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Searching for closet organization ideas that will actually keep your closet organized? These are the best closet organization ideas that actually work.

closet organization ideas

One area of any apartment that I know gets super messy is the closet. I know for me, I have a slight shopping problem so I have way too many clothes to fit into my closet. 

I'm super lucky with the size of my closet, but I used to have a pretty small one in my last place so I know it can be a struggle fitting everything. I've found a few tips and tricks that really help me keep my closet organized in a way that makes sense. 

This post is all about closet organization ideas.

closet organization ideas


Tip #1: Color coordinate + organize by type. 

closet organization ideas

One of my biggest closet organization ideas is to color coordinate but go a step further and organize by type of clothing as well. 

First, I basically follow ROYGBV - starting with white then pinks, red, browns, etc. (except most of my clothes are neutral lol). 

The trick is within each color range, I organize the clothing by type. For example, in my whites, I start with going out tops, then t-shirts and blouses, then sweaters. This makes it really easy to find what I'm looking for and it just makes sense. 

Tip #2: Velvet hangers! 

closet organization ideas

Get velvet hangers:

Another closet organization idea that I swear by is velvet hangers. Not only do they make your closet look better and more put together, they really do keep your clothes secure on the hanger. 

I have every single thing in my closet on velvet hangers. They honestly are life-changing because 1. they're thinner than the average hanger so you can fit more in your closet, and 2. they keep your clothes on the hanger. 3. they just look so much better. 

I feel like with normal hangers, if one thing falls, it's a domino effect and everything around it starts to fall too. Super frustrating. With velvet hangers, you don't have to worry about that at all. 

The cheapest place I've been able to find velvet hangers is Costco. Otherwise Amazon has a ton of options! 

Tip #3: Pants hangers to maximize space. 

closet organization ideas

My exact pants hangers:

The other type of hanger that I use in my closet, are these pants hangers.

I personally put my leggings on these, but you can put any type of pants on here. I love these because they maximize space and fit so many more pairs of pants than a normal hanger would. 


Tip #4: Use these jewelry organizers. 

closet organization ideas

My jewelry holders:

I know a lot of people keep their jewelry in their closets, I highly recommend these organizers for your necklaces and earrings. 

The earring holder holds sooo many earrings. I love that it expands and retracts because it can hold so much without taking up a ton of space. 

The necklace holder is amazing because it prevents my necklaces from tangling and makes it super easy to find the one I'm looking for. Highly recommend these! 

Tip #5. Wire shelving separators.

closet organization ideas

My favorite wire shelf separators:

If you have wire shelving, these are game changers.

I have sweatshirts on my shelves, and I started to get frustrated because they'd fall over and they weren't separated from the other things on the shelf. I also like having everything in categories so having things sectioned off just makes more sense to me. 

These wire shelving separators are super easy to put in and are pretty inexpensive (always a plus!). These would be perfect for you if you hold a lot of different things on your shelving because it will keep things in place and make sure everything is sectioned off. 

Tip #6: Get a cute laundry basket.

closet organization ideas

Finally, add a cute laundry basket. I guess this isn't necessarily organization, but more decor, but I just think it adds the perfect touch to your closet. 

I find the best "laundry baskets" at HomeGoods. I just think these are so much cuter than the classic plastic laundry baskets that people use and they're usually around the same price! 

This post is all about closet organization ideas. 

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