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Looking for what to buy a Christmas gift for someone or even searching for ideas yourself? Here is my 2020 Christmas wish list.

Since I am still in school, paying tuition is top priority for me and my parents. The years I am in college I am not expecting too much because I know how pricey the cost of tuition, food, and just essentials can get. This year for Christmas, I am not expecting too much, but if I could get anything I wanted, these products would be at the top of my list!

I know I speak for a lot of college students when I say these products would be so exciting to receive on Christmas day. So, if you are looking to buy for a college aged girl, these are some great products to give as a gift.

This post is all about my Christmas wish list.


1. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

I have been hearing so much about this product and I am dying to try it. It is basically a hair dryer and brush all in one which makes drying your hair so much easier. I have pretty frizzy hair and this hair drying brush apparently tones down frizz and make your hair look a lot smoother. The price isn't bad either!

2. Conair Straightener

I know pretty much every girl has a flat iron but the one I have now is literally the same one I have had since 6th grade (it is a "wet to straight" flat iron that is undoubtably terrible for your hair and I'm scared I even tried that in the first place. Plus, the power button for some reason will turn the flat iron on but not off? Basically I am in desperate need of a new flat iron and this one is a good one for a good price.

3. Handbag

Every girl loves a new handbag and I have pretty much every neutral color except white/beige. I always find myself needing a light colored handbag for game days or just to take when I am going out with friends or to eat. This one from Amazon is super cute and I am dying to get it for Christmas this year.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is a little bit pricey but It is one of the best ones out there. Not only is the sound really good quality, it also is waterproof and bluetooth. I am definitely ready to retire my $20 speaker I received years ago and replace it with this one for Christmas this year (hopefully).

5. Nike Airforces

I am pretty late to the Nike Airforce trend but nonetheless I think they are so cute and go with pretty much every outfit. Almost every single college girl has a pair of these and I don't want to be missing out. 

6. Bright Colored Glitter Makeup Pallet

I found this makeup pallet through a "Euphoria" makeup tutorial and became obsessed. I am a little bit of a makeup horder and love getting new makeup pallets. The glitter and bright colors in this pallet are just too good to resist asking for this pallet for Christmas this year.

7. Crop Tops

You would be surprised how many cute tops you can find on Amazon. This is a top I found on Amazon a while ago and thought was too cute not to share. My parents will most likely not be purchasing this top for me for Christmas but it will definitely be staying in my cart to buy for myself when the warmer weather comes around again.

Interested in purchasing items you saw in the video? Click here to see where I bought everything in my first apartment.

8. Clothes From Shein

Now, Shein may not be the best quality but you do get a lot of stuff for your money. I am not one to want to spend a ton of money on clothes since I am in college and 1. don't have the funds to do that and 2. will most likely ruin or lose them anyways. So, Shein has become my go to clothing site for cute and cheap clothing. I have actually bought so many tops, jewelry, and other clothing items that came exaclty how they were pictured and have held up despite the insanely inexpensive price to buy them.

8. Pheromone Perfume

I have been dying to try out this perfume so I though it would be a perfect addition to my Christmas list this year. It is basically a "pheremone" perfume that supposedly changes to match your specific scent so it smells different on anyone. It claims to attract people to you which sounds so crazy but I seriously want to try it out. 

9. Morphe Setting Spray

Morphe setting spray is on my Christmas list every year because I use it every single day. I have found this to be the absolute best setting spray that will actually keep your makeup on all day. This setting spray is also a lot cheaper than others sold at Ulta or Sephora which makes it a win win.

10. White Booties

I have pretty much trashed my other white booties during my two years at college. I literally refer to them as my "frat boots" at this point. So, this year for Christmas I am asking for this pair of white booties from Lulus. They are a super good price and I love the white heel on them. 

11. Macbook Air-13 Inch

Again, I am most likely not going to get a new laptop this year but hey it's worth a shot right? This is the newest Macbook Air that I am dying to get to replace my super old laptop that pretty much barely runs at this point. Because of school being predominantly online this year, my laptop is even more important than ever. So, if you are looking to get a college student a gift they will absolutely love and use every day, this is the one. I know I would be absolutely stoked to receive this this year.

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