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I am a clean freak AND an organization freak which meant that right when I moved to college, I wanted a dorm cleaning schedule to keep me on top of everything I needed to get done.

If you're anything like the rest of BSL readers, you also like to get your sh*t together (or at least you're trying 😉 so I knew that you would love this free printable just as much as me.

I originally made this when I first went to college and decided to give it a revamp and make it a million times cuter than the first one.

I guess if you're going to clean, you might as well have something cute to inspire you, right?!

dorm cleaning supplies


I'm going to be honest, my dorm room had times when it would become a complete disaster. 

How could it not with it being basically the size of a shoebox and trying to hold my entire closet plus everything else you own?! 

(PS - don't be a Sophia and leave those shirts you haven't touched in 8 months at home...they will collect dust and take up valuable closet space...lesson learned on that one :/.)

Everytime I cleaned my room I instantly felt 1000x better. It also became my way of avoiding everything else I had to haha.

My biggest cleaning sprees were/are always the night before a big exam. Is there such thing as stress cleaning?? If not, I'm trademarking that phrase ;).

dorm cleaning schedule

It's available in 3 different colors WITH a printer friendly version (aka it won't suck up all your're welcome).

dorm cleaning schedule

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