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This post is all about college apartment bedroom ideas.

college apartment bedroom

You've signed the lease and now it's time to start thinking about the best college apartment bedroom ideas.

From the bedding to the wall decor, it can be a lot to think about!

We've rounded up the cutest college bedroom apartment ideas that will have you never wanting to leave your room... besides for class of course ;).

This post shows you the best college apartment bedroom ideas.


1. Give Your Room A Pop of Color 

Copy This Apartment:

This college apartment bedroom just looks so fun doesn't it! And I really think it all comes from the fact that there are so many fun colors in this room! 

I highly suggest getting a fun color combo, like this teal and orange here, and incorporating it through your room. Through pillows, blankets, rugs, anywhere you can think of!

2. Add Some Greenery

Succulents are SO IN right now it isn't even funny! Well, idk why it would have been funny in the first place, but you get my point.

Adding in some succulents is a great way to add a touch of life and freshness to any room, but especially your college apartment bedroom. And if you're a plant killer like I tend to be, places like Marshalls and TJMaxx have great fake ones for a reasonable price!

3. Use Dresser as Side Table

Copy This Apartment:

This college apartment bedroom is so light and bright. In a smaller bedroom, you can save space and use your dresser as a side table! 

Not only is this a very unique idea, but it is a great extra storage space as well. This is one college apartment bedroom idea that you will want to copy, for sure!

4. Try a Wooden Headboard 

Copy This Apartment:

(super cheap!!!)

They look great in the dorms, and they look great in college apartment bedrooms, too! There is nothing that a wooden headboard really can't do. 

I love how this headboard is the center of the bedroom, and it can be the center of your next college apartment bedroom too!

5. Keep Things on Your Bed 

Copy This Apartment:

(less than $20!)

I had never thought of this idea until I began this post, but now that I've seen it I think I need to go do it!

This idea adds a touch of flare and coziness to your college apartment bedroom. It also provides you with an extra space to store your remote or the book you're currently reading!

6. Match Your Headboard and Ottoman Colors 

This college apartment bedroom just looks so put together, and its because the same color as at the top and bottom of the bed!

The key to cute college apartment bedrooms is to make them look very put together like this one does. So, I highly suggest matching your headboard with another piece of furniture in your bedroom!

7. Create a Gallery Wall Above Your Bed 

Copy This Apartment:

Gallery walls are another very on brand in 2021. And they are such a simple way to decorate your college apartment bedroom with your own personal touch. 

Grab some fun canvases, pictures, wooden letters ,etc and arrange them in a fun way for a gallery wall that is oh so you!

8. Add in a Lot of Textures 

Copy This Apartment:

Textures can add a touch of fun to any college apartment bedroom!

Just like these blankets and baskets do in this picture. It's such a fun and easy way to add a unique touch to your bedroom!

9. Have a Giant Mirror 

Copy This Apartment:

We all want to check out how good we look before we leave, or have a prop that never fails to be the best way to post an Instagram story. A giant mirror has a ton of perks, but the biggest one is how much it adds to a college bedroom door! 

It makes the room look bigger and cleaner. It's a win win addition to your college apartment bedroom!

10. All White Everything 

Copy This Apartment:

This bedroom looks so clean and fresh, but not in a sterile way which I love! 

And I really think that this fine balance was created by having the bedroom be majority white, but then some small areas of color were added. This is a great college apartment bedroom to copy if your walls are white!

11. Create a Fun Desk Space

Copy This Apartment:

College apartment bedrooms often serve as multiple rooms all in one. For example, they often also serve as an office because you have to put your desk in there. 

If that's you, don't forget to make this area just as fun as your actual bed space, just like this picture did. Add some photos and fun tickets for a great way to get started!

12. String Lights on the Ceiling 

String lights are another item that transfers from the dorm to the college apartment bedroom really easily! And the great thing about being in an apartment is that you have a lot more room to do stuff with them! 

Such as hanging the lights all around the ceiling. This room looks so dreamy, and I think that it's because of the way that these lights are strung. If you can pull this off, go for it because this looks SO GOOD!

13. Or around the walls! 

Copy This Apartment:

If draping them around the ceiling isn't your thing, consider stringing lights just around the corners of the wall! 

This still adds a very cozy vibe to your college apartment bedroom, and allows other things to be the primary focus of the room. It definitely adds a great touch that I recommend looking into!

14. Neon Signs 

Copy This Apartment:

Neon signs are so "on brand" right now. And Urban Outfitters is THRIVING off of it! 

Neon signs are so cool and would look incredible in a college apartment bedroom. They come in so many symbols or phrases that it is super easy to find one that matches your personality. 

And also, neon signs give off a subtle light to keep on at all times if you don't an ta full on lamp or overhead light on!

15. Add a Little Bit of Everything 

college apartment decorating ideas on a budget

(source @Amazon)

Copy This Apartment:

Like what does this room not have? I can't think of anything! It has a ton, yet it doesn't look overcrowded at all! 

The key to this is the fact that there is just a LITTLE bit of everything. Just little bits of fun textures and colors. And it all comes together in an aesthetically pleasing way. What great inspiration for your next college apartment bedroom!

16. Make a Vanity Area 

Copy This Apartment:

This is another great example of a college apartment bedroom having to function as more than a bathroom. Here, it's a beauty studio. 

Sometimes, apartment bathrooms are just too tiny, thus we girls have to find another place to glam. Bedrooms can be perfect for this if we have the right space for it. So make that space and add some fun flair to it! It's the best addition to a college apartment bedroom, I promise!

17. Add Photos As Your Headboard 

Ok I'm OBSESSED with this idea! This girl is so smart to do this! 

If you can do this too, please do it. I think I'm going to do it. It's that cool!

18. Add a Bench

Copy This Apartment:

Another great option if you have a lot of space in your room! Add a bench to the end of your bed. Perfect for extra seating and adding a unique element to the room. 

19. Add a Tapestry

The chair is the first thing that I saw in this picture. It's the perfect pop of something different in this room. 

A fun accent chair can do so many things in a college apartment bedroom. It can be a catch all for extra clothes, a spot for a cute pillow, a place for guests to sit, etc. The list goes on. Regardless, I'm a firm believer in having an accent chair in your room so seriously look into it!

20. Hang a Mirror Above the Bed 

Copy This Apartment:

This cute decoration idea is not one that is seen very often. So if you're trying to be unique in your college apartment bedroom decorating, try this idea! 

A mirror above the bed makes the room look bigger, so this is an especially great idea if you feel like your college apartment bedroom is on the smaller side. And it also gives off a very feminine but modern vibe, you definitely cannot go wrong with it!

21. Add a Shelf Over the Bed

Copy This Apartment:

I love this decor idea because it adds a lot to the empty space above your bed. Having a large shelf like this gives you the freedom to decorate it however you want! 

22. Rustic Boho Vibes 

Copy This Apartment:

This is another very popular trend in the college decorating world today: rustic boho vibes. 

A great way to get this vibe in your college apartment bedroom is by adding lots of textures but in a neutral tone. Look for pillows, rugs, and wall decorations that do just that and you'll be well on your way!

23. Add a Rug

Copy This Apartment:

Adding a rug really completes any space. This will make your bedroom feel a lot cozier while also adding a super cute decor element! 

24. Clean and Chic, but Modern 

There is an art to making your room look put together even when you know deep down that it is a mess. And I believe the key to becoming an artist in this respect is to create a college bedroom space that is clean and chic, but modern. 

One can pull this off by keeping neutrals all throughout the room just like this picture did. Whites, creams, blacks, browns, they're all there. And because they're all subtle, they help the room maintain its perfect presence.

25. Keep It Simple

Copy This Apartment:

Most people don't want to go too extreme in their college apartment because one, they have no money, and two, they'll only be there a year or two.

I love this idea of simple decor! With just adding two big prints above your bed, and some unique lighting, it already looks super chic with minimal effort.

26. Incorporate a Seating Area

Copy This Apartment:

If your room is on the bigger side, utilize the extra space by adding a seating area! I think this is so cute and would be so nice to have when friends are over. 

27. Match your Pillows with Decorations 

(source @JaysEssentials)

How many times have I preached that matching doesn't have to be identical, just similar? Answer: so many times. But here I go again! 

Using the same colors while decorating is a great way to make everything go together and look very aesthetically pleasing. A great way to pull this off is to have the same color in some of your pillows and above your bed!

28. "Under the Stars" Vibe 

(source @ProvidentDecor)

I'd never leave this bed if it were mine. Like . . . this is BEYOND DREAMY! And looks very easy to recreate.

Just hang some mesh fabric over string lights in a canopy style and boom! you're done and you have the best college apartment bedroom I've ever seen. I'm already jealous of you honestly.

29. Bohemian Vibes 

Bohemian vibes are SO in when it comes to college kids wanting to decorate their spaces. And this picture is so cute that it is easy to understand why. 

If you're wanting to incorporate some boho vibes into your college apartment bedroom, I suggest checking out fun patterned rugs, blankets and pillows that are different, but tie in well together. If you can get a little pricey, head to Anthropologie. But if you need to ball on a budget, check out HomeGoods or TJMaxx, they've got your back!

This post was all about the best college apartment bedroom ideas.

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