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Looking for gifts for athletes that they will actually use? Here are the best gifts for athletes. 

gifts for athletes

Finding the best gifts for the athlete in your circle can be hard, especially when you aren't as active as they are. 

Whether they're training for something specific, or just enjoy working out on their own, these are the best gifts for athletes that will definitely help them reach their goals! 

This post is all about gifts for athletes.


Best Overall: AirPods

"Apple does it again. Obsessed with the noise cancelling AirPods! They really do work so well."

Best Under $25: Celsius Energy Drinks

"I can't stop drinking these!! Seriously they give me so much energy and I don't feel guilty when I drink them because they are so good for you!"

Best Value: Lululemon Gym Bag

"I never knew I needed a gym bag until I bought this one. It holds all of my essentials and makes my life so much easier! Love that it holds my yoga mat too. Amazing!" 

Most Popular: On Cloud Running Shoes

"These running shoes are unreal! They are so light and comfortable. Never going back to my old brand!"

Best Speaker: JBL Speaker

"By far the best sound quality in a speaker that I've heard. One of my favorite purchases to date."

Best For Recovery: Theragun

"I am so obsessed with my Theragun. It feels like a deep tissue massage and I can get that wherever I want to!"


1. HydroFlask

Nothing is better than a sip (or chug) of ice cold water after a really hard workout. 

HydroFlasks are amazing water bottles that keep water cold for extremely long, which make it perfect to bring to a workout. They also have a ton of sizes - I have the 32oz and it holds enough water to last me through my hour workouts without having to refill.

I also love these water bottles from Anthropologie if you want a more trendy option. 

2. Cookbooks for Athletes

One of the most important keys to recovery after a hard workout is eating something good for your body.

Get the athlete in your life a cookbook specifically for their goals. This will improve their skills in the kitchen and keep them on track!

3. On Cloud Shoes

You can't go wrong with good quality running shoes as gifts for athletes. The On Cloud running shoe is all the rave in the athletic community. I'm seeing these everywhere! 

These are super high quality running shoes that are made specifically to withstand long workouts. I recently picked these up at the store and they are sooo light!

4. Lululemon Leggings 

I don't think it's possible for athlete girls to have too many pairs of Lululemon leggings. This is a fool proof gift that almost any athlete will get use out of. 

Whether the athlete your gifting for is into running, lifting, yoga or lounging, there's a pair for every type of girl.

5. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has so many amazing features, but one that any athlete would love is that it tracks your fitness and movement. 

This is great for anyone that loves to keep track or heart rate, calories, and active minutes. Added bonus that you can control music and stay connected with people through call and email!

6. Ankle Weights

gifts for athletes

Ankle weights are great to have when you want a little extra resistance to a workout. Whether you're going on a walk, or doing a quick at home workout, any athlete would love to have these laying around.

7. Celsius Fitness Drinks

I hear about this energy drink all the time! It's a healthy alternative to the typical energy drink and definitely better for you than a classic cup of coffee.

It claims that it accelerates your metabolism and burns body fat. And it tastes good! Introduce the athlete in your life to these amazing energy drinks and they'll forever thank you for it.  

8. Theragun

gifts for athletes

The Theragun is basically an at-home massage that recovers your muscles. 

The Theragun is a deep tissue treatment device that helps with recovering your muscles from strenuous workouts. It feels amazing and is great for healing your muscles. Can't get much better than that!

9. Motivational Water Bottle

For anyone, making sure to drink enough water can be difficult, especially when you're super busy. It's even more important for an athlete to stay hydrated if they are constantly working their body. 

This water bottle gives you times of the day that you need to finish a certain amount of water by, encouraging you to keep drinking!


10. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are amazing to activate your muscles for a lifting session, or for an easy at-home workout. Definitely something any female athlete should have! These ones are super cute colors, so even better.

11. Gym Bag

Dragging all your stuff into the gym without anything to carry it in, or keeping it in a lousy drawstring bag, can make your workout routine harder. 

Having a good quality gym bag that can hold all your essentials makes an athlete's life much easier. This Lululemon one is handy too because you can strap a yoga mat to the outside!

12. APL Shoes

gifts for athletes

APL shoes are not only super cute, but extremely light weight. These are a great gift for female athletes that need to replace their run-down running shoes. 

13. Yoga Mat

A good quality yoga mat is essential to have as an athlete. Whether they enjoy a yoga class every now and then, or need a space to get in a good stretch, they'll definitely get use out of a yoga mat. 

Lululemon is known for the yoga gear, so we definitely recommend this yoga mat! 

14. SET Active Workout Set

Matching sets are the best way to make it look like you have your sh*t together, even at the gym. 

SET Active is an up and coming athletic wear / athleisure brand that we are obsessed with. The quality is unmatched and the styles are so cute!

15. Alo Yoga Sports Bra

gifts for athletes

Alo Yoga has some of the best athletic wear that always has a unique twist. As someone that loves to workout, you can't have too many sports bras or workout tops. We love this one specifically because it has a slightly different shape than a normal sports bra. 

16. Foam Roller

gifts for athletes

How cute is this foam roller?! I'm obsessed. 

For those women that workout a ton, they definitely have constant sore muscles. A foam roller can help get those knots out and make recovery much easier.


16. Sunscreen

This is definitely a more obvious gift idea, but every runner needs sunscreen, especially if they're always running outside! 

This would be a great stocking stuffer or something perfect if you're on a budget. To make it a more exciting gift, gift them a higher quality sunscreen that they might not think of purchasing themselves.

17. Lululemon Running Shorts

High quality running shorts are imperative to a runner's wardrobe. They really can't have enough! 

We're obsessed with the Lululemon running shorts. They have so many different lengths, styles and colors that there is something that your athlete is bound to like.

18. Breathable Shirts 

Breathable shirts are essential for any runner. Feeling weighed down by your clothing while running might be the worst feeling in the world. Definitely great gifts for athletes that they'll get a ton of use out of. 

19. Wireless Headphones

These Beats Wireless Headphones are unmatched. They are sweat resistant, 9 hours or listening time, class 1 bluetooth, and a sleek design - any runner would obsess over these! 


21. Foam Roller

Foam rollers feel amazing after a hard workout or when you're feeling extremely sore and tight. 

This is an easy gift that any guy that trains or works out hard would use all the time.

22. TRX Straps

For the guy that loves to workout at home, TRX straps are a great equipment piece to add to his collection! 

You can do so many things with TRX straps - from targeting specific muscles, to cardio, this is a super great gift for athletic guys.

23. Gym Bag

gifts for athletes

As I said earlier, having a good quality gym bag that can hold all your essentials makes an athlete's life much easier. This makes it easy to go from the gym straight to work, while carrying all the things you need to get ready to start your day. 

24. JBL Speaker

For the guy that loves to blast his music at the gym, or while he's working out outside, a good quality speaker is essential. JBL's are one of the superior speakers and definitely something any athlete would love. 

25. Lululemon Shorts

Athletes are most likely always wearing shorts to their workouts or training sessions. Having good quality shorts that are breathable will make them feel lighter on their feet and not feel weighed down by their clothing. 

My friend's brother (who plays like 4 sports) is obsessed with these ones and wears them on the daily. Highly recommended by him!

26. AirPods

I mean, you can never go wrong with AirPods, but the noise canceling ones are out of this world. 

If the athletic guy in your life loves to drown out the noise and really focus on his workout with music blasting, these headphones are made for him.

27. Protein

Any athletic guy can't have too much protein powder! 

Protein powder can get expensive and adds up fast so get him one so he doesn't have.

28. Odor Eliminator Bags

The worst part about staying active is the sweat... it smells! 

These odor eliminating balls are amazing for doing exactly that.. eliminating odor! Throw these in your shoes at night or keep one in your gym bag to keep things fresh and smelling normal lol.

This post is all about gifts for athletes.

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