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Trying to find the best neutral Christmas decor? I have got you covered with all the best decor and inspiration to create the coziest neutral Christmas.

christmas neutral gifts

Love decorating for Christmas but over the tacky green and red decor? Me. Too. 

If you are an avid BSL reader or have even just skimmed through some of my decor posts or Instagram you know I pretty much stick to neutrals. Colorful decor is just not my aesthetic so the usual red and green Christmas decorations were just not going to work for me.

Instead, I opted for more neutral Christmas decor using white, gold, natural wooden elements, and some greenery here and there. I ended up absolutely loving how my Christmas decor looked last year. It still felt “Christmas-y” but not “tacky Christmas-y” if you know what I mean. 

If you are going for the same kind of neutral Christmas decor in your apartment or home you have definitely come to the right place. From stunning Christmas decoration ideas to my favorite neutral Christmas decor to buy, this post will give you all the inspiration you need to create the coziest Christmas ever.

This post is all about neutral Christmas decor.


neutral christmas decor ideas

Here is some of my absolute favorite neutral Christmas decor compiled into one cute college. I always make collages with all my decor so I can see how it will look all together. To stick with a neutral Christmas theme go for beige, white, gold, and natural elements throughout your decor!


1. White Christmas Tree With Neutral Decor

neutral christmas tree

Recreate this neutral Christmas decor idea:

When I was thinking of how to decorate my apartment I knew right away that I was going to get a "snow" covered Christmas tree. Don’t get me wrong I think plain green Christmas trees still look stunning with neutral ornaments but I love how bright and Christmas-y this tree looked. I used gold, white, and beige ornaments to accent my tree and it added the perfect amount of decoration to my tree without looking cluttered.

This is the exact tree I bought but I will admit it is a little pricey. This tree from Home Depot is super similar though and costs way less!

If you want the rest of the Christmas decor I bought for my apartment you can find that post here!

2. Minimal Neutral Table Decor

white christmas decor

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

For my living room, I kept my Christmas decor pretty minimal. Between the gold Christmas trees on the coffee table and the greenery behind my couch, it was just enough Christmas decor in my living room to add the Christmas spirit without throwing decor all over the place. I'm pretty sure these gold Christmas trees are seasonal items at Target but here is the link if/when they are back in stock.

But, if you want to add a little more to your living room you can also add a sweater throw pillow/blanket to subtly incorporate the holiday spirit.

3. Minimalistic Holiday Prints

neutral christmas decorations

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

Picture frames and prints are a super easy and inexpensive way to incorporate the Christmas spirit into your decor. I just used frames that I already had and printed out these super cute Christmas prints that Sarah and I designed to put inside.

4. Kitchen Counter Neutral Christmas Decor

christmas clearance

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

This is super simple but a cute addition to your neutral Christmas decor if you are looking to decorate your kitchen. Stack a couple of serving trays and add simple Christmas decorations. I got these gold Christmas trees to set on top of the tray and filled a glass jar with bells. (Again, pretty sure these trees are seasonal but here is the link).

Not only is this neutral Christmas decor cute, but it’s also the perfect way to decorate your kitchen counter without taking up a ton of space.

5. Simple Mantel Decor

christmas fireplace decorations

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

As you can tell I went pretty easy on the mantel decor. There wasn’t a ton of space above my fireplace for decor but I wanted to keep it simple anyway. To do this, I just used a green garland, beads, and gold hooks to hang my stockings. It ended up looking super cute + I didn’t have to worry about breakable decor falling off my mantel (weird thing to worry about I know but it freaks me out).


1. Minimal Christmas Shelving Decor

christmas decorations

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

Have a shelf you want to decorate for Christmas? Here’s an easy way to do it that will fit right into your neutral Christmas decor. Switch out your usual greenery for pine cones, frosted leaves, or pine leaves. Accent the rest of your shelves with simple white ceramic trees and bark. This inspiration is such a good idea if you want to decorate for Christmas while still incorporating your other decor!

2. Neutral Colored Wrapping Paper

gift wrapping ideas

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

No neutral Christmas decor is complete without incorporating the same colors into your gift wrapping as well! You can totally still have fun with mix-matched wrapping paper and bows just stick to assorted neutral colors. Also, love the idea of using a pine stem to accent your gifts.

3. Neutral Christmas Table Setting

christmas table setting

credit: @meetingmary

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

A ton of people have friends and family over for dinner over the holidays so if you are planning on hosting you are going to want a super cute table set up. But honestly, even if you don’t plan on hosting a big dinner, decorating your dining table is a stunning way to add neutral Christmas decor to your home.

Lay down a cute, neutral table runner and fill the table with leaf garlands, mini Christmas trees, flowers, and gold accents through your silverware and candlesticks. If you do plan on hosting a dinner, set out matching plates and add place cards with each person’s name!

4. Cozy Fireplace Decor

christmas fireplace

credit: @stellllaaa

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

Picture this: cuddling up in a cozy blanket on the couch, drinking hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, with the fireplace crackling in the background. Is there any better feeling than that?!

To recreate this cozy Christmas feeling, decorate the mantel with a garland, white stockings, and gold decor. Add simple gold ornaments to your tree and use matching neutral wrapping paper for the gifts under your tree. This inspiration is a great example of how you can still use a green tree while decorating using neutral Christmas decor.

5. Christmas Banner

white christmas decorations ideas

Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

Christmas decor doesn’t get much easier than this! For a stunning but simple way to decorate your shelves for the holidays just add a banner and some greenery. Incorporate subtle Christmas elements into your shelves with small trees, angels, and ornaments.

Can we also acknowledge the genius idea of turning books backward to eliminate mix-matched color and clutter on your shelves?! This is such a smart neutral Christmas decor idea but it could totally be used in your everyday decor as well.

6. Wrap Gifts With Brown Paper

brown wrapping paper

credit: @kevrosefarm

Recreate this neutral Christmas decor idea:

Brown wrapping paper not only looks amazing under a neutral Christmas tree, but it’s also super inexpensive! You can either buy rolls of brown paper or even save the paper that comes in packages. After all, it is Christmas... You’re going to be ordering a ton of packages so why not take advantage of all the free wrapping paper?!

7. Outdoor Table Christmas Decor

christmas table decorations

Recreate this neutral Christmas decor idea:

Here is another stunning Christmas table setting that also works perfectly for outdoor dining! Between these super cute matching plates and garland table runner, this table setting incorporates the Christmas spirit perfectly while sticking to a neutral theme.

8. Neutral Christmas Decor For Entryway

neutral christmas decor entryway

Recreate this neutral Christmas decor idea:

An easy way to decorate your entryway door is by using a garland. You can find these for super cheap on Amazon and they add the perfect touch to your front door. Use a couple of small Christmas trees to your entryway table and a garland to finish off your Christmas entryway decor.


1. Neutral Christmas Ornaments

While you may feel guilted into using those antique ornaments family and friends gave you as a gift on your tree, to stick with the theme of a neutral, white Christmas those ornaments are just gonna have to stay in the box (at least on your main tree). 

To decorate your tree, use beige, white, gold, and black ornaments. If you want to mix in more, these tassel ornaments are super cute to add a wooden element to your variety.

2. Garlands

My go-to way of decorating for Christmas is by using garlands. Drape garlands over your mantel, doors, tables, and really anywhere else you want to add a touch of Christmas!

3. Table Decor

You can’t forget neutral Christmas decor to use on your tables! When it comes to table decorations I always recommend buying decor with a variety of heights, textures, and neutral colors. I use these wooden beads as table decor year-round but it also goes perfectly with my other neutral Christmas decor.

To make things feel more “Christmas-y” decorate with small white trees and metallic candlesticks to add a touch of gold. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with table decor so feel free to mix and match while sticking to neutrals.

4. Neutral Table Runner

neutral christmas coffee table

While I know these aren’t exactly “Christmas” table runners, neutral Christmas decor usually incorporates well, neutrals, as opposed to traditional Christmas elements. You can really use any basic table runner like this beige one from Walmart in addition to your other table decor!

5. Door Mats

Don’t forget the outside of your apartment/house needs a little Christmas spirit as well! This doormat from Amazon is one I would totally use outside of my door during the holidays. Zazzle has some cute Christmas doormats as well!

6. Neutral Christmas Throw Pillows

In my opinion, you have to be super careful with using Christmas pillows in your neutral Christmas decor. I’m insanely picky about my throw pillows in general so I’m even pickier when it comes to Christmas throw pillows. No judgment to those who like them but I just think some of the traditional Christmas pillows look tacky.

But, if you do want to add a holiday pillow to your couch there are some out there that I think are cute without it being a Christmas overload. A sweater pillow could be incorporated into any couch or bed to give it a warm and cozy holiday feel! Pillows with minimalist trees or other designs are super cute too.

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