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This post is all about the best dorm decorations for 2022.

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Using dorm decorations is such an important part in making your room feel like a home. I would seriously stalk website after website searching for dorm decorations the summer before I went to college. There are so many different vibes you could go with in your room, but regardless of the theme, you need decor to make everything complete. 

My favorite things for dorm rooms are large wall coverings because it gets hard to decorate all of those blank walls! I also love mixing a bunch of different textures to create a cozy, unique looking room. 

This post is all about the best dorm decorations for 2022.


1. Fake Plants 

When I went to college, one of the items on the packing list provided by the school was a small houseplant. I think plants should be included in every space to add some life and color. 

While I do think having a live plant is important because it gives you something to take care of, I know how crazy college can get (and a plant is going to be the last thing you think about). So, fake plants are perfect for dorm rooms! 

2. Make A Flower Wall

dorm room ideas ikea

Recreate This Girly, Gorgeous Dorm Room:

If you're going for a girly styled dorm room, this is a perfect idea. This looks so pretty and it's really original!

I love how the way you could fill up your wall super easily with the flower stems and then put the garland at the top. 

3. Use Ivy Leaves For A Boho Look

dorm room wall decor

Sourced from Urban Outfitters

Recreate This Earthy, Boho Dorm Room:

Hanging leaves and fairy lights is a great idea for a boho look. This is such a huge trend right now and it is the perfect way to fill up wall space in any dorm room. 

This would look so cute on a blank wall or even behind your bed in place of a headboard!

4. Star Projector

dorm decorations

sourced from @Amazon

Recreate This Vibey Dorm Room:

Star projectors are super popular right now and are SO cool. This can make your room look so pretty at night!

A really trendy thing to have especially if you are planning to have people over.

5. Vanity Mirror With Lighting 

I am going to tell you right now, dorm lighting is terrible. Doing your makeup in yellow tinted light is just not easy.

You will definitely want some kind of lit mirror and this one is perfect. It will make your life 1000x easier. 

6. Buy A Storage Headboard

dorm decorations rustic

Recreate This Bright, Cozy Dorm Room:

Not only are these storage headboard super cute, but they allow you to store items for easy access and allow for even more cute decorations!

7. Get a Cute and Comfy Chair

If you really want to take your dorm room to the next level with decor, get a chair!! The dorm room furniture is so ugly and is not going to add anything to your cute decor. 

Another reason why you might consider getting your own chair is that the provided dorm furniture can be SO uncomfortable. You're going to be spending a lot fo time at your desk, at least keep it cozy! 

8. Neon Lights

These little babies are SO popular in dorm rooms right now and make your room look instantly more trendy. This moon one is adorable, but there are so many cute ones with lightning bolts, lips, little quotes, and more. 

Plus, you can find them on Amazon for less than $10!! 

9. Hang photos on a photo grid

yellow dorm room ideas

Recreate This Cute and Coordinated Dorm Room:

Photo grids are so cute and unique. Instead of displaying your photos on a bulletin board or taping them up on the wall, you could add one of these photo grids that are so trendy right now. 

Printing out coordinating photos (like in the inspo. pic) would look so good in your dorm room!! 

10. DIY A Minimalist Tapestry

dorm must haves

sourced from: @samashley32

Recreate This Simple, Bright Dorm Room:

I am obsessed with this dorm room, and when I reached out about featuring this post, I found out someone totally DIY'd this tapestry!! 

It's one of my favorite tapestries I have seen in a dorm room because it is so simple and pretty, and it was probably pretty inexpensive. 

11. Jewelry Organizer

This is going to sound stupid, but one of the hardest things to find space for in a dorm is your jewelry! 

We are so obsessed with this jewelry holder because it is so convenient and organized, and also looks super cute.

12. Photo Ledges

dorm room furniture

Layering frames like this is one of my favorite new trends. I literally have stacked frames all over my apartment and the office. 

Usually shelves in a dorm room can be kind of tricky because you can't screw anything into the walls. These shelves are make by the Command hook brand and come with the right sticky strips to hang them up!! 

13. Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper 

dorm room essentials

Recreate This Fun, Bright Dorm Room:

This dorm room will always be one of my all time favorites. I love how she wrapped a bulletin board with the peel and stick wallpaper to make it a fun statement piece. 

14. Bring a Throw Blanket

When I went to college, I literally forgot to bring an extra blanket (like how??), but I bought one within a couple of weeks because you need it!!

There were so many times I was hanging out in the common area of my suite and would have done anything for a cozy blanket. I am obsessed with this barefoot dreams blanket, I know it's extremely pricey, but it feels like a literal cloud. 

15. Make a Gallery Wall

dorm room wall decor

Recreate This Boho, Earthy Dorm Room:

I loveee this Boho dorm room. It doesn't even look like it belongs in a college dorm building!! 

You know I'm a big fan of mixing different interesting textures and this room does just that, making it feel so cozy and perfect. 

dorm room essentials

16. Make A Photo Collage Wall

Recreate This Beautiful Neutral Dorm Room:

Photo collages are a really easy way to decorate wall space in a dorm room. They are also SO trendy and perfect for dorm rooms because it's just paper so there's not really any big commitment. 

17. Blush And White Theme

best dorm rooms

Recreate This Classy, Pink Dorm Room:

Having a theme with specific colors chosen makes decorating a dorm room SO much easier. I am a neutral girl at heart but adding a light pink is such a fun way to add some color into a dorm room. 

19. LED Lights 

These lights are ALL the rage right now for dorm rooms. When you walk by dorm buildings, every window is lit up a different color. 

Everyone loves them, so you pretty much need them. They set the vibe for dorm parties, hangouts, etc.. 

20. Cute & Convenient Storage 

Okay okay, I know this is super extra, but if you have a raised bed and room to put storage underneath, do it!! 

I had ugly plastic 3 tier drawers from Target under my raised bed that were about the same size as this shelf. Make it cute if you have the opportunity! 

21. Three Tier Rolling Cart 

This 3 tier rolling cart is a college staple at this point. Everyone has one, it's perfect for organizing beauty products, school supplies, or your food and snacks. 

Think about it this way...use this cart in your dorm room for everyday essentials and turn it into a bar cart when you move into an apartment. It's a win-win.

22. Get a Headboard

dorm room ideas loft bed

Recreate This Cozy Dorm Room Bed:

Headboards take your dorm bed to the next level!! Also without one your head is literally right up against the wall. They are perfect for looks and comfort!

23. Get some artsy prints 

Want to make your room look super sophisticated and put together? Get some art prints that coordinate with your room aesthetic . Not only do they look pretty, they are the perfect way to fill up a big, empty wall. 

24. Use bold colors for a dramatic look

dorm room target

Recreate this black and gold dorm room: 

This black and gold dorm room is so cute! I love using black for a more dramatic look, it is such a statement. 

You can really never go wrong with gold, so I love how she incorporated it into her dorm room!

25. String Light Photo Clips 

I had these in my bedroom in high school and they were SO cute. It's a 2 for 1 because you get the cute ambiance of the string lights and you get to hang all of your cute photos. 

Having photos hanging up is essential in college because it's so comforting to see all of those welcoming faces. 

26. Macrame Wall Hanging

I absolutely love macrame hangings in boho dorm rooms. They add texture, and something more substantial than a poster or tapestry. There are so many interesting designs and sizes that could fit any dorm room. 

27. Get A Bean Bag For Extra Seating

If you have room for it, get anything you could use as extra seating. I adore this faux fur bean bag because it would be so cozy and look really nice too. 

If you have people over to chill in your room, you will want them to sit on a bean bag, not your bed!! 

28. Get An Area Rug

trendy dorm room ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This is Hannah, one of our BSL girls, and she had the brightest boho dorm room. We love the rug she chose because it adds such an interesting pattern and element to the room. 

29. Get a Tapestry 

Tapestries are a cheap and great option for covering a large wall space. They are perfect for wall decor behind or beside your bed. There are tons to choose from too!

I added SUCH cute tapestries to this post: The Ultimate List of Dorm Room Essentials for 2020

30. Firefly Lights

I love firefly lights. I know they have been a trend for a while, but they are seriously so pretty.

The ones I had in my dorm room had to be plugged in to turn them on so I never had them plugged in. These ones are remote control so you could always turn them on!! 

31. Use Rustic Elements

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Rustic Dorm Room:

If you want a rustic themed dorm room, this is a perfect example! Wood accents, lights, and neutral colors will give your room that rustic feel.

This post was all about the best dorm decorations.

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