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This post is all about college apartment ideas.

college apartment ideas

Are you looking for cute college apartment ideas that look like a million bucks but really don't cost a lot of money at all?

Girl, we feel you. We want a perfectly decorated apartment and have it cost us about $0 dollars ?.

We've put together some college apartment ideas so that you can have the cutest apartment on campus without spending a lot of money.

College Apartment Ideas:

1. Coffee Station 

college apartment ideas

credit: @sammmyhill

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Coffee is the lifeline of any college student, thus one of the best college apartment ideas that I've come across has been to have a coffee bar in your apartment! 

Now obviously the one above is extra, but it gives great inspiration for your own coffee station! Hang mugs, have coffee canisters, just make it a place you can't wait to get out of bed and head to in the morning for ultimate success in your day! 

2. Gallery Wall

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I've talked about gallery walls before, especially when it comes to using them in dorms and college apartments. But something I haven't mentioned before is how cool gallery walls can be when you and your roommates create one together! 

3. Cube Organizer as TV Stand

studio apartment decor ideas

Create This In Your Apartment:

Cube shelves are such a great college apartment idea especially for the living room because it gives you such extra storage options! 

You can put books on it sure, but you can also put photos, collapsible bins, anything on it as well!

4. Add mirrors to make the space look mirror

college girl apartment ideas

When it comes to decorating your apartment, mirrors are a gift from God. They will TRULY change the way your space looks. Not only are the amazing for outfit checks, but they will make your space look so much bigger (thank you illusions). 

I cannot recommend mirrors enough, put them wherever you can without going to overboard (you know what I mean). 

5. A Decorated Coffee Table 

college apartment essentials

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Coffee tables are usually provided if a college apartment comes furnished. But if it doesn't then I highly suggest getting one! 

And don't only have a coffee table, decorate your coffee table! Books, candles, trays, flowers, etc. Put a color scheme to it and I promise you will have one of the most put together and mature looking college apartments anyone has ever seen!

6. Bar Cart!

bar coffee table books

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Ok yes this bar cart has coffee and books on it, but it is intended for alcohol I promise! 

If you're over 21, a bar cart is one of the best college apartment ideas one can incorporate into their living space. It keeps all the alcohol and supplies together, and just looks mature and grown up. It makes you look like you have it all together, and isn't that what we're all trying to do in college? 

7. Area Rugs

college apartment decorating ideas on a budget

Most college apartments are fitted with nasty "wood" or tile. And not covering it up can just make a college apartment look bare!

That's why I think that area rugs are one of the best college apartment ideas out there! They add to a room plus hide something less than aesthetically pleasing!

8. Get Cute Utensil Holders

Everyone knows that college apartments are very limited when it comes to kitchen storage. This college apartment idea is dedicated to fighting it!

Place your utensils in dedicated holder on the counter. Not only is this a super unique idea, but it is one that can totally match your decor theme as well! 

9. Create an Entry Way

A small entry way table will truly take your space to the next level and make it feel more homey. I love this little addition to the apartment because not only does it allow me to really decorate the space to my liking, but it's also extremely handy- a place where I can put my keys. etc. so they always have a spot!

10. A Comfy Couch 

Couches are usually provided if your college apartment comes furnished. But if it isn't, I suggest that you go in with your parents or roommates on getting a couch, and get a fun one at that! 

By fun I mean a fun color or something, doing so means that you can get neutral decorations and pillows to keep the place lively! 

11. Shoe Hangers in the Closet 

The one thing about college apartments, especially your first college apartment, is that closets are TINY! 

So you must optimize space. A great way to do so is by getting a shoe organizer for the door to your closet. Doing so allows you to optimize space in the closet and not have to dig around on the floor for shoes! What a win!

12. Unique DIY Night Stand 

college apartment ideas

I came across this idea on Pinterest and just had to share because it is SUCH a genius and cheap college apartment idea for the bedroom!

Night stands are usually provided by apartment complexes if your lease comes furnished, but if it doesn't nightstands can get expensive. That's why I'm such a fan of this DIY. Literally just place cinder blocks in this order and bam! you have a night stand with several storage options!

13. Use a Wine Rack for Towels

The best college apartment ideas are the ones that allow you to take an item meant for one purpose, and use it for another purpose! It's not only genius, but saves you a ton of money. 

This apartment idea does both of those things. Buying an actual towel rack can be expensive and so much work, so a great way to ensure that you have a place to not only show off your towels but also store them! 

14. Shower Organizer 

Organization is essential in an apartment, especially in the bathroom. I love having wall mounted organizing trays to make my space seem luxurious and put-together! 

If you want to go above and beyond you can add glass dispensers to put your shampoo and conditioner in! This will make your space feel more tidy and clean.

This post was all about the best college apartment ideas.

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