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This post is all about cheap Christmas decor.

cheap christmas decorations

Finding cheap Christmas decor that looks expensive is not, I want to have a Kardashian level decorated apartment on a college student's budget.

I feel like anytime I walk into a store looking for holiday supplies I buy two things and leave spending $70 + dollars! 

Luckily, we've searched the internet and found the best cheap Christmas decor that will have your space looking Pinterest worthy without breaking the bank.

This post shows you the best cheap Christmas decor.

Best Cheap Christmas Decor:

1. Trendy Winter Pillows

I love these pillows because they are Christmas and wintery without being TOO in your face. They're like the "trendy" version of Christmas pillows.

Plus, they are less than $20 which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and will completely change the way your living room or bed looks.

2. Christmas Banner 

The perfect accessory for any Christmas party and will make for super cute Instagram pictures.

I love this because banners make big impact and are really cheap. They are arguably one of the best cheap Christmas decor that you can add.

3. Christmas Table Runner

Adding a table runner instantly will take your dining room table up a notch for Christmas decor. 

4. Mini Pine Trees

How adorable are these mini pine trees?! These are the perfect cheap Christmas decor to sprinkle around your house from anywhere like bathrooms to your candle setup.

I love how small and subtle these are but can add so much to an area this holiday season without costing a fortune!

5. Cheap (but cute) Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are cheap but CUTE. Like, our favorite ones on Amazon and there are A LOT. Plus, they're shatterproof so win-win. 

6. Gold Snow Globe

Snow globes are such a Christmas decor MUST! This is insanely cheap and is so cute to decorate around the house.

7. Outdoor Christmas Banner

I know this is not for everyone but this is a twist on the basic outdoor decor for Christmas time. Instead of just decorating with lights this outdoor banner is such a fun twist and is so affordable.

It also makes a big statement with little effort required (which I know we can all appreciate that one). 

8. Pearl acorns

Um, who wouldn't want these girly and elegant decor acorns for a centerpiece this holiday season?!

Favorite way to use these is in a candle votive with the acorns being put all around the candle. 

9. Candy Cane Twinkle Lights

I recently saw a picture on Pinterest of this Christmas party these really cute friends threw and they had such an aesthetically pleasing set up!

They strung these lights on one of their walls and added pictures in between the stars and it looked cuteee.

10. Plaid Stockings 

You can't have Christmas without some Christmas stockings. These are cute options that are less than $14 for all four...I know, we can hardly believe it too. 

11. Scripted Christmas Pillow

I am a sucker for Christmas pillows!

I walk into Home goods and wind up spending $100 on pillows but that is NOT realistic and Amazon has so many adorable pillows for under $15 each!!!

This particular pillow is such a classic quote and will be great for any style in your home.

13. Tissue Paper Lanterns
14. Advent Calendar 

I have always wanted an advent calendar for the holiday season and this one on Amazon is super cheap and adorable.

15. Mini Christmas Tree

I want that perfectly decorated Christmas tree too but let's be real, those are like $500 PLUS all the ornaments. You can't get cheaper than this 4' Christmas tree and is the perfect size for your dorm room/apartment.

Right now, I am really into white or flocked trees and this tree would look so good with the ornaments I linked above.

16. Battery Operated Candles

If you're in a dorm room, these battery operated candles are the perfect way to add coziness to your room without being kicked out of the dorms ;).

If you are in an apartment or house and don't feel like lighting candles every night than this is also a great cheap Christmas decor idea.

17. Christmas Shower Curtain 

I'm going to be honest, I never really thought about adding a Christmas themed shower curtain but if you can get past all the cheesy ones, you can actually find some cute ones!

Also, I actually loled at the naked santa one. 

18. Funny coasters 

I am obsessed with these coasters for the holidays when you're entertaining.

I can guarantee all of your guests will get the message and LOVE these!

19. Christmas Inspired Placemats 

These placemats are really cute and come in a set of six so there will be enough for everyone to use!

20. Santa Hat Silverware Holders

A super cute way to add Christmas decor to your dining room area!

These are so cheap and add so much to a Christmas dinner party without spending a fortune.

22. Christmas Wreath

Wreaths for Christmas are an essential but they can be super expensive!

This wreath is on the more affordable side and is seriously so cute.

23. Santa Nutcracker 

Ah, the classic Nutcracker. This decor piece is super inexpensive and a great way to decorate your home.

24. Funny Christmas Wall Art

I LOVE Christmas Vacation and it's something I watch with my family every year.

I will for sure be purchasing this for my house because it is funny and reminds me of my family!

25. Fuzzy Tree Skirt

This fuzzy Christmas tree skirt is so adorable and trendy! And it's $12 which is amazzzingg.

26. Glitter Ornaments 
27. Christmas Kitchen Rug

This floor mat is a cute but easy way to accessorize your home this holiday season!

It is the perfect cheap touch to any home or party. 

28. Christmas Tree Cooler 

Ya know, for the alcohol this is an essential ;). Kidding, but this would be a cute and funny addition to a holiday party!

29. Wine Hugger 
30. Holiday Dish Towels 

These dish towels are EXACTLY what your kitchen needs for Christmas time.

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your home for the holidays then this funny dish towel set is perfect for you.

31. Christmas Sign

Okay, why aren't all signs this smart. The fact that this sign gives you something really cute to decorate with for fall AND Christmas is genius!!

32.  Christmas Berry Centerpiece

Christmas berries are such a classic for the Christmas time and this centerpiece is pretty for a really low price. I also think it would be way cuter in a white vase.

33. Pinecone Twinkle Lights 

These twinkle lights are the perfect holiday twist on regular generic twinkle lights!

I love how homey these feel and how much they can add to a space.

... and you can use these anywhere in your home since they're battery operated!

This post was all about the best cheap Christmas decor.

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