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This post is all about dorm room wall decor.

ways to decorate your dorm room walls

One of the best parts of having a dorm room is the ability to decorate it however you want.

When I went to college, I was so concerned about my dorm room being decorated to perfection. Honestly though, as long as you have some cute decor on your walls, you're set.

It adds just the right amount of cuteness while not taking up any space in your already small dorm room.

I have searched the internet for the best (and cheapest) dorm room wall decor ideas to give you some inspiration for your own dorm room.

Dorm Room Wall Decor:

1. Macrame Wall Hangings

Copy This Dorm Room:

This girl really knew how to turn her white boring walls into something that looks so good. The best part about this, it is super inexpensive! 

Hanging a macrame is a super easy way to decorate your dorm walls. Plus, I absolutely love the idea of hanging pictures on your macrame too!!

2. Tapestries

Copy This Dorm Room:

Tapestries are HUGE in college and a great way to fill up a large space without spending a lot of money. 

3. Fairy Lights And Photos

Copy This Dorm Room:

Guys! How cute is this!! And look at how easy it would be to put this together?

All you need is white string lights, some cute clips to hold the pictures up, and an assortment of pictures and quotes (look at Pinterest for these! They have a ton of great options).

4. Tassel Garland + Gold Frames

dorm room ideas for girls organization

Copy This Dorm Room:

A tassel garland is such a fun way to  spice up your wall decor. They would also would be really easy to switch out decor for different seasons if you want to do that! 

I also love the assorted sized gold frames. This gives your dorm a super classy look!

5. Picture Collage

cheap dorm wall decor ideas

If you're into the minimalist look, this dorm room is for you! She kept it pretty simple but made it look really trendy.

If you don't have a Polaroid, you can either get your pictures printed square for a similar look OR you can follow this tutorial which shows you how to print normal photos to look like Polaroid pictures.

6. Flower Wall

Copy This Dorm Room:

This dorm wall decor idea is one of the most creative ideas I have seen! Flowers give such an elegant look to a room and are guaranteed to look 10X better than cinderblock walls.

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7. Hanging Plants

dorm room inspiration

Copy This Dorm Room:

Adding greenery to your room is always a great idea. Having a few hanging plants in your room is a cute boho decor item that you can add that wont break your budget. You can get this assorted hanging plant set on Amazon for only $37!

8. Wallpaper

college dorm organization

Copy This Dorm Room:

Wallpaper is a great way to cover a ton of wall space! The best part about this is that it won't do any damage to your dorm walls! This looks great behind your bed as a backdrop!

top dorm room essentials

9. Simple Wall Decor Collage

Copy This Dorm Room:

This might be my favorite one... I just love how clean it is and how it looks perfectly thought out.

Plus, you can't even see the nasty cement walls in the back because of the wallpaper! This really shows that if you have cute wall decor the rest of the room doesn't look so "dormy".

Aren't all of these dorm room wall decor ideas so cute?!

The best part about all these ideas is that you easily could recreate them. These 9 dorm room wall decor ideas will take your dorm room from boring to one worthy of being on Pinterest. 

Pin these images to remember for later!

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