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This gift guide is all about the best gifts under $50 to get anyone you are needing a gift for this upcoming holiday season!

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If you're looking for gifts for your family and friends for this holiday season and you've realized that you don't have a lot of money to spend, don't worry because you are not alone!

Finding the perfect gifts for everyone you love can be super tricky, and it's even harder when you're on a tight budget. Everything seems to be so expensive nowadays, too, which makes it even harder!

I've been where you are and it can be so frustrating when you just can not find any gifts you feel confident about. Because I understand your frustration, I have come up with a list of 33 gifts under $50 that you can get for anyone you love!

From golfers to beauty gurus to music lovers, there is something on this list for everyone! And all under $50 🙂

This post is all about gifts under $50.

1. Stanley

Probably the best Christmas gift under $50 you could get for anyone this year!

2. Herschel Beanie

gift ideas under 50

This is a perfect gift to give around the holidays because it's the time of year they will wear it the most.

3. Embroidered Makeup Bag

Gifts under $50 for her

If you're looking for some gifts under $50 for her, this travel makeup bag is super cute and would make the perfect gift.

4. MLB Hat

Another gift idea that whoever you get it for will use all the time, and this type of hat also never gets old which is perfect.

5. Air Sofa

Such a fun gift idea for younger kids or teenagers! Or for those more adventurous people you love who love to relax outdoors.

6. Winter Scarf

gifts under $50 for him

Just like the beanie, a scarf is a great gift to get anyone when the weather is really cold.

7. Gel Nail Kit

I will never stop recommending gel nail kits as a gift. They are so genius and something that no one ever really thinks to buy for themselves!

8. Foam Roller

A genius gift idea for someone who loves to be active and exercise all the time is a foam roller.

9. Amazon Echo Dot

Something like an Echo Dot is a great gift for those people who are always running around and super busy all the time.

10. The Dailee Planner

gifts under 50 for her

Have someone is your life who loves organization and keeping a tight schedule?? A high quality planner is probably the BEST gift you could give them then.

11. Dash Mini Maker

This is a really great unique gifts under 50 idea. Perfect for a college student or someone who doesn't really like cooking!

12. Nespresso Pods

If you have someone in your life who has a Nespresso, a refill of their Nespresso pods would be a very kind gesture as a gift.

14. The Ordinary Skin Set

unique gifts under 50

Something I love to get and give as gifts are trial sets of skincare and makeup! Ordinary is an amazing brand but kind of expensive, so getting a trial set is perfect to give as a gift for the skincare girlies.

15. Weighted Sleep Eye Mask

gifts under 50 dollars

This is a brand new idea from me but perfect for gifts under 50 for her. This weighted sleep mask will put you right to sleep and ease all your stress.

16. Vinyl Record

Adding a vinyl record to their record collection is also a great idea for a gift on a budget!

17. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

I have been obsessed with this Revlon hair dryer for yearsss. It is 100% one of the best gifts under $50 you could give someone.

18. Golf Balls

A guy who loves to golf can absolutely never have too many golf balls. This is hands down in the top gifts under $50 for him.

19. Pickleball Paddles

I can't see the pickleball trend going away anytime soon so what a perfect gift to give for when it gets warmer outside.

20. Camping Chair

Dads loves these chairs and I don't know any older guy who doesn't have about 15 of these. It's a great gift idea, though, for those guys who maybe don't have enough nice ones!

21. Lululemon Belt Bag

Christmas gifts under $50

The only thing I have to say about the belt bags is that they are the absolute. best. gift. for anyone you know.

22. Laneige Lip Set

gifts under $50 for her

Another trial makeup set that makes a brilliant gift! And it's cheaper than getting one or both of them separately.

23. Cookbook

"Half Baked Harvest" is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time! Cookbooks in general are a brilliant gifts under $50 Amazon idea because they have soo many options.

24. Bombas

These socks are such good quality but a little bit more expensive which makes them the perfect gift idea.

25. Capri Blue Candle


One of my favorite candles ever!! Smells so heavenly.

26. Yeti Waterbottle

This is basically the male version of a Stanley water bottle, so if you need a gift idea for a guy, get this!

27. Yoga Mat

I got a new yoga mat for Christmas a couple of years ago and I thought it was the perfect idea I would have never thought of!

28. Five Minute Journal

I absolutely love giving this journal as a gift. It is a perfect Christmas gifts under 50 dollars ideas.

29. Dae Hair Styling Cream

This is at the top of Christmas wishlist this year. It has gone completely viral on TikTok and anyone who loves doing their hair would love to receive this!

30. Men's Watch

A nice watch under $50 is an excellent idea for guys who like to collect watches.

31. Gold Chain

gifts under 50 for her

A great gift idea for boyfriends! College and teenage boys loves chain necklaces.

32. Wine Glass Chiller

You can get really creative with gifts under 50 dollars, and this wine glass chiller is a perfect example of that!

33. Anthropologie Initial Mug

christmas gifts under 50 dollars ideas

Anthropologie has sold this mug for years and for good reason! It's so cute and such a simple gift idea for anyone.

This post was all about Christmas gifts under $50.

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