need to turn your desk into the “getting ready area” you always dreamed of having in your dorm!

40. Keep Desk Decor Minimal

dorm inspiration blue

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

If you are someone who prefers a nice, clean, and open workspace this boho desk inspiration is one you definitely need to try out!

41. Add Cute Storage Baskets

dorm inspiration pinterest

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

While living in a dorm you are constantly going to need additional storage space, especially at your desk area. Baskets are the perfect way to organize and store school supplies, books, hair products, clothes, makeup, and anything else you may need frequent access to. Plus, they make your desk look so much more stylized which you can never complain about!

42. Replace Your Dorm Chair With A Comfier Option

dorm essentials

Recreate this dorm desk inspiration:

The furniture that comes in your dorm room is always super old, ugly, and inevitably super uncomfortable. You will be spending a lot of time studying at your desk so you want to be sure you have a comfier seating option! You can either buy a new chair altogether and put the other one in storage or add blankets and cushions to the one that comes in your dorm already!

This post was all about the best dorm inspiration.

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