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This post is all about dorm organization hacks.

dorm organization hacks

Being in the know on how to organize your dorm and all the dorm organization hacks is KEY to living comfortably in such a small space.

I remember I had so much stuff to move into such a small room and if it wasn't for all these organization hacks and products, my stuff would have been overflowing everywhere. 

This post is all about dorm organization hacks.

Best Dorm Organization Hacks Ideas:

1. Front Opening Cloth Storage

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I think these front opening containers are GENIUS. The cloth fabric makes them flexible and easy to fit in small places. These would be super great to separate your dirty clothes too!

2. Use A Cubby 

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Storage storage storage! Those dorm closets and desks only get you so far so my biggest piece of advice is to bring extra furniture that acts as storage. Make sure you check the dimensions of your room before ordering huge pieces of furniture though.

I used storage like this in my dorm as a TV stand too so it had multiple uses! 

3. Use A Rolling Cart As A Side Table & Storage

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One of my friends used a rolling cart for her side table and I thought it was so smart! Not only does it give you three tiers of storage, but the fact that is rolls will make it easy to move in, out, and around.

4. Take Advantage Of Desk Space

I would definitely recommend some type of desk shelves. Having all of your things spread out on your desk can make the area seem really messy and make you unproductive. Using shelves will allow you to spread all your work out.

Plus, this can make extra room for cute desk decor 😉

5. Organize Your Jewelry In A Drawer

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In my dorm I had one drawer that was super small and none of my clothes would have been able to fit. If you have a drawer like this, I would totally recommend using these jewelry organizers.

If you don't have much jewelry you can also use these for school supplies, makeup, or other accessories!

6. Use A Pool Noodle To Stop Things From Falling In Between Your Bed

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OMG. I cannot tell you how many times I had things fall in between the crack of my bed. I always had storage underneath my bed and moving it all around to get what I dropped was the BIGGEST pain.

Use a pool noodle and put in in the crack between your bed and the wall to avoid things from falling. I promise you will thank me later. 

7. Use Organization Items From Dormify

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dorm organization hacks

Dormify is the holy grail of dorm decor and organization. Sometimes finding items that will fit in a dorm is hard so using a website catered to dorm items is definitely the way to go.

I would definitely recommend checking our their closet organization products!

Best Dorm Organization Hacks Products:

8. Non-Slip Hangers

If you are still using plastic hangers... what are you doing?! Haha JK. But seriously non-slip velvet hangers are the only way to hang your clothes.

These will save your life when it comes to dorm closet organization and making sure your clothes aren't constantly slipping off onto the floor.

9. Bedside Table For Lofted Beds

If your dorm bed is lofted but you still want a side table, this little bedside table is perfect. Maybe this isn't as much of a dorm organization hack as a dorm convenience hack but I thought it was too good to be left out!

10. Rotating Makeup Storage 

I had something similar to this and my stuff was always so much more organized than my roommate's who used standard plastic containers. Take advantage of storage on all sides!

dorm room essentials

11. Space Saving Hangers

If I could give you one dorm organization hack for your closet, it would be to use these hangers. I didn't know about these when I moved in but I WISH I did. I ran out of space in my closet so fast and this is a great way to maximize space!

12. Bedside Storage

Even if you do have a bedside table, they usually aren't very big and stuff will get messy fast. I remember I would have one water bottle, my lamp and a book, and stuff would already start falling off my side table.

This bedside pocket will allow way more accessible room to store things you grab frequently.

13. Easy Shirt Folder

Okay maybe it's just me but these are actually so much fun.. lol. If you aren't the best at folding shirts this will practically do it for you. This dorm organization hack can save you so much space!

14. Cloth Clothes Storage

These are not only super great as dorm organization storage but will make moving clothes in and out a ton easier!

15. Over-The-Door Baskets

I always used over-the-door shoe organizers for extra storage but these baskets are literally made for extra over-the-door storage!

If I was living in a dorm now, I would totally suggest using these for snack storage. This is a dorm organization hack everyone should use!

16. Under-The-Bed Rolling Cart

Extra under-the-bed storage is never a bad thing.  These carts are thin and easy to move. They are pretty much under-the-bed drawers that are great for t-shirts, pants, shoes, or anything you need more room for!

17. Pants Hangers

I used these in my dorm and still use them in my closet at home. I have said it a million times but taking advantage of vertical space is everything.. especially in your closet.

 I ran out of room in my drawers and was so happy I had these pants hangers. Plus, slacks and nice pants wont wrinkle this way!

This post was all about the best dorm organization hacks.

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