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This post is all about gifts for college students.

gifts for college students

Whether its christmas, graduation, birthday, or just a random surprise, there are a million gifts for college students. But what do they really want?

As a junior in college, I have received all types of college gifts. I always appreciate them, but there are definitely gifts I use more than others. 

I gathered my favorite college gifts and asked all my friends (girls and guys!) what they have loved or want for the ultimate list of gifts for college students.

This post is all about gifts for college students.

The Best Gifts for College Students:

Bluetooth headphones are a college essential and beloved item by many.

Some of my college friends said that bluetooth headphones have been their favorite purchase of the year and that they didn't know how they lived without them before (slightly dramatic, but you can clearly tell these are a hit).

The original Apple AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones for college students. They hold battery for a long time and don't break easily. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative these wireless headphones come in at just $27.99.

An insulated water bottle is always an appreciated gift for college students.

This water bottle is an extremely popular one for both guys and girls. Not only can you get really cool patterns, but it keeps your water cold for 24 hours. I have multiple S'Well water bottles and they truly do keep your drink cold for that long. 

You can find this water bottle and more patterns here.

One of the by far best games for college students.

This is so much fun to play with friends and an easy thing to whip out when everyone is hanging out.

Does the college student already have Cards Against Humanity? They now offer hilarious extension packs you can add to the game. You can find those here.

4. Portable Phone Charger

Theres two things college students are always dealing with: Always being on the go and their phone never charged.

A portable phone charger is the perfect gifts for college students and can easily fit in a backpack or purse.

Don't think the college student will like this color? Don't worry, it also comes in black, red, and silver.

5. iPhone Charger

You know how socks always go missing? Well, the same thing happens with chargers. 

We (college students) LOVE iPhone chargers and could never have enough.

This is the pack my friends and I continually go back too because of the variety of sizes it offers.

This pack also comes in different colors.

6. Custom Coordinate Necklace

This custom coordinate necklace is a popular staple for college students and brings an important place closer to them.

I got this necklace for my sisters and I with our hometown on it so when we are at school, we have a reminder of where we are from.

I also know people get the coordinates of their school, because well, school pride ;).

Whatever location you want to get customized on this, this is the perfect special gift for a college student. 

7. The 6-Minute Diary

With all the things college students have to plan for, it's often hard to live in the moment and appreciate what is happening around you.

This 6-minute journal is a favorite because it helps you reflect on everything happening and going on.

A bonus is that in ten years when they find this diary, they can relive the moments of their college days.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you are in your dorm/apartment alone or with friends having music on can help put you in whatever mood you are aiming for.

This JBL Flip 3 Splash-proof Portable Stereo is one of the most popular speakers because of how loud it can play, it won't break it drinks get spilled on it, and can easily fit in a purse or backpack to take somewhere.

9. Slippers

Nothing is better than coming home from a long day of classes and putting on some nice fluffy slippers.

Also, lets be dorm/apartment floors probably don't get cleaned as much as they should. These slippers will stop nasty stuff on your floor from getting stuck in your toes.

The UGG slippers are the best and will last forever. If you want a cheaper option, these slippers are less than $20 dollars.

10. Yeti Mug

If the student you are gifting this too is a coffee or tea lover, this is a must.

Truly the best insulated travel mug and keeps your drink hot all through the day. Plus, it doesn't spill which is very important.

If you don't like white, there are 12 other colors to choose from.

11. Cozy Blanket

Is there a more comfy looking blanket?! I'm thinking no.

You can't go wrong with a blanket as a gift, it is a hit for all kinds of people.

Dorms and apartments have a history of being freezing since no one wants to pay for a lot of heat. A blanket is a must in the winter.

This blanket comes in a variety of colors and sizes (twin, queen, and king). 

12. Apple Watch

Apple Watches are the "it" item and something that everyone wants.

Not only can it help you stay organized and on top of your work, it can also help look at your fitness and sleep patterns.

This is a bigger gift, but one of the most wanted gifts of the year for college students.

Looking for gifts for college students guys? Don't worry, this also comes in black and gray.

14. Philips Electric Toothbrush

Have you ever seen a more beautiful toothbrush?

Once you have converted to an electric toothbrush, there's no going back. Your teeth will feel so much cleaner.

There are all types of electric toothbrushes, you can find more here.

15. Warm Socks

You literally cannot go wrong gifting college students fuzzy socks. They are about the best thing ever.

This pack of 6 is available for around $12.99.

16. Gift Cards

Gift cards are truly something all college students want.

The places my friends and I like gift cards too: Amazon, gas station, Target, and food places.

I know this one is obvious, but it really is what we want!

17. Fuzzy Sweatshirt

Yes, this sweatshirt is as amazing as it looks.

These are really popular and for good reason. You are basically a walking blanket wearing this!

18. Peekaboo's Ponytail Hat

college gift ideas
college gifts

These hats are the ultimate gift for any college girl that lives in a cold state.

Not only is this hat super cute, but it also has two secret holes in the back (you can't see them!) that you can stick your hair through when wearing a ponytail.

These are especially popular for college runners because they allow you to wear a ponytail while keeping your head warm!

These hats are offered in SO many colors. You can see the other colors here.

These gifts for college students are guaranteed to be a hit and will have you named as an amazing gift giver.

This post showed you 17 college gift ideas that students actually want.

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