Best 21st Birthday Ideas | 33 Insanely Fun 21st Birthday Ideas For A Night That Will Never Be Forgotten

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This post is all about 21st birthday ideas.

A 21st birthday is something that is thought about for years before the big day and talked about for years after.

The birthday girl/guy can finally legally go into a bar and no longer has to worry about that terribly fake fake-ID failing them.

Whether you are celebrating your friends 21st birthday or it's your own birthday, there's a lot of pressure to nail this birthday.

Of course you can just hand over a bottle of alcohol and call the birthday celebration complete, but there are so many 21st birthday ideas that can make this birthday a memorable one (at least in the beginning ;). 

This post shows you the best 21st birthday ideas for a night you will never forget.

21st Birthday Ideas

21st Birthday Decorations:

1. Beer Pong Cake

These cupcakes with mini red solo cups with jello shots in them are the perfect 21st birthday dessert.

These look so easy and could even be made with store bought cupcakes. You can get the mini red solo cups here and use this recipe for the jello shots.

This will be a major hit at a 21st birthday party.

2. 21st Birthday Balloons
21st birthday balloons
21st birthday balloon set
gold birthday balloons for 21st birthday

You can't have a 21st birthday without getting the big balloons, can you?!

Here are three levels of bathrooms that you can choose from. They go slightly up in price but the most expensive is still under $30 dollars. 

The balloon sets are the best because you get so many things a long with it that these balloons can be the only decorations you need.

3. Jello Shot Tower

How fun would this be?!

This can be done super easily and the little shot glasses can just be put on a cupcake stand.

I included jello shot recipes in the 21st birthday ideas above, but here is another jello shot recipe that looks amazing.

Here are 100 plastic shot glasses for $6 dollars.

4. "Let's Get Wasted" Cake

This "Let's Get Wasted" cake with the barbie throwing up and the other barbie holding the hair is too good.

This cake is so easy to make and any friend can handle making it.

You can order Barbies from Amazon for less than $10 dollars here.

5. "Finally 21" Birthday Sash
21st birthday sash

Not only will this sash make for very cute photos BUT it will also lead to many free shots.

Everyone should know it's your 21st birthday, right?!

You can purchase this sash here.

6. 21st Birthday Photo Booth Frame

It wouldn't be a true 21st birthday without a million pictures right?!

Every celebration needs a photo op and this is perfect for the big 2-1.

This rhinestone ribbon can be found here.

7. Birthday Checklist

This is a great way to make the traditional 21st a little more exciting.

Just imagine how fun it would be if you actually were able to do all of those! And it gives you something to do which is nice instead of just waiting for things to happen.

8. Birthday Banner
21st birthday banner
21st birthday banner funny

Birthday banners are the perfect decoration without spending a lot of money. 

Both of these are under $10 and can be used over and over again.

Here are more fun 21st birthday banners.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas:

9. Alcohol Bouquet

This alcohol bouquet is the perfect gift for a 21st birthday. 

Here's what you need to make this:

  • Alcohol (duh)
  • Metal Bucket (this one is in pink but there are a ton of colors you can choose)
  • Styrofoam ball to put alcohol sticks into
  • Wood sticks
  • Wood Numbers (These are links to Amazon ones...Michaels has them for WAY cheaper so I'd recommend going there if you can)

This present would be a hit for all 21 year olds (and might become your signature present with the amount of people wanting you to make it for them!).

10. Alcohol Cake

If a alcohol bouquet isn't up your alley than how does an alcohol cake look?!

These are SO cute! If you made one you would really be going all out (that's a GOOD thing!).

Here's what you need for this project:

11. Bedazzled Beer Bong

This right here will be my new go-to gift for all my friends 21st birthdays.

Isn't this so fun?!

This would be very easy to make and a really funny gift.

Here's what you need to make this:

12. "Oh Shit" Kit

Every newly 21 year old needs an "Oh Shit Kit"after their big night.

Also, take a look at how cute that note is!!

These are all things that can be found at the grocery store (besides the birthday can find that here!).

13. Glitter Alcohol Bottle

How cute is this?! This is a favorite for 21st birthday ideas. The good thing about this gift is you KNOW it will be put to good use.

To make this you need:

14. Let's Get Trashed

This 21st birthday gift is a really creative idea.

All you need to do is fill a small trashcan up with alcohol and many some wine glasses and you're good to go!

15. Birthday Tiara
21st birthday crown

Every 21st birthday girl needs a tiara, right?!

This is the only time wearing a tiara isn't extremely tacky so it's a must.

You can find 21st birthday tiaras here.

16. First Legal Shot Glass
21st birthday shot glass | 21st birthday ideas

Would a 21st birthday really be a 21st birthday without receiving a shot glass?

This "1st legal shot" is the perfect glass to use on your birthday.

You can find it here.

Things To ​​​​Do On Your 21st Birthday:

17. Attend a bartending class

How fun would this be?!

Learn how to make all your favorite drinks and learn some really cool bartender tricks that you can pull out at your next party.

This is a great idea because it fits the 21st birthday theme perfectly but isn't something that most people do.

18. Night at the Casino

Go to the casino!

How many times have you been at the casino, stepped on the red carpet, and was asked to leave? (Okay, maybe this one just happened to me)

Now you finally can legally go to the casino and have the night of your life.

(don't go broke though 😉

19. Go on a trip with friends

Going on a trip with friends sets you up with days of memories and celebrations.

Some of the most popular travel destinations for 21st birthdays are Las Vegas, Miami, LA, and Nashville.

I went to Miami for my 21st birthday and it was amazing.

20. Clubbing

Go clubbing!

Visit a bunch of your local clubs and have a great time with all of your friends.

Remember though, don't binge drink right away! That would lead to throwing up WAY too early which would be no fun.

21. Bar Hopping

This is an obvious thing to do on your 21st birthday but so much fun.

Check out all the top bars that you used to never be able to get into and explore how fun they really are.

Going bar to bar keeps the night exciting which is  a must for a big birthday like this.

22. Paint wine/shot glasses

If you are not a crazy drinker, than this is the perfect 21st birthday idea for you.

Go to the Dollar Store and get a bunch of wine glasses for all of your friends. Head to Michaels and get the painting supplies and you have just created a relaxing night with your friends!

Here's a tutorial on how to paint wine glasses.

23. Have a nice birthday dinner

Invite your friends and family to your favorite restaurant.

You can enjoy spending time with them and celebrating your big day!

Plus, you usually can get free dessert (and many even a free drink!).

24. Hotel Party

Rent a hotel room and have a hotel party!

This can make for some crazy times because people won't have to drive home.

Splitting the cost of a hotel room among friends can make it really reasonably priced.

25. Go on a bar on wheels

Have you ever heard of this?!

They have this everywhere in the city I live by and they look so fun. 

It is literally a bar on wheels and to move the bar everyone peddles on a chair like a bar.

Burning as many calories as your drinking...I'm in!

26. Go to the beach

Have a boozy nighttime campfire by the beach.

Bring s'more ingredients and jello shots and your in for the perfect night.

27. Go camping

This is another great cheap idea to celebrate your 21st birthday where you don't have to worry about anyone driving.

Going camping with your friends is so much and can lead to memories you will remember forever.

28. Go to a concert

See if there are any local concerts you can go to to celebrate the big night.

Concerts are great to go to because they give off such a good energy.

After the concert, hit up some local bars.

29. Spa Day

Need I say more?!

Spa days are the best and exactly how I would want to spend my 21st birthday (with a mimosa in hand of course).

A spa day is also a great relaxer before a crazy night out.

30. Have a themed party

A themed party is so much and can lead to some really creative costumes.

The best themed parties I have seen: 1920s, Vine themed, and Hawaiian themed. (Check out this post for 101 more party themes).

31. Go on a booze cruise

Rent a boat and go on a booze cruise with all your closest friends.

Booze cruises are so much fun and can lead to some skinny dipping in the middle of the lake.

32. House Party

Invite everyone over for a house party.

These can great crazy, but what 21st birthday isn't?!

Make it a themed party and you're in for the best night.

33. Go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is fun AND Las Vegas is cheap to get too.

Going to Las Vegas for your 21st birthday is the epitome of birthdays and really can't be beat by anything else on this list.

What is your favorite way to celebrate 21st birthdays?
21st birthdays can be so much fun but the anticipation to make them perfect can get a little stressful.
These 21st birthday ideas gave you so many ways to have a night you and your friends will remember forever.

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