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This post is all about places that give student discounts.

student discounts every college student should knowHave you ever used a student discount? I recently just started using them religiously and don't even want to think about the amount of money that I possibly could have saved (maybe slightly dramatic but definitely could have paid for a nice new pair of shoes or two).

I knew places offered student discounts but thought it was only a few places like Spotify and Amazon. However, when I was in Topshop a few weeks ago they had a sign saying they have a student discount with a valid student ID and it got me doing a little research on more places that offer similar discounts.

I ended up realizing that basically every single store I shop at offers a student discount :/. That's great, but why the heck am I just learning about this now after being a student for what, my whole freaking life?! Please tell me I am not the only one that was in the dark about this.

I quickly learned that a lot of stores "linked" up with this website called UniDays. UniDays is a free website that takes literally a minute to sign up but it makes you put in your student email to prove you are a student and then gives you discounts to HUNDREDS of stores. I personally have never heard of it before, but since signing up last week I have used it twice and I LOVE it!

In a way it is a little bit annoying because the stores don't just present the discount on their website specifically so in a lot of cases you have to go on UniDays to find the discount. But, UniDays has it set up so that it is super easy to navigate and you can find anything in literally two seconds.

This isn't sponsored at all (but UniDays should hmu ;)but because of how many codes are through there, I am going to show you exactly to find the discounts. It's honestly so easy that I am almost 100% positive you can figure it out by yourself BUT if you can't, I am here to show you;).  If you just want to see the deals, keep scrolling and just skip this part!

You can sign up for FREE at Unidays with this link. 

unidays website screenshot

After logging into UniDays go to the upper right search bar area (notice it highlighted in my pink box;). Type the store you want to receive a discount from and click on it. student discount website

Press the box "Get Now". (haha, now are you realizing how easy it is?!)

urban outfitters student discount

Then press "Reveal Code"....urban outfitters student discount

...and copy the code! Then you can just put the code in the "coupon" section of wherever you're shopping and it will work. All the codes are single use (which is why I couldn't just give you the code for all of these!) so if you want to purchase something their again and use the code, you need to just repeat those steps. 

I also found a TON of websites that just have a generic code for student discounts that I also would included in this post and have personally been using myself.

There is savings all the way from major #adulting purchases like insurance to much more enjoyable purchases like clothing.

PS: If you really want to be a saver, sign up for Ebates!! Hands down my favorite way to save money EVER! And no, once again this is not sponsored! I just love it. Since I signed up in September I have been paid $121.65 and it just got deposited in my bank account so hollah ;).

Now, let's finally get to the point of this post!


ASOS: Shop ASOS through UniDays to receive 10% off.

J. Crew: 15% off discount on all full price items.

Kate Spade: 15% off full price items when student ID presented in-store.

1-800-Flowers: 20% off with student discount.

Topshop: Get 10% off in store and online.

Banana Republic: Take 15% off in store with valid ID.

Urban Outfitters: Shop Urban Outfitters through UniDays to receive an extra 10% off all sale items.

Charlotte Russe: Receive 10% off purchases at select stores.

Madewell: Students can receive 15% off when showing their student ID.

Alex & Ani: Receive 10% off full purchase.

Adidas: Shop Adidas through UniDays to receive an extra 15% off all online purchases.

American Eagle: Enjoy 20% on American Eagle online with a code from UniDays.

BCBGeneration: Shop BCBGeneration through UniDays to receive an extra 30% off the whole website.

Boohoo: Extra 25% off sale when used with code from UniDays (limited!!)

Club Monaco: Receive an extra 15% off with code from UniDays.

Express: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Express online at

For Love and Lemons: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with For Love & Lemons online through UniDays.

Missguided: Enjoy 30% Student Discount when you shop with Missguided online through UniDays.

Princess Polly: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Princess Polly online with UniDays code.

Show Me Your Mumu: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with Show Me Your Mumu with UniDays code.

Tobi: Enjoy 30% Student Discount when you shop with Tobi online  through UniDays.

UGG: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with UGG online  through UniDays.

Under Armour: With code from UniDays enjoy an extra 10% Off site wide sale when you shop with Under Armour.

Wildfox: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Wildfox online and in store.

Aerie: 10 percent off in-store only. Must show a valid student ID.


BH Cosmetics: Receive a 10% student discount with code from UniDays.

Sigma: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with Sigma Beauty online through UniDays.


Subway: Receive 10% off at participating locations.

Burger King: Receive 10% off your purchase when you show your ID.

Qdoba: $5 dollar student burrito bowls.

Dairy Queen: 10% off your purchase.

Pizza Hut: 10-20% off depending on your nearest location.

Chick-Fil-A: Receive a free drink when you show them your ID.

Chipotle: Most locations offer free drink when shown ID. *Side note: Their queso SUCKS! It literally tasted like chalk... so sad.

Buffalo Wild WingShow your student ID and get up to 10 percent off.

Dunkin DonutsGet up to 10 percent off when you show your student ID.

Transportation and Insurance

Chevrolet: Offers certain discounts on selected vehicles.

Coach USA: 15% off tickets to OR from the city where your student ID is from.

Allstate: Up to 20% off for full-time students up to the age of 25.

Geico: Full-time students between ages of 16 and 25 can get up to $200 off Geico car insurance when they maintain a “B” average or better.

Statefarm: Depending on your location, you can get up to 25% off.


Sprint: Varies depending on your school but average students receive 10% off monthly plans.

Verizon: Depending on your school, you could be eligible for a student discount.

AT&T: Offers discount at participating schools.

T-Mobile: Discount available with form filled out.


Amazon: Free prime membership (which includes 6 months of free two-day shipping) AND prime video. I think we can all agree this is one of the better deals 😉

Spotify Premium: For $4.99 a month you get Spotify Premium AND Hulu.

Hulu: ^^^

Apple Music: Receive first three months free with code from UniDays.

HBO GO: Free access to HBO GO.

Weren't there some really good places on that list?! Like places that you actually shop at and could benefit from a little discount.

With all the money we're throwing at college I am glad its saving us a little money in another aspect of our life ;).

Did this post help you find places that give student discounts?

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