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Looking for the best college backpacks to carry around this year? Here are 30+ of our favorite college backpacks.

college backpacks

If you are anything like me, you used the same backpack most of middle and high school. To be honest, backpacks aren't really that important in high school because you are really only taking them down the hall, to your class, and to your locker. But, in college your backpack comes around with you literally everywhere you go (which includes long walks across the campus in the rain).

Because your backpack will be getting so much use in college, you want to make sure you have one that will hold up all four years and protect all your important work and expensive laptop. I compiled more than 30 super cute but reliable college backpacks to help you out!

Here are our favorite college backpacks for women, college backpacks for men, waterproof college backpacks, stylish college backpacks, and more!

This post is all about college backpacks.


1. Surge North Face Backpack

college backpacks

This North Face backpack is the exact one I used all throughout college and have nothing but good things to say about it. It is super durable and has tons of pockets to store all my homework and school supplies.

 This backpack held up all four years in college so if you are looking for a long term backpack, this is the one!

2. Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack

college backpacks

What product doesn't Lululemon have? Lulu sells super high quality backpacks that will last for such a long time. This one is the perfect college backpack if you want lots of storage but don't want to carry a large and heavy backpack around. 

Plus, you can trade this out and use it to carry athletic clothes, or even make it a travel backpack if you want!

3. Luxe North Face Backpack

college backpacks

The Luxe North Face backpack is another insanely good backpack purchase for college students. With two zipper pockets and a laptop sleeve, you can guarantee this backpack will be able to carry all of your college essentials on your walks to class and back.

This beige color with gold zippers is super cute if you want something more girly than just a plain black backpack.

4. Black Tech Pack 2 Backpack

college backpacks

This backpack from Nordstrom is a super sleek and durable college backpack option. It is durable, water resistant, includes a laptop sleeve, and has tons of compartments to keep your things safe. 

This bag is also great to use as a commuter backpack and comes with a luggage strap to keep it connected to your suitcase.

5. Day Owl Beige Backpack

college backpacks

Day Owl has the cutest backpack options. Not only are they cute because they are sustainably made from durable, recycled materials. 

This backpack even has a small back pocket to easily access small items!

6. Nike Utility Heat Backpack

college backpacks

How sleek is this backpack?! I'm obsessed with this one and definitely would've gotten this in college if I had the chance. 

7. Adidas VFA Backpack

college backpacks

Adidas always comes through with their products and their backpacks are no exception. If you are looking for a fashionable, heavy duty, all purpose backpack, this one is the perfect choice!

8. Fjall Raven Backpack

college backpacks

Fjall Raven is a college backpack that I have heard so many students rave about. They absolutely swear by this backpack. There is a padded compartment for up to 15-inch computers and secret pockets to keep your belongings in. 


9. JanSport Cool Student Backpack

college backpacks

So, I asked my college guy friends to send me their favorite college backpacks and this one was one of the top choices. I saw this backpack being used back in high school and still see it all over college campuses. This is a simple but super durable backpack that will get you through college and more!

10. SwissGear Backpack

This was another backpack that was recommended by college guys and I actually love the colors. A lot of guys backpacks are pretty plain and boring so this is a good one that will stand out a little bit more so you easily know it is yours.

11. Router Transit North Face Backpack

college backpacks

North Face has equally as many amazing backpacks for guys as they do for girls. This one is similar to the girls North Face backpack I showed earlier with the same amount of storage but in a super sleek grey color, perfect for college guys.

12. Zigzag 30 L Columbia Backpack

college backpacks

Columbia is known for their stellar bags and this backpack lives up to the name! It comes with a laptop sleeve, two main compartments, a small pocket, and two water bottle pockets.

13. Borealis North Face Backpack

college backpacks

This college backpack is pretty much the go-to bag for college guys. It is the perfect size to store all your books, computer, and even extra clothes or shoes if needed.

14. Lululemon Define Backpack

college backpacks

Lululemon's "Define" backpack is made of a water resistant fabric so walking to class in the rain is no big deal. This backpack has all the qualities you need in a bag to make carrying your books to and from class a breeze.


15. A New Day Side Pocket Backpack

college backpacks

If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive, trendy backpack, this New Day backpack from Target is the perfect option. It incorporates a stylish look (it also comes in black) into its durable design that comes with a laptop sleeve! 

This bag is super easy carry around as a handbag as well a a normal backpack. 

16. Topo Designs Light Pack Backpack

college backpacks

Urban is the go-to store for all trendy products so you can guarantee their backpacks are at the top of the list for trendy college backpacks.

This backpack has one main compartment and one smaller zipper compartment so if you are only planning to carry around your computer and a few folders and want a lightweight backpack, go for this one!

17. Herschel Backpack

college backpacks

Herschel is known for their cotton canvas backpacks which are super high quality and great for easy access to supplies. Anyone looking for a lightweight but durable college backpack should consider this bag!

18. Béis Backpack

college backpacks

If you haven't heard me rave about Béis bags before, you are going to hear it now. I absolutely love their bags and recently upgraded my usual college backpack for a Béis bag. They are honestly much less expensive than a lot of backpacks and are so worth what you pay! I cannot recommend this bag enough.

19. Open Story Commuter Backpack

college backpacks

If you like the idea of having a college backpack that can easily be carried as a handbag as well, this super cute olive green bag is the way to go.

This bag has an extra secure laptop sleeve as well as a strap on the back that can easily be slipped over a suitcase handle. Plus, it is made of a water resistant fabric to ensure your belongings stay safe and dry!

20. Doughnut Sonoma Backpack

college backpacks

Sometimes zipper pockets can get annoying so this drawstring backpack from Urban Outfitters is the perfect alternative. It is made of water-repellent fabric with a rope drawstring closure, water bottle pockets and straps that can be taken on or off! 

21. Lululemon New Crew Backpack

college backpacks

This backpack is one of Lululemon's trendiest backpacks but still has all the qualities you could want in a college backpack. It is made of a water resistant fabric and comes in a super sleep all black design. So cute!

22. Dagne Dover Neoprene Bag

college backpacks

Dagne Dover not only has super fashionable backpacks for college students, but also makes them extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

This bag is made of a comfortable neoprene material with padded straps that makes carrying it around campus feel like a pillow on your shoulders. It even comes with an additional coin pouch as well as hidden zipper pockets inside.


23. Wide Opening Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack is the perfect water resistant bag with a USB charging port, laptop sleeve, and a wide opening design to easily access everything inside. This is a great college backpack to have if you need to store a lot of things in your bag.

24. Nordace Siena Smart Backpack

college backpacks

This Nordace laptop backpack is one of my favorites because it is super durable. Plus, it has USB charging port, laptop compartment, sunglasses pocket, and hidden pocket. This is one of the most stylish laptop backpacks I have found and I absolutely love it!

25. SOWAOVUT Laptop Backpack 15-inch

If you want a heavy duty but stylish backpack, this one is the way to go. This laptop backpack has one main zipper pocket with sub dividers and the laptop compartment can hold laptops up to 15 inches. It also has durable handles that allow you to carry around your backpack like a handbag.

26. JanSport Cool Student with 15-Inch Laptop Pack

The JanSport "Cool Student" Backpack comes with a 15-inch laptop sleeve which is super important to keep your expensive computer safe. This is an all around great backpack for anyone in college.

27. Convertible Messenger Backpack

I know messenger bags can be looked at as an "old people" bag but they truly are making a comeback... and for good reason! Messenger bags are super easy to carry around and make organizing folders and books super easy. 

This bag can actually easily be converted to wear as a backpack too which is so cool!


28. Joseko Water Resistant Backpack

If you really want to keep all your work and laptop safe in college, definitely consider this Joseko water resistant backpack. I have definitely left my backpack in a place it could get wet before, but with this backpack that's no problem!

It also comes with a USB charging port so you can easily charge your phone or tablet in class!

29. Slim Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

A lot of times laptop backpacks that give you the laptop protection you want are big and bulky. This one avoids the heaviness with its slim but padded laptop sleeve design. Plus, it has a built in USB port!

30. Himwari Water Resistant Backpack

This vintage travel backpack by Himwari is one of the cutest water resistant backpacks I have seen. It is made of a high quality water resistant and scratch-resistant material and has a 14-inch laptop sleeve! This bag is a super inexpensive option for a super high quality college backpack.

31. Waterproof Backpack

This laptop backpack is completely waterproof so you can guarantee all your expensive items will be kept safe and dry in it. Like any college backpack you need, it has tons of storage pockets and a padded laptop sleeve.

This post was all about college backpacks.

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