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Looking for the best Christmas wrapping paper to step up your gift wrapping game? Look no further, here is the best wrapping paper to do just that.

christmas wrapping paper

Does anyone else get super excited when you bring your Christmas gifts to the party and everyone compliments how cute your gift wrapping is? Yes, the wrapping paper is going to be torn to pieces in a matter of minutes but it sure does look nice under the tree until then! 

If you’re anything like me you are totally over the traditional Christmas wrapping paper. No judgment if you like sticking to the normal red and green color scheme with your wrapping paper but personally my apartment decor is pretty neutral so I like sticking with a similar theme in my Christmas decor.

A ton of stores have stepped up their game this year when it comes to their Christmas wrapping paper selection and is carrying a lot more cute and trendy wrapping paper instead of traditional paper. I have searched all over the internet for cute Christmas wrapping paper while getting ready to decorate for Christmas this year and I am going to show you the very best ones I found. Without further ado here is the cutest Christmas wrapping paper you are guaranteed to love under your tree this holiday season.

This post is all about the cutest Christmas wrapping paper.


christmas wrapping paper collage

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While searching around for Christmas wrapping paper these are the ones I found the cutest. I like mixing and matching my wrapping paper and Society 6, Zazzle, Amazon, and Target have a ton of wrapping paper options to do this with!

Personally, I lean towards more neutral-colored wrapping paper but I secretly envy all the color-lovers that incorporate cute girly wrapping paper into their Christmas decor. This style is super popular this year so I made sure to include a ton of trendy options along with the more neutral colored wrapping paper!


1. Black & Neutral Wrapping Paper + Cute Name Labels

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

Okay, actually obsessed with this Christmas wrapping paper color scheme. The matte black paper looks super sleek and would make the perfect statement under any tree. DIY or buy name tags for your gifts so you can easily tell whose is whose when it comes time to pass them out! To top it off add some pampas grass and pine cones.

2. Pine Leaf Gift Decorations

christmas wrapping ideas

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

Cute but simple- and I’m totally here for it. Wrapping gifts take insanely long as it is but this Christmas gift wrapping idea is one you can do with minimal effort and still end up with stunning gifts that look like you spent hours! All you need to recreate this gift wrapping idea is plain ivory wrapping paper, twine, and some sort of pine/ leaf stem to slide under the ribbon.

3. Gold Embossed Wrapping Paper

neutral christmas wrapping paper

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

Love using gold in your Christmas decor? You are going to fall in love with this Christmas wrapping paper idea. Amazon has some super cute embossed gold wrapping paper that will make any wrapped gift look classy and well pulled together. Top it off with some gold ribbon and leaf stems and you’re good to go!

4. Assorted Wrapping Paper & Decorations

christmas wrapping paper for boys

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

Mix and match your wrapping paper for an assorted look under your tree. You could even assign specific wrapping paper to one person so that you can easily tell whose is whose! This is great for all the big families out there that don’t want to be digging under the tree looking for names.

5. Mixed & Matched Neutral Wrapping Paper

christmas wrapping paper for girls

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

Here is another assorted wrapping paper combination that looks so cute together! Society 6 has some of the trendiest Christmas wrapping paper to mix and match that is perfect for anyone going for a more minimal look under their tree.

6. Wrapping Paper Pocket For Decorations Or Cards

christmas wrapping paper rolls

Recreate this gift wrapping idea:

This Christmas wrapping paper idea is nothing short of genius. Fold the sides of your wrapping paper to create a pocket and add decorations inside! This is also such a good idea if you have a card you want to go with the present. Just slide the card in the pocket for a cute and impressive gift that will guarantee no cards get lost! Here is a tutorial on how to create a pocket when wrapping gifts!

7. Minamalist Gift Tags

Minimalist gift tags are an idea I am 100% using this year. Etsy and Zazzle both have a ton of sleek and simple gift tags that are the perfect addition to your gifts. Plus, a lot of them are customizable so you don’t have to spend time writing names! Not to mention customized stationary on gifts looks super official.

This post was all about the cutest Christmas wrapping paper.

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