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This post is all about the best places to buy dorm stuff.

best places to buy dorm stuff

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I searched for hours and hours when shopping for my dorm to find the cheapest and cutest dorm decor, cleaning supplies, and bedding for my dorm room freshman year.

To make things a bit easier on you all here are the top ten stores I have found that have the best, cutest, and cheapest dorm stuff for your room this year!

This post is all about the best places to buy dorm stuff.

Best Places To Buy Dorm Stuff:

1. Target

Target is always a go to for anything home, decor, or dorm related. One of my favorite parts about target is that their website has an entire section dedicated to dorm stuff. This will make it so much easier to pick everything out from one store!

Target is also great for things like bins and storage options. I went here for a lot of the core essentials that didn't necessarily need to be super cute. 

However, Target does have some super cute decor options! Don't feel like you need to only shop in the section that's specifically for dorm rooms either... there regular decor section has some really good stuff that is great to add to your dorm. 

PS - highly recommend checking out Target's dorm bedding section...that's where I got my dorm bedding freshman year!

2. Dormify

Next place that I bought a ton of dorm stuff from was Dormify. They have tons of great furniture, decor, bedding, pillows, and literally anything you could need for your dorm. It is a little pricier than other stores but everything is made specifically for dorms which will make things a lot easier!

There are some things that are so specific to dorms that can be difficult to find at regular stores. This is where Dormify can come in. I would look at other places first, especially if you're on a budget, but it's great for those few things that you can't find. 

3. Amazon

Amazon is a no brainer when buying stuff for your dorm! Totally recommend searching around Amazon for dorm decor and organization products. 

If you're more of an online shopper, Amazon is a great place to start looking. You can find a lot of affordable options, and the shipping is obviously a plus! 

4. Home Goods

Sadly you can't buy from HomeGoods online but I would seriously recommend finding your local HomeGoods and shopping there for your dorm stuff. They always have great deals and who doesn't love saving money?? ? 

HomeGoods is one of my all time favorite stores so I always recommend it for anything! You can seriously find the best stuff there that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 

5. DormCo

I bought a TON of my stuff from DormCo. Not only do they have tons of cute stuff, they also offer student discounts for every product which will save you tons of money. 

This is another store that offers dorm stuff specifically for dorms so it makes it much easier to shop online here. The best part about DormCo is that you know it'll fit and work in your dorm room since that's what it's made for. 

dorm room essentials

6. The Container Store

If you want to stay organized this year The Container Store is your go to place to buy dorm stuff. From baskets to drawer organizers, they have anything and everything to keep your dorm room organized.

The Container Store can get a little pricey so definitely check Target or Amazon for simple organization products, but they do have some really good options if you want higher quality. 

I got my jewelry holder here and still use it today so their products definitely last! 

7. Etsy

Etsy is one of my favorite stores to buy dorm stuff from because there are so many items you can have customized. Anything DIY decor Etsy is the place to look! 

Having a few custom pieces like these is a great way to add a personalized touch to your dorm room. 

8. Urban Outfitters

WayFair is a great place to buy dorm stuff. They have a ton of really cute rugs and you can get them for a pretty good price!

Rugs can get pricey and usually go through the ringer when used in the dorms so you definitely don't want to spend too much on it. Highly recommend shopping around on WayFair for rugs! 

Besides rugs, they have a ton of great throw pillows and nick knacks to add to your dorm decor. 

9. Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond has an entire section dedicated to college essentials and decor. Plus, they always have tons of coupons online!

This is another place to get the main essentials. Towels, bedding etc. they have some really good options that are affordable. 

10. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is has pretty much anything you could think of for decorating or organizing your dorm. I could literally spend hours shopping around here and you can always find some really great deals!

This post was all about the best places to buy dorm stuff.

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