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Looking for the best dorm room ideas 2022 college students will definitely want to copy? You're in the right place! Check out these super cute and trendy dorm room ideas. 

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When I was planning my dorm room, I was constantly changing my mind about the colors and decorations that I wanted. After seeing these dorm room ideas for 2022 college students, I definitely would have been able to find the distinct style I was looking for! We're giving you all the ideas to some of the trendiest, pinterest-worthy dorm rooms for every style. 

Whether you are going for a subtle boho look, or a bright, bold look, we've got you covered!! Here are some of the best dorm room decorating ideas to inspire your 2022 dorm room. 

This post is all about the trendiest dorm room ideas 2022 college students will love.


1. Mix animal print and neon 

dorm room decorating ideas diy

Recreate this fun, bold dorm room: 

Even though this room has a lot of patterns and colors, it still seems airy and not overwhelming. Pairing the wild throw pillows and wallpaper with simple white bedding helps balance the look. 

Neon signs are a HUGE trend right now and they are perfect for dorm rooms because they add a cool ambiance that those fluorescent dorm lights don't give you! 

2. Add plants and neutral colors for a boho look 

dorm room wall decor

Recreate this beautiful, earthy dorm room: 

I loveee this neutral, boho look! You can take your dorm room to the next level by limiting open wall space, which is what makes this room look so cool. The natural wood tones make the ugly dorm furniture blend right in. 

I love how the plants fill up the space and make the room more cozy. I would opt for fake plants so you don't have to worry about taking care of them when you are a busy college student!! 

3. Make a photo wall

cute dorm room ideas

Recreate this cute, bright dorm room: 

Photo collages are the perfect way to fill up those big, empty walls! I love how the photos are square and perfectly distributed across this wall. It looks like they are mostly personal photos, which is so fun because you get to constantly look at all of your fun memories!

Once again, the neon signs are a hit! They are so cute and really add something to a room that you can't achieve with a poster or cork board. 

4. Have an all white look with pops of color 

dorm must haves

sourced from: @samashley32

Recreate this fresh, minimalistic dorm room: 

This dorm room is SO pretty! I love how light and refreshing the decor is. The girl who beautifully decorated this room made the fun tapestry all on her own! You could attempt to DIY it yourself or you can get one from amazon like the one above. 

I also love the hanging plants because they add an earthy element so the white room doesn't seem cold. This look is simple and easy to recreate.

5. Stick to white and grey with pink accents

best dorm decor

sourced from: @sofiakauderer

Recreate this cozy, girly dorm room: 

This dorm room is so fun and girly. I love all of the different textures that make the room feel so cozy. The personalized neon sign is SO cute and special because it's personalized. 

Her pink photo collage is the perfect way to add a pop of color alongside the feminist poster that I adore. This is definitely one of my favorite dorm room ideas 2022 freshman need to create. 

6. Mix fun posters and signs to fill wall space 

cool dorm room ideas

Recreate this artsy, eclectic dorm room: 

This is such a unique look. I love the way she mixed different types of wall hangings with picture frames, posters, a wood plaque, and the metal moon phase garland. Mixing different materials like that creates an eclectic look that is SO popular right now. 

As for bedding, I of course love all of the different patterns and textures she mixed that create a cohesive, cozy vibe.

7. Letter boards are a dorm room must! 

dorm room essentials

Recreate this bright, adorable dorm room: 

This black and white dalmatian print wallpaper is seriously one of the trendiest dorm room items ever. I love how she covered her bulletin board with the peel and stick wallpaper to cover up that ugly brown cork and add a fun pattern to the room! 

The pink letter board is such a fun option for a pop of color instead of the traditional black one. The shelving decor is also so fun and adds some other bright colors! 

8. Simple bedding, FUN posters 

dorm room bedding

Recreate this simple & sweet dorm room: 

This room looks so welcoming and comfy! The simple, star patterned bedding is perfect with the colorful posters on the wall. She printed her photos out on her own, but you can also buy a photo collage already made as linked above.

Throw blankets are the BEST thing in college. Some nights it will get so cold (even if you live somewhere hot) and you will be so thankful for that blanket! My roommates would always steal mine, so get a cute one like this and keep it close by! 

9. Disguise the provided dorm room furniture

dorm room ideas pinterest

sourced from: @spacesinbloomdesign

Recreate this pink & pretty dorm room: 

Not only is the bedding and wall decor super cute in this room, this room is taken to another level because all of the tacky furniture provided by the school is disguised!

The headboard makes that dorm bed seem like a luxury piece of furniture. It's hard to tell, but the desk is covered in black marble contact paper, making it look like an expensive stone desk. The photo collage on the closet doors is SUCH a good idea because it helps you to utilize wall space and give the closet a makeover. 

10. Match your roomie & your bedding πŸ˜‰

awesome dorm room ideas

sourced from: @fashfuncult

Recreate this cute, preppy dorm room:

This dorm room is so colorful and fun! Even their roller rabbit pajamas match the bedding!

Roller Rabbit is VERY pricey, but I found a dupe pillow on redbubble πŸ˜‰ This preppy look can be achieved with some colorful prints, a rainbow neon sign, and classic white bedding. 

11. Make your own adorable mini kitchen area 

sourced from: @lovedbyrileyb

Recreate this super cute dorm room kitchen area: 

Okay... I am OBSESSED with this vintage coral mini fridge. It is so cute and it comes in a couple other colors to fit the aesthetic of your dorm room. 

The 3 tier rolling cart and plastic plate set are dorm room ESSENTIALS. Pretty much every college student owns these two items, you probably should too! 

12. String lights + earthy colors = so cozy

dorm room ideas ikea

Recreate this cute & coordinated dorm room: 

This room looks like it could be on the cover of a dorm room magazine! I mean how cute is that super color coordinated photo collage?

The color choices she went with make the room so warm, yet also airy and bright. The flowers were so creative, and such a fun way to fill that empty wall space. 

13. Lightning bolts & neon signs for the win 

dorm room ideas loft bed

Recreate this chill dorm room look: 

Okay - the ambiance in this room though!! That bed looks SO cozy and the fun lighting makes a bleak dorm room 100 times better. 

The lightning bolt decals are super cute, especially the way she arranged them!!

14. Try a grey and blue color scheme 

small dorm room ideas

Recreate this coordinated, cozy dorm room: 

If you love blue, this is the dorm room for you! My favorite thing about this dorm is how much of the walls are covered! In dorm rooms, the less wall showing, the better.

I really like the coordinating posters she picked out, you could always pick out your own OR buy the pack linked above from amazon for an aesthetic look. I never thought about putting wall decals in my dorm room, but these stars are so cute they're making me wish I had.  

15. Add a floating shelf & photo grid

yellow dorm room ideas

Recreate this super cute dorm room desk nook: 

Your bed is not the only important part of your dorm room to decorate! This desk area is super cute and easy to achieve! 

I love the adhesive shelves because you can put little plants and decor on them. The photo grid is genius because it's super light weight and easy to hold up with command hooks! 

16. Add monograms for a personalized touch

dorm room pinterest
sourced from: @lovedbyrileyb

Recreate this personalized, pink dorm room look: 

I was always so concerned that my dorm room would be "basic". The best way to make it your own is by adding customized pillows and decor with your initials! 

The pink headboard and cozy pillows and blankets make this room the perfect place to crash after a long day of classes. 

17. Add metallic accents for a beautiful final product 

dorm room must haves

Recreate this perfectly put together dorm room: 

This room is super simple and just the right amount of decor to be pretty, but not overwhelming. I LOVE the different metallic shades throughout this room, especially the mirror lip decals (they're only $6 on amazon!!!). 

The subtle touches of leopard print add a perfect, trendy touch. This dorm room headboard is genius because you can literally hang it up with command hooks!

18. Keep it light and airy 

college move in day

Recreate this cozy, light and bright dorm room: 

This dorm room looks super cozy and mature. With the simple decor on the walls and light, fluffy bedding, this room looks so inviting and pretty! 

I linked similar options for the bedding, photo frame, and throw pillow. I love her big photo frame that she can clip smaller photos to! You can easily DIY a frame like that with some chicken wire and an old picture frame with the glass taken out! 

19. Don't be afraid to mix bright colors and prints!

dorm room decor amazon

Recreate this NYC chic dorm room: 

You would think that turquoise and pink velvet pillows, leopard print, and black and white polka dots would clash... but somehow in this beautiful dorm room, all of those textures, patterns, and colors work together to create a cohesive, eclectic look. 

I love the wall decor so much, especially the little nod to La La Land with the Seb's poster πŸ˜‰

20. Frame posters for a more put-together look

single dorm room ideas

Recreate this earthy, boho dorm room: 

This "hippie chic" style is so cute and definitely on trend right now. I love the way the posters are framed because it makes them look nicer and more complete. 

Let's just take a moment for the disco ball in the macrame hanger - SO. freaking. cute. I love that idea and I think it would be easy to achieve the same "modern boho" look in any dorm room. 

21. Get a rug!!

trendy dorm room ideas

Recreate this bright, boho dorm room: 

I love rugs in dorm rooms because they make the space feel so homey and less like a dorm room. These colorful rugs are so cute and would look good in so many different styled rooms.

I linked 3 different options that are similar, but have different colors so you can choose what best matches your room! 

22. Get a tapestry to take up empty wall space

trendiest dorm room ideas

Recreate this fun, bold dorm room look: 

I love the black and white base colors in this room paired with the bright pops of neon. The dalmatian wallpaper strikes again, but this time with a matching pillow. 

Bonus points if your biker shorts match your room decor πŸ˜‰

23. Plant anatomy posters are super popular right now

cheap dorm decor

Recreate this neutral, boho dorm room look: 

I see these plant posters all over Pinterest and at stores like Urban Outfitters, but I didn't think I would be able to achieve this trendy look using Amazon. 

I linked a couple of similar posters and a throw pillow that will look perfect in any boho dorm room! 

24. Make your desk area pretty AND functional

dorm room decor websites

Recreate this cute and classy dorm room desk: 

How cute is this desk set up? I think it is important to add decorations to every part of your room, not just your bed. That is what really makes a dorm room homey and comfortable. 

Bringing your own chair also makes the room a lot nicer and adds some style, unlike the provided dorm furniture πŸ˜‰

25. Match your bedding with your posters 

boho dorm room

Recreate this creative, fun dorm room look: 

Posters are a classic dorm room decoration, but I loveee the way the colors in these posters match her bedding! 

Sticking to a color scheme definitely makes a dorm room seem more cohesive and put together. 

26. Try using bold colors for a dramatic look

dorm room target

sourced from: @tmichelleinteriors

Recreate this black and gold dorm room: 

This black and gold dorm room is so cute! I love using black for a more dramatic look, it is such a statement. 

You can really never go wrong with gold, so I love how she incorporated it into her dorm room!

27. Match decor with your roomie! 

dorm decor websites

Recreate this cute & coral dorm room: 

It is so cute how coordinated these roommates are! Not only does it look super cute, planning out decor together would be the perfect way to bond with your new roommate. 

This look is so cute, especially the fun throw blankets!! 

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