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We are nearing the end of our reveals for The Sophomore House! The restoration of 'TSH' was a complete labor of love. Compared to the 'Go Big or Go Home' house, I felt like I had a much better grip on the design and construction processs. Although there were bumps along the way, the journey to completion was fairly seamless.

For this restoration, we partnered with Bedrosian Tile & Stone for all of the tile! I have always wanted to work with Bedrosian as they are my favorite place to shop for tile and stone. I was over the moon when they agreed to join us on this restoration project.

Never underestimate the power of floors. They are often taken for granted in terms of design impact. I love using tile because it can create an enormous amount of impact with just a little creativity (I'll share my affordable design secret later in the post).

In this post, I will break down every room where we used tile and stone, share all the details, and of course, let you know how you can achieve the same look!

The Vestibule

In the vestibule, we used budget-friendly Penny round tiles, which had a significant impact on the space. They're especially suitable for areas such as this or bathrooms.

foyer ideas

We opted for white Penny tiles and added a border in between. To ensure the border matched the wallpaper and painted baseboards, I got samples of everything. The result is stunning.

The tiles come on one big pad, which makes installation easy. We used white grout, and it looks beautiful.


The Half Bath

I'm taking you into what might be the showstopper of the house - actually, the owner's bathroom might take that title - but this one comes in a very, very close second.

I was checking out Bedrosian's tile and they had just released this beauty. Instantly, I knew it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen 😂.

home decor ideas

I knew it would be perfect for a powder bathroom because you can make bolder choices in a smaller space.

These materials are classic, but they also have a certain boldness to them.

I loved that it was made from durable marble so that even 30 years from now, it will still look just as good as it does today.

This is another product, similar to the penny tile I showed you, that comes in sheets and is easy to install.

It draws the eye from the top of the room to the bottom, creating a visually stunning effect.


The Kitchen

In the kitchen, I had to convince people that the black slate tiles I chose, which are 12 by 24 in size, were going to be beautiful.

kitchen ideas

I don't know why people were so nervous about it because now it's my favorite part of the space. I'm a slate fanatic and I just think it is stunning.

the sophomore house

Look at how beautifully it goes with the cabinets. It's amazing. I hate using fake products because there are so many man-made products that try to copy the look of slate or marble, but you just can't beat the real thing.

kitchen ideas

One of my favorite things about slate is that it is practical for a kitchen or mudroom because it already has natural cracks and divots.

If a kid drops a shoe or a baseball bat and a little piece comes off, you would never even notice it because it's a natural material. It's already imperfect, but in the best way possible.

The darker or black slate tiles are the ones I like the most. I love that this one has that darker, black look to it, which is just the type of slate that it is.


Owner’s Bathroom

In the owner's bathroom, we used small penny rounds on the floor.

These tiles are not slippery which is something people don’t think about but is really important in a bathroom with a shower!

owners suite

In the shower, we used the same size penny rounds but in black marble instead of white marble.

The variation in the tiles also helps to conceal dirt (*obviously clean regularly, but for the random small things it’s amazing). Using a pattern like this is an inexpensive way to make a big impact.

owners suite

All of the tiles used are marble. The border is made up of subway tiles that were arranged vertically.

The four by four marble tiles were used in the center, and the top row consists of horizontal black subway tiles. The same tiles were used in a different pattern at the bottom, and the overall effect is stunning.


Kid’s Bathroom

For the final stop on our tile tour, we have the kids' bathroom! We had the tiled installed with a black border in a checkered style and a white interior.

Given that this was such a bold move, I opted for a basic shower with beveled subway tiles, which adds a touch of interest and complements the floor beautifully.

small bathroom decor ideas

If you're planning on redoing your house and using new tiles, I have an amazing interior design secret for getting affordable yet high-end look with tiles: you’ll want to use penny tiles like these because they’re incredibly affordable. Then to elevate and get a high-end look have your tile installers create a pattern.

You could do something similar to what we did here or create another style. Tile installers love them because they come on a mesh sheet, which saves on installation costs. Truly one of the most affordable ways to make an impact with tile.


Bathroom floor: Monet Honed Marble Mosaic 4 Tile (in Nero Marquina)

Bathroom floor: Monet Honed Marble Mosaic 4 Tile (in White Carrara)

Shower walls: Traditions 3" x 6" Beveled Glossy Ceramic Tile (in Ice White)

Shower walls Trim: Traditions 3" x 6" - 6 Inch Side Glossy Ceramic Bullnose (in Ice White)

Thank you so much to Bedrosian' Tile & Stone for partnering with me on 'The Sophomore House.' I am truly so grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to use more tile and stone from Bedrosian' in the new restorations to come!!

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