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This post shows you dorm bathroom essentials.

dorm bathroom essentials

When you head off to college there are so many things to remember to take that sometimes certain things are forgotten.

From my own personal experience, I, of course, remembered all my makeup, facewash, and hair stuff but beyond that, I didn't bring any dorm bathroom essentials.

I'm talking bathroom organization, towels, makeup supplies, etc. All things I have and use at home that I completely forgot about taking to college!

I have put a list together of the most used dorm bathroom essentials that all freshman should bring to college.

This post is an extension from my Dorm Essentials for 2020 where I go over everything and anything freshman need moving into a dorm. I highly recommend all freshman to check out that post, it will fill you in on all the things you actually need to get for your dorm.

1. Mesh Shower Caddy

This is definitely a dorm room essential.

Freshman year I purchased a plastic caddy and sophomore year I purchased this caddy. After trying them both, I like this caddy MUCH more.

The reason is that the plastic caddy would retain the water once I got out of the shower and once I would bring it back to my dorm, it would get my whole dorm floor wet. This mesh caddy allows you to get a lot of the water out before you bring it back to the dorm so it’s much cleaner.

Also, you have to put the plastic caddy on the bathroom ground (gross) whereas this one you can hang on the hooks in the shower because it can reach them.

This caddy is only $7.99

2. Plastic Organizers

I do not like having things on my desk so I have always kept my makeup inside my desk when I lived in the dorms. To organize my makeup, I purchased this clear desk organizer which fit right into a drawer.

I used the center section for brushes and the sides for my different products. It worked out great!

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3. Light Up Mirror

Dorm lighting SUCKS. It is really horrible and I wanted to have decent lighting when I was doing my makeup in the morning to make sure I didn’t look like a clown when I walked out the door.

This mirror worked great for me because it was pretty thin and it had two different light settings depending on what I liked. I also really liked this mirror because if my roommate was still sleeping and I needed to get ready in the morning, I wouldn’t have to put on the big light and could just turn this on.

Now that I am done with college, I take this with me on trips because I like it so much. 

4: Towel Wrap 

This is one of the top things I recommend college freshman get.

My mom actually purchased this for me on my birthday the year before I went to college. TBH, I was a spoiled brat and was really confused about why I was getting a towel wrap for my birthday. She said she got it because she went to a store and there was a college student working that said this was her favorite thing she ever bought for college.

Let me tell you, I used this every single day in college. I can’t imagine not using it now. It is the best!! My mom got mine customized with a monogram on Etsy. It really isn’t much cheaper than purchasing a generic one from a store, but it makes it feel much more special and cute.

Reasons I recommend a towel wrap: Most dorms have you walk from dorm room to shower. You will see all kinds of people in the hallway (boys and girls). It’s nice to not have to worry about your towel coming off. I also like to wear it as I do my makeup and blow-dry my hair.

5. Towel Head Wrap. 

I started using this along with the towel wrap. It is not as essential as the towel wrap, but it does dry my hair way better than a towel. It also keeps my hair out of my face while I do my makeup or wear a face mask at night.

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dorm room essentials

6. Hair Basket.

This was one of my favorite dorm bathroom essentials I came up with my freshman year. On top of my dresser, I put a large cute basket like this (unfortunately the exact one isn’t available but this one is very similar). In this basket, I put anything hair related including my blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, brushes, hair oil, etc.

I loved this basket because when everything was in it, it looked organized but really I could just throw everything in it very quickly. I also liked it because if I wanted to do my hair in my friend’s room I could just carry the basket and have everything with me.

Didn't I list some dorm bathroom essentials you would have never thought about? This post showed you the bathroom essentials you need in your dorm room but didn't think about. 

These dorm room essentials will help you stay organized and allow you to move to college and not be worried about forgetting any bathroom supplies.

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