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This post is all about dorm seating options for when extra guests come to your dorm.

dorm seating

If you are anything like me, you planned out your dorm room furniture and decor for months before moving in. These days, a dorm is no longer just a place to sleep, it is a home that girls spend hours decorating and planning.

Even though you want your dorm to be the perfect place to hang out with your friends, dorm rooms are usually pretty small and don't have many seating options. That's why it is important to find some great chairs and benches to have when you have friends over that don't take up your whole dorm room.

So, if you are looking for some great seating options, check out these 13 benches and chairs that will be perfect in your dorm room this year.

This post is all about dorm seating.


1. Minimalistic Poof

Poofs are a great seating option because they take up very little space and can be moved around easily. You can find all kinds of styles of poofs from minimalistic poofs like this to fuzzy poofs. Pick one that matches your decor for a great seating option in your dorm!

Poofs are also great to have if you have a tall bed you will need to step up on to.

2. Storage Bench

One of the hardest parts about living in a dorm room is finding enough storage for everything. So, finding furniture options that serve more than one purpose is always a great idea. Not only is this bench a great seating option that still looks super cute, it can also double as extra storage for blankets, clothes, or anything else you didn't find room to store in your dorm. 

3. Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are a great dorm seating option if you have a lofted bed. I just saw someone do this in their dorm last year and thought it was absolutely genius. This hanging chair from Amazon is fairly cheap which I know all will college students love. If you are planning on lofting your bed this year I would definitely recommend this seating option.

4. Boho Lounge Chair

This boho lounge chair is another great option for dorms. It can easily be moved around and is small enough you could place it in most dorm rooms. This would be a super cute and comfy option for dorm living rooms or under a lofted bed to make a hangout space.

5. Suede Squishy Futon

Doesn't this squishy futon just look perfect to relax and take a nap on?! You and your friends will for sure love this dorm seating option. It's pretty much a more formal looking bean bag. You could even add some cozy blanket and a throw pillow to make it look more put together.

6. Fuzzy Cheetah Print Chair

This chair is perfect for all the girly girls out there. Cheetah print is so in this year when it comes to clothes and decor. But, this chair is still neutral enough it would look good in any style room. This chair is definitely one of my favorite options.

7. Small Sectional

A small sectional would be perfect in a bigger dorm that have a "living room" space or even a dorm where the beds are lofted. This sectional would be perfect to host a couple friends over. Plus it is pretty cheap for furniture so you and your roomy could split the cost to get this for fairly inexpensive. For dorm furniture this looks really classy and cute without breaking the budget.

8. Furry Chair

I feel like chairs like these are the standard seating option to have in dorms because they can be easily folded up and take up very little space. Chairs like this one would also be great to use at desks as well as by your bed for extra seating.

9. White Futon

I have seen a lot of white futons like this used in dorm rooms and they always looks super nice and classy. This one from Walmart is a great price too! I would definitely recommend adding a blanket or two and a pillow to make the futon look more homey. Your friends will most definitely be crashing on this once or twice throughout the year.

10. Half Sectional

This small sectional is perfect if you want a dorm seating option that looks homey but won't take up too much room in your dorm. I also love the neutral color of this futon because it can be decorated in so many different ways to match the aesthetic of your dorm room.

11. Floor Chair

Floor chairs are always a great option for dorm rooms because they are light and easy to move around (you will love this when you are moving in and out). Plus, when you have friends over you can move it around easily to wherever ya'll are hanging out. This specific chair comes in three different colors so pick which one you like best!

12. Fuzzy Futon

I don't know about you but I absolutely love fuzzy furniture, decor, and clothing. I mean who wouldn't want to cozy up on this fuzzy futon? This would be a great chair to have under your lofted bed or any other extra seating area you have in your dorm.

13. Floor Lounge Chair

This floor lounge chair is the perfect seating option that you and your friends will all love hanging out on. I know my friends would have absolutely loved hanging out on this in my dorm freshman year.

This would also be a great chair if you have a living room space to add in as an additional seating option.

This post was all about dorm seating.


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