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This post is all about dorm bed headboards.

best dorm headboards

One of the easiest ways to take your dorm room from a cinder block room to feeling like an actual bedroom is by using a dorm bed headboard.

Here at BSL, this is one of our favorite dorm decorating tips!

There are so many dorm bed headboards to choose from, so where do you begin?

We've dug around hundreds of websites to find the best dorm bed headboards for you to buy this year.

PS! We know dorm bed headboards can be expensive, so we added some options to get the look of a headboard at half the price!


Our Top 3 Dorm Bed Headboards:

Best College Planner:

dormify headboard

Dorm Bed Headboards:

1. Velvet Covered Headboard 

dorm bed headboards

If you want a dorm bed headboard that's cute AND comfy, then a velvet headboard is the dorm bed headboard for you!

The great thing about velvet headboards is that it has a cushion in between the actual board and the velvet cover, making it an ideal support for late night Netflix binges or study session in bed!  

2. Sophisticated Headboard

If you're looking for a headboard that will never go out of style, this is it.

How beautiful is this?! No matter what accent colors you decide to go with in your dorm this dorm bed headboard will look beautiful.

3. Wall Tapestry 

If headboards just aren't your thing or it might be too much or too hard to have in your dorm room, then try a wall tapestry!

Wall tapestries are a cheap, yet super fun option to hang behind any bed, but especially your dorm bed because it adds a lot of decoration in a way that doesn't take up too much room! 

We have a whole post on the cutest tapestries of 2019. You can find it here.

4. Tuffed Headboard 

A tufted headboard is perfect for the gal who wants her dorm to be super classy! 

This dorm bed headboard gives off a elegant vibe but can also be really comfortable, too! 

This headboard is less than $60 which is a steal for dorm bed headboards!

5. White Headboard 

This dorm bed headboard is the perfect option for those who have a ton of wall space in between the bed frame and the ceiling. 

Opting for a taller headboard is a great idea because it keeps you from having to figure out what decoration to put above your headboard. And we love when there's one less thing to have to think about! 

6. Wooden Headboard 

diy dorm headboard

So maybe the wooden door as a headboard wasn't your thing. But you still want a wooden vibe. Girl, I got you! 

PBTeen has this dorm bed headboard made out of wooden panels. Like the door, it is sturdy and can be painted. But gives off a much more contemporary and modern vibe! 

7. Wooden Headboard w/ Light

dormify headboard

You want the wooden headboard, but you need more. The dorm is so tiny, you need things to be attached to the headboard so that you can conserve space, and also get stuff done from the comfort of your bed. 

This wooden headboard HAS A LIGHT! So you can stay up late cramming while not disturbing your roommate. It's the perfect way to save space, be trendy, and ensure that you'll get stuff done! 

8. Contemporary Headboard 

dorm headboard ideas

What if you're the kind of person who only uses your bed for sleep. Honestly, smart move, and do I have a headboard for you!

Because you don't really lie up in bed, a window pane like headboard is perfect for your dorm! It's unique yet still super stylish, what more could you ask for?

dorm room essentials

9. Headboard w/ Outlets 

dorm headboard shelves

You know those photos of people who do genius things and they're captioned "this guy's living in 3019"? Well with this dorm bed headboard, that will be you!

BECAUSE IT HAS OUTLETS!! You can charge your phone in bed and stay on it all night, same thing with your computer. This headboard will be on the rage, so get it now and be a trendsetter! 

10. Rectangle Shaped Headboard 

So you want decorations above your headboard. A solid move, a super cute idea! 

But how can you make room for it all? With a dorm room headboard like this! 

This rectangle headboard gets the job done and leaves you plenty of room for wall decorations. A perfect fit! 

11. Furry Headboard 

This dorm room headboard is for the diva with the super extra dorm room. You know, the one that wants everything to be over the top. 

Well, this furry head board does just that. And it also adds color and comfort. It might be extra, but it comes with extra benefits that make it the best part of your dorm room! 

12. Animal Print Headboard

Or maybe you want to be extra, but fur isn't your thing. Go for animal print, or any print, really instead. 

So many dorm bed headboards have prints on them, you're destined to find one you like. But if animal print is your thing, head to DormCo and get this one now! 

13. Faux Leather Headboard 

For the college student who wants a stylish, yet sleek headboard, I recommend a faux leather headboard. 

This kind of dorm bed headboard comes in many colors and is super easy to clean if something were to spill on it. Faux leather is a great option for a headboard for a college dorm! 

14. Vintage Metal Headboard 

If you're more interested in a rustic and unique style of dorm bed headboard, go for a Vintage Metal Headboard like this one on Amazon. 

It's rustic feel gives off a homey vibe, and the detail in its design adds to the decoration of the room, you definitely can't go wrong with this headboard for your dorm! 

15. Headboard w/ Corner Designs

You want some design in your headboard, but not too much design. A great dorm bed headboard for you would be one that had designs only in the corners like this one from Amazon! 

It's simple, yet decorative and adds to the room but isn't the focus of it. It's perfect for the college student who wants a cute room, but not an overdone room. 

16. Bookcase Headboard 

This dorm bed headboard is also a stroke of genius? Why? But it has two functions! First, it's a headboard and second, IT'S A BOOKCASE! 

This headboard is perfect for those college students who need extra storage options. It can fit textbooks, notebooks, books for fun, and so many other things. It basically makes your bed into a desk, and who doesn't love that! 

17. Studded Headboard 

This dorm bed headboard is also perfect for those students who want some design but not a whole lot. This kind of headboard is simply outlined by studs.

It adds flare, but not distraction, and can also be a great piece to tie into other decorative aspects of your dorm room. 12/10, I definitely recommend.  

18. Pop of Color Fabric Headboard 

college dorm headboard

This is a great option if you want to go all out with your headboard. Get one that is colorful! 

A colorful dorm bed headboard is perfect if you want to incorporate color into your dorm room. Especially if it you want to do a color scheme in your dorm room. 

Basically, this dorm room is a great way to go if you want the cute, put together vibe! 

19. Wall Sticker 

dorm decor

Another alternative to a headboard if a typical one isn't your thing or your room won't quite allow for it: a wall sticker! 

A wall sticker adds design to the back of your bed, but in a minimalistic, space-saving manner. It's a great alternative for sure! 

20. Quilted Headboard 

twin dorm headboard

Another great dorm bed headboard that adds design and is also comfortable to lean up against is a quilted headboard like the one above. 

This one is very pretty and unique because it tucks in columns to provide a sophisticated design into the dorm room. Honestly if I were getting another headboard for a dorm, I'd go with this one! 

21. Bell Curved Headboard 

This last dorm bed headboard suggestion is for the girl who wants an elegant dorm room. Nothing less, nothing more. 

This headboard is shaped to look like a queen's bed. It's a headboard that will boost your confidence and have you waking up ready to conquer the day, for sure!  

This post showed the best dorm bed headboards.

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