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This post shows you dorm room cleaning supplies.

dorm room cleaning supplies to use to have a clean dorm room

I love cleaning.

Wait, actually scratch that. I love cleaning. I love being in a clean space. 

I do everything better when I am in a clean environment and I knew that when I went to college I wanted to make sure that I keep my dorm room clean.

However, I was so stuck on what dorm room cleaning supplies I needed. I wanted to bring any cleaning supplies I could have possibly ever needed but knew that was unrealistic. So, after living in a dorm for two years, I have my cleaning routine down to perfection and the ideal list of dorm room cleaning supplies every college student should have in their dorm room.

Oh, and BTW, even if you hate cleaning (I know, probably the majority of you 😉 ) you still need to bring cleaning products to your dorm and these are the best of the best for dorm rooms.

This post shows you the 5 dorm room cleaning supplies I used to clean my dorm room.

PS: I put everything in order of when I use it. So first product I use first in my weekly cleaning routine and the last product I use last in my routine.

Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies: All-Purpose Spray

This baby is my go-to. It will clean anything in your dorm including sinks, dusting, mirrors, etc.

All-purpose cleaner is the way to go because it allows you to only have one bottle in your dorm that will accomplish multiple tasks.

My favorite is Method All-Purpose Spray because I think it smells the best. They have a ton of different scents that you can either buy from Target or Amazon.

When I clean my dorm, I always start with this. I give everything a really good spray because your dorm room gets dusty fast.

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Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies: Paper Towels

Do not forget to bring at least a few rolls of paper towels to school! Especially for cleaning.

I always used paper towels (versus regular towels) for cleaning in my dorm room because it is so much more convenient to throw nasty paper towels away than leaving the dirty used (actual) towel in my laundry basket until everything was clean. I just didn't like the thought of that especially since I only did my laundry every other week.

Well, this is very basic, it really is a cleaning essential for me in my dorm room.


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Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies: Small Vacuum

One of my favorite things I have purchased for my dorm. Seriously, I can not recommend you enough to get one of these for your dorm room! Plus, it's less than $20 dollars. You will get your money's worth out of it!

I know that your dorm offers most likely offers you a vacuum, but those vacuums are very old and usually makes your dorm room more messy than cleaning it.

My roommates and I used it all the time, at least twice a week. It was convenient since it is very small and can be used within seconds.

It also comes apart so you can just use the vacuum part and then add the handle and bottom to it when you want to use it more like a traditional vacuum.

Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies: Disinfectant Spray

Germ freak here :/.

College is FILLED with germs. There have been times when literally my entire floor was sick and I swear this disinfectant spray helped me get through those times without getting sick.

This would be one of the last steps in my cleaning routine and I would spray anything that people would normally touch. For example, door knobs, remotes, my desk, light switches, closet door handles, and even my phone. I went crazy with it.

Maybe it just convinces your mind you're fine, or maybe it actually works. Who knows. But what I do know is that I barely got sick at all this year and that is an amazing accomplishment living in the dorms.

Also, a tip for using this: You don't need to wipe it in. Just let it dry!

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Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies: Dawn Soap

I would have never thought that I would use this dawn soap as much as I did freshman year.

Somehow, my freshman year floor got so many freakin' stains on it I don't even know how it was possible.

The worst stain of them all came from one of those wall scents (highly recommend those for your dorm BTW) breaking all over my floor...user error :/. I tried everything to get this stain out and never thought about using Dawn until my mom suggested it. I let it sit on it for a few hours and when I came back it was completely gone.

If you are living in a dorm this year, I highly recommend you get these products. I got a bin and put all my cleaning products in it so I could easily bring it down and have everything in front of me when I was ready to start my routine.

These 5 essential cleaning products will guarantee that you will have a clean dorm room throughout the semester.

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