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It’s been a hot minute since we did an update video on everything happening at the GBOGH House…and omg, has a lot happened since our last update! We were really good about keeping everything updated in the beginning stages of the house but once we actually started construction, things slowed down a bit (at least from a visual, interesting perspective). Exciting things we’re happening, but exciting from an inside gut situation. Nothing really pretty, yet ;).

However, these last few weeks I have been kicking it with home stuff. We’re finalizing everything, making changes, the BUDGET…a lot has been happening. So, we figured before things really start moving that I needed to sit down and give an update. Also, selfishly, I want to be able to look back at all of these in 10 years and be like, “Remember when we were 23 and out of our minds for taking on a project like that?!” hah!

I think one thing lacking in this “home design world” is the honesty behind how long things take and how much it costs. You’ll hear how over budget we are in this video, but we went into this project thinking we would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars less than where we’re at with the budget right now. And tbh, I am expecting even more increases. It’s 2022 and the construction world is crazy right now with prices!! I’m really trying to go over all the things I wish people who designed houses talked about, because while I did know some things, I definitely didn’t know it all.

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures since construction has started back in October…

First day of construction!

Second story in…can’!

Have the best time filming!! We’ve seen clips and the show is going to be I.N.S.A.N.E.

This is recent pic…insulation is in! AND WINDOWS! You’ll hear a lot more about these windows in the future!

This is the day the wall was opened up!

Got the sign hung up in front yard!

Sarah and I were in charge of demoing the nursery room. Let’s just say that the helmets actually DID save our lives a few times haha.

A chunk of some of the team! Truly think we have the best team on the planet working on this house.

One of those moments where I was like “Oh shit, we’re really doing this.”

Old kitchen had a lot of rotted wood. For a house built in 1927, it’s pretty incredible (knock on wood) how little structural issues we’ve had. Houses built 100 years ago are a different breed!

Kate and I standing in the addition!


We originally going to open up this wall but nixed that idea because of cost. When we opened up this wall, we saw that there was already a picture opening there which meant all that cost we originally thought would be involved, weren’t an issue. Major win!

Site visits!

Ben has been a trooper with all this house stuff. He has been dragged to the house many times…this pic was for demoing the office.

This pic was from this past week…we got together a few really special objects and made a time capsule! If the future homeowners are reading this in 100 years, check under the stairs?.

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