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This post is all about how to make your apartment smell good.

how to make your apartment smell good

 One of the weird things I was obsessed with when moving into my apartment was making sure my apartment always smelled good and I think it’s the biggest compliment when someone comes over and tells me my apartment smells good.

All of these ideas are either easy recipes you can throw together with ingredients at home or things I bought at Target/the grocery store.

I’m going to be showing you my all time favorite ways on how to make your apartment smell good so that you can make your own home smell amazing.

How to Make Your Apartment Smell Good:

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Room Spray

One of my all-time favorite ways I make my apartment smell good is this Mrs. Meyers Room Spray. I got it at Target for like $3 and it smells insanely good. 

I originally discovered it from a cleaning company’s Instagram account called Care Cleaning and they said their most asked question is how they get the homes to smell so good and they use this product.

I always spray it before I have guests over and it makes my apartment smell sooo good. 

2. Wall Air Fresheners 

So I feel like this is an obvious one but air fresheners seriously can smell up SO many rooms. I have one in both of the bathrooms in my apartment and they end up smelling up the entire apartment.

I get mine from Bath and Body Works and it’s by far my favorite way to make my apartment smell amazing. I love Bath and Body Works too because they have such a variety of scents and I love switching them up for each season which they have great scents for. 

3. Dryer Sheets in Fans / Vents 

I used this in my college dorm room ALL the time. All you need to do is take dryer sheets and stick them in your fans/vents. This does such a good job at making your room smell fresh and the the air blowing out spreads the scent all around the room.

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4. Candles

how to make your house smell good

Candles….DUH. I love candles and think they make a home feel so much cozier while also making it smell better. My favorite places to get strong candles are Bath and Body Works which I’m starting to think is a little “high schoolish” (I used to by everything from there in high school lol) but they are so strong. People can signup here if they need the best smelling home and know how to maintain it!

I also love the brand Scentsational this brand from Marshalls/HomeGoods. It’s a huge candle for a great price and smells pretty strong. 

5. Vanilla Extract in Oven

Another way I like to make my house smell good is SO easy and makes my apartment smell like heaven.

All you need for this is some vanilla extract and an oven safe bowl/mug. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees and put the mug in for one hour with two capfuls of vanilla extract. Your place will smell SO good!

6. Lemons or Essential Oils in Disposal

Something that can make my entire apartment smell awful is when the garbage disposal smells.

To freshen up the garbage disposal and get rid of the nasty smell I put some ice cubes down the drain with some fresh lemon or just some lemon essential oil. I usually just use lemon extract to be honest because I don’t always have lemons but this works so well!

The ice sharpens and cleans the blades and the lemon will make it smell fresh and so much better. 

7. Essential Oils on Cotton Ball in Trash Bag

I love making my trash smell better by taking a cotton ball and putting essential oils on it, then putting them in the trash can. This makes your trash smell a lot better which can make your entire place smell significantly better. 

I actually saw this tip on Reddit and thought it was genius and have been doing it ever since. You can find essential oils anywhere for really cheap but honestly my favorite one I use is from Meijer’s for two dollars. 

8. Good Smelling Laundry

I’m obsessed with making sure my laundry always smells good but it makes a huge difference in how your entire apartment smells. You can make sure your laundry smells good by using a laundry softener or freshener.

I always make sure to go pretty heavy on the laundry softener when I clean blankets and my sheets because the smell will linger for weeks after. By far my favorite softener is the Downy Calm. I just got it from Target and it is literally heaven in a bottle. 

9. Boil Lemons, Vanilla & Rosemary

ways to make your house smell good

I love this tip, especially in the winter, and it’s so easy. All you need to do is to boil water with 2 sliced lemons, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, and 2 sprigs of rosemary.

This is actually William Sonomas recipe (apparently) and it smells amaazzzing. Once it boils, you can drop it down and let it simmer on low for hours. 

10. Refresh Carpets & Rugs 

If you have a lot of carpet in your apartment / house, it can get pretty dirty fast which can definitely affect how your place smells. 

To freshen up your carpet, I’d get it cleaned every so often but that can also get pricey / sometimes is unnecessary. Another way to easily freshen it up is by using baking soda. 

Baking soda has natural deodorizing properties so it’s super easy and cheap to clean out your carpet. Just sprinkle it around your carpet that sees the most foot traffic, let it sit for 15 minutes and vacuum. 

11. Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants are a great way to bring that fresh outdoor scent inside. They also can add a great accent to your decor! 

12. Clean Out the Fridge 

Something else that could be making your apartment smell bad is your fridge. 

Make sure you are cleaning out your fridge every so often by getting rid of old food, wiping shelves down, etc. This can make a huge difference and will make you feel a lot better when you open your fridge. 

13. Make Your Own Room Freshening Spray

Combine water, alcohol and essential oils for your own room freshening spray. 

This is easy, inexpensive and so much less chemicals than a normal room freshening spray! 

14. Bake! 

You know after you make cookies or banana bread and it smells heavenly all throughout your home? That’s one of the best smells I swear. 

If you have guests coming over, a great way to make your place smell amazing is by baking something yummy. Then you also have treats to give to them! 

15. Spray Stinky Shoes with Dry Shampoo

Shoes can smell so bad which unfortunately can end up smelling up entire rooms. If you have shoes that stink, one fix is spraying dry shampoo inside the shoes. This will absorb the smell and make sure your apartment doesn’t smell like feet. 

16. Essential Oils Diffuser

A great way to make your apartment smell like them if with a diffuser. This is great because you can switch up the scent whenever you want and it’s really calming. 

These are also natural and chemical-free if you’re worried about that! 

This post was all about how to make your apartment smell good.

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