Dorm Room Wall Decor | 9 Genius Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room Walls

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This post is all about dorm room wall decor.

ways to decorate your dorm room walls

One of the best parts of having a dorm room is the ability to decorate it however you want.

When I went to college, I was so concerned about my dorm room being decorated to perfection. Honestly though, as long as you have some cute decor on your walls, you're set.

It adds just the right amount of cuteness while not taking up any space in your already small dorm room.

I have searched the internet for the best (and cheapest) dorm room wall decor ideas to give you some inspiration for your own dorm room.

Dorm Room Wall Decor:

Copy This Dorm Room:

This girl really knew how to turn her white boring walls into something that looks so good. The best part about this, it is super inexpensive!

She filled the majority of her wall with pictures and polaroids she took. If you don't have polaroids, you can get the same look by printing out pictures in a square size (Walgreens offer this!).

PS! Turn Ebate's on and get 7% off your photo order when you order online at Walgreen's.

Copy This Dorm Room:

There are only two decor pieces on this wall but doesn't it make such a big statement?

Tapestries are HUGE in college and a great way to fill up a large space without spending a lot of money. Here is the exact tapestry this girl has in her dorm room.

She also got a large felt board which is such a great idea since you can change the sayings when you want. These are SO in right now. Make sure to get one that comes with letters!


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Copy This Dorm Room:

Guys! How cute is this!! And look at how easy it would be to put this together?

All you need is white string lights, some cute clips to hold the pictures up, and an assortment of pictures and quotes (look at Pinterest for these! They have a ton of great options).

Copy This Dorm Room:

If you want a calming and relaxing room, this is the place for you. I love the number of neutrals that were used in this dorm.

It would be the perfect place to come after an insanely busy school day. Plus, it would be really easy to switch out decor for different seasons if you want to do that.

Behind her bed, she has a neutral dream catcher. Here is a link to a similar one.

Copy This Dorm Room:

If you're into the minimalist look, this dorm room is for you! She kept it very simple but made it look really trendy.

If you don't have a Polaroid, you can either get your pictures printed square for a similar look OR you can follow this tutorial which shows you how to print normal photos to look like Polaroid pictures.

She also hung a canopy drape under her bed which is an idea I haven't seen! Definitely made the whole look appear more homely. Here is a white canopy drape just like hers.

gallery wall in a dorm room

Picture from @kaylicaldwell

Copy This Dorm Room:

How cute is this?! This girl nailed her dorm room decor.

She has a lot happening so I will try to list everything to make it easy for you to find anything that you want to replicate in your own dorm room.

The pink canvas above her bed looks like a super cute DIY that could turn into a really fun craft night with your closest friends before you head off to college.

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cozy dorm room wall decor

Picture from @fourletterword

Copy This Dorm Room:

Creating a wall of all your favorite images and keeping them in a "theme" can tie all of your room design color.

I love the way she layered this gallery wall! It looks SO good.

Copy This Dorm Room:

If you're looking for a clean beach vibe then this room is for you.

Heres another example of where that polaroid DIY can become helpful. To get that photo look is to make sure you are picking pictures in that color family.

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This might be my favorite one... I just love how simple it is but it still looks perfectly thought out (if that makes sense 😉 ).

Plus, did you even notice the nasty cement walls in the back?! No! Because this is so dang cute. This really shows that if you have cute wall decor the rest of the room doesn't look so "dormy".

This letter board can be purchased here and this YIKES flag can be found here.

Aren't all of these dorm room wall decor ideas so cute?!

The best part about all these ideas is that you easily could recreate them. These 9 dorm room wall decor ideas will take your dorm room from boring to one worthy of being on Pinterest. 

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