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This post is all about gifts for teenage girls.

birthday gifts for teen girls

No matter who you are, buying gifts for a teenager (especially a girl) can be hard. Being a teenage girl not too long ago and having a sister that is 17, I can tell you I received some amazing and not so great gifts.

Even though I was always grateful for whatever gifts I got, I always felt bad when I got a gift I knew I wouldn't use when I knew someone else spent time and money picking it out.

The good thing is, I can tell you exactly what gifts teenage girls will use and love to receive! Whether you are looking for a graduation, birthday, or Christmas gift, all these gift ideas are guaranteed to make any teenage girl smile.

This post is all about the best gifts for teenage girls.


1. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are such a trendy accessory right now. You can really where them with any outfit and something that any teenage girl should have in their wardrobe. These are great because they're super affordable but the perfect size! 

Tip for this teenage gift idea - the smaller and dantier the better. Delicate earrings are definitely more in than super big and chunky ones right now!

2. Comfy Joggers

For those teenage girls that want to always be comfy, these sweatpants are by far the best out there. I have these and they are super flattering and so soft. Also a great affordable gift!

Lululemon joggers are also a gift that is 100% guaranteed to be loved by the teenage girl in your life...and she'll wear them for YEARS. I wore mine every other day in college.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

You could never go wrong giving an Amazon Alexa for a gift because it can be used for so much! I use mine all the time to play music without having to even get up.

Amazon does amazing deals on Alexa's near the holidays so definitely keep your eye out for that. Otherwise, JBL waterproof speakers are super popular.

4. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Don't get me wrong, these blankets are EXPENSIVE but they are the best dang blanket she will ever have.

My mom got this blanket for all my sisters and I for Christmas last year and you can see us with this blanket wrapped around us 95% of the time when we are at home. ALL three of us! It's usually pretty hard to find a gift all three sisters mutually like so take that as a sign that this is a great gift to give.

Also, I linked a bigger version so it's more expensive but they have smaller ones that are "cheaper". Again, it's not a cheap blanket in any way but is GOOD.

5. Hoodie

This is straight from the mouth of my teenage sister - cropped sweatshirts aren't in anymore, it's all about the big sweatshirts or sweat suits. News to me considering I wear cropped sweatshirts all the time ?.

They like oversized so get WAY bigger than their actual size.

She did say sweat suits are "everything" so look into that too for the teenage girl in your life. 

Here are the brands she said are the "coolest" places to get sweatshirts from:

  • Chrome Hearts
  • Mad Happy
  • Drew's House
  • Cherry LA 
  • DA Clothes (super cute clothing brand in general for teenagers)
  • Seven The Label
  • Any College Sweatshirt
dorm room essentials

6. Gel Nail Set

I have been doing my own gel nails for years now and it has honestly saved me so much money. Getting gel on your nails one time at a salon costs the same price as this whole kit! If the teenage girl you are buying a gift for likes to have her nails done, then this is a perfect gift for her. 

The kit linked is the exact one I own so I can guarantee you that it's good ;).

7. Sunglasses

Hands down a gift for teenage girls that you KNOW they will be excited over. These styles are definitely the most popular right now, so while it is hard to buy sunglasses for someone this would be your best bet. 

This is another gift she can wear through college - soo many girls have this and love them.

Ray Bans are an amazing quality pair of sunglasses. They will last years and are classic so they won't go out of style. I love this new, unique hexagon style too!

Quay Australia is also a great quality brand of sunglasses but definitely more affordable. These are more trendy options that a ton of girls are wearing.

8. Sephora Gift Card

Almost every girl loves new makeup! Instead of trying to pick out exactly what to get her I would recommend buying a Sephora gift card. If you do know exactly what makeup she wants, Sephora is the place to buy it!

9. Lock Necklace

I am seeing these gold lock necklaces everywhere. Jewelry is always a great choice for gifts for girls and this is a trendy option that any teenage girl will love. This is definitely a higher quality necklace too so it will last a long time.

10. White Sneakers

White sneakers have been popular for a few years now and definitely a staple to have. Even if the teenage girl you're shopping for already has white sneakers, odds are they are dirty and need to be replaced. 

These two are great options for cool white sneakers any teenage girl would LOVE.

11. Workout Sets

Alo Yoga is the new holy grail of athletic wear for girls. Yes, it is pricey but the quality really can't be beat. These leggings will last for years so it is totally worth the investment and the smile on the girls face!

12. Ugg Slippers

I tell everyone about these Ugg slippers. Seriously they are so soft and comfy and everyone needs to experience them lol. These are also great to take to college! I've used mine for years so they are a great investment.

13. AirPods

If she doesn't already have AirPods, she will absolutely love and use the crap out of these. They come extra handy when studying, working out, or walking to class. I promise this is a gift no teenage girl could hate!

14. Initials Necklace

Initials necklaces are a super trendy piece to add to your accessories collection. Love this inexpensive option from Amazon. So cute for any teenage girl!

15. Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are super in right now and a great staple to have in any teen girl's wardrobe. They are not only super comfortable but also great to wear with oversized t-shirts and hoodies.

16. Clear Bag

Clear bags are perfect for teenage girls that are heading off to college soon. Security has changed a lot in the last few years and clear bags are the only way to bring a purse into many events. This clear bag from Amazon is perfect for game days in college or concerts which any teen girl will definitely be going to.

Pair it with this really fun strap for an even cuter bag!

17. Running Shoes

Running shoes are a staple in every girls wardrobe and the Adidas tennis shoes are the most popular ones. Try to figure out what color tennis shoes she has already so you can get her another pair that will match with different clothes!

18. Sweatsuit Set

The matching sweatshirt / sweatpants set is a perfect gift for teenage girls. It's not only super comfy but super in to match. 

The great thing about this trend is that you can wear the pieces separately too! Aritzia has great loungewear.. sooo comfortable.

19. Journal And Pens

Getting a new planner and set of pens will prepare any girl for the year ahead. Getting new stationary is always so fun to receive as a gift and will actually be used so much!

Papier is a great, affordable site to get super cute planners. You can customize them and they have amazing patterns to choose from!

20. Trendy Phone Case

Phone cases are a really fun way to show your personality and jazz up your otherwise basic iPhone. 

21. Layered Gold Necklaces

gift ideas for her

The layered gold necklaces is a huuuge trend right now, especially for teenage girls. This new brand has a great variety of different necklaces - from dainty to chunky - there are ton to choose from.

22. Laptop Case

Computers are expensive so protecting them is important. A computer case is a great gift for anyone with a computer and will definitely get used! Make sure to check first what computer they girl you are buying the gift for has!

This post was all about gifts for teenage girls.

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