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Want to learn EXACTLY how to make a small living room look bigger? Here are the all-time best tips & tricks that are guaranteed to make you space look bigger than it actually is!

how to make a small living room look bigger

We have all been there before trying to decorate a space that is just a little too small for our liking. If not designed right, small rooms can make you feel cramped and uncomfortable and no one wants to sit down and read a good book in that type of room right?

I went through this in my first college apartment. The space truly felt more like a shoebox than an actual home. I quickly tried to find ways to make my living room feel bigger than it was.

Luckily, there are so many things you can do to increase the look of the size of your space. So, if you are sitting there wondering, "How in the world am I going to make this small living room look bigger?!" I have got you covered. From the best space-saving products to insanely good furniture to put in small rooms, these tips are guaranteed to increase the look of your living room in no time.

This post is all about how to make a small living room look bigger.


1. Use A Floor Length Mirror On A Wall Facing A Window

how to make a small living room look bigger

Mirrors are seriously one of the best ways to make a small room feel bigger! They reflect your living room which will make it feel so much bigger, lighter, and brighter. Also, place the mirror facing a window so that it can reflect the maximum amount of natural light!

Floor-length mirrors are the best way to reflect natural light from the floor to the ceiling. But, really any size mirror will create the same effect to give your small living room the illusion of being much larger.

2. Hang Curtains Higher Than The Window

how to make a small living room look bigger

Hanging curtains higher than your window is every professional interior designer's #1 hack when it comes to making a small room feel bigger.

Hang your curtain rod outside of your window as opposed to using a tension rod and hang it higher than the actual window. I can promise you this will make your living room feel taller, more open, and it is so simple to do! Once I learned this hack in college I never hung curtains any other way.

3. Scale Down Your Furniture

how to make a small living room look bigger

Don't be afraid to scale down the size of the furniture you pick for your small living room! If you are already working with a small living room, the last thing you want to do is place overly large furniture in it; this will only make it feel more crowded and smaller.

Apt 2B has a ton of amazing furniture options for apartments with small rooms that will fit perfectly and make your space feel massive.

4. Decorate With Light Colored Decor And Paint

how to make a small living room look bigger

Using dark-colored paint and decor will only confine your space and make it seem smaller. Most apartments come with light-colored walls, but even if they don't, you can still use bright and airy colors in your furniture and decor. Using bright colors will open up your living room and make it feel much less crowded.

If you have a window in your living room, the light-colored paint will be the cherry on top. The natural light will reflect off the bright colors and make your living room look so much more spacious. Seriously, always take advantage of natural light, it will always make a small space look so much bigger.

5. Mount Your TV

how to make a small living room look bigger

The key to making your small living room look bigger is to keep as much furniture and decor off the floor. Instead of using a large TV stand, use a small furniture piece and mount it to use as a TV console. Or, you can forget the console altogether and mount your TV straight to the wall.

Doing this will give you a ton more floor space and keep your small living room looking clean and open.

6. Take Advantage of Wall Space To Decorate

how to make a small living room look bigger

Because you want your living room to look bigger than it is, you want to keep your floor space as open as possible; this means limiting the decor you use on the floor and taking advantage of your vertical wall space instead.

Use mirrors, picture frames, or other artwork on your walls to elongate the height of your living room and keep floor space clear.

This light wood-colored artwork from Etsy is a perfect example of how to do that. It adds the perfect amount of decoration to the wall while still looking fresh, airy, and bright.

7. Use A Smaller Rug

how to make a small living room look bigger

It may seem a little counterintuitive, but a smaller rug can actually make your small living room look bigger. Having a smaller rug and centering your furniture and decor in those areas will clear up other floor space and give you more walking room.

Even though it may seem like you have less room at first, you will quickly find that your living room looks much more spacious!

I always recommend picking lighter colors to make a room feel bigger. But, you can always experiment with different color rugs and patterns to see what looks best to you!

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