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This post is all about gifts under $10.

gifts under 10

Deck the halls, happy birthday, whatever the occasion, finding gifts under $10 can be a challenge.

Let me rephrase that, finding nice, useful, not throw away when they're not looking gifts can be a challenge to find.

Yes, scattered throughout the internet are cheap, unusable things under $10, and honestly, I have looked at a few gift guides for "Gifts Under $10" and thought to myself, "I wouldn't use any of these!"

I wanted to find you useful, cute gifts that you would appreciate receiving any time of the year.

Whether you are looking for yourself, for your friend, or even your grandmother, there is a special gift in here perfect for her! And trust me, you don't need to break the bank in order to make someone else smile!

This post is all about gifts under $10.


Best Overall:  Photo Clip Fairy Lights

"These little lights are so fabulous! You can bend them any way you like! I'm seriously thinking about getting two more for other areas in my home." 

Best Value:  Vegetable Spiralizer

"Surpassed my expectations! This is a cute great item that works. And it's petite, which is perfect for my small space."

Most Popular: Mario Badescu Spray

"I like to apply this after I do my foundation!! I let it dry, then I do my contouring, eye makeup, and then I spray it again to set it. I love the way it makes my skin glow."

Best for Her: Hair Scrunchies

"These scrunchies complete my look and I'm obsessed with them. Perfect for working out!"

Best for Him: Screen Protector

"I love these. I’ll never get another brand. It’s cheap and they work so well. When I accidentally drop my phone, the screen glass looks shattered but when I take off the protector, no damage whatsoever!!"

Best for the Beauty Lover: Smith's Rosebud Salve

"Love it, smells just like fresh roses and feels nice and buttery on the lips."

1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I am in love with my Mario Badescu facial spray. The spray instantly makes your face feel so fresh and gives you the perfect amount of glow.

I know a lot of people who spray their faces right before they put on their makeup, and I know people who use it after they've finished their makeup (kind of like a setting spray).

I will use it before and after doing my makeup, or anytime I am washing my face. The spray is truly amazing!

2. Phone PopSocket

I was skeptical of pop sockets... until I got one. I love mine now. I think that they are incredibly useful and honestly do not look bad at all; this is the perfect gift to give to anyone who has never had one before (or is in need of a new one haha).

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve

Every single year I ask (kindly) for my stocking to be stuffed with lip balm. I am an addict when it comes to lip balm and can never have enough, (probably because I lose them all the time).

Anyways, I digress, keeping your lips moisturized is super important, and nobody would be upset receiving lip balm as a gift!

4. Coffee/Tea Mug

I am not a coffee drinker, but I love tea. A coffee mug is a perfect gift to give for anyone who loves a nice warm beverage.

I received a coffee mug almost every Christmas, and I can tell you from personal experience each one has been used many times!

5. Beauty Face Mask

The perfect excuse for a spa night! I love face masks and always find ways to get my friends together for a relaxing night in. Recently, while browsing for some new skincare products, I stumbled upon a site that also featured casino trực tuyến atut, which caught my attention with its unique combination of entertainment and relaxation tips.

I like to keep a little stash of face mask goodies in my bathroom for all occasions. Face masks are the perfect gift under $10!

However, if you know your friend has problematic skin, I would not recommend gifting face masks. The chances they won't be able to use your gift are higher, and neither of you wants that!

6. Fuzzy Socks

I will take fuzzy socks at any time, any place; they are always welcome! Fuzzy socks are the ultimate "cozy vibes" gift. Whenever I can't think of anything to gift someone, I always opt for a pair of cozy fuzzy socks!

7. Passport Holder

Almost everyone has a passport, but does everyone has a cute passport? I don't think so! Help your friends spice up their plain old passport with a chic holder!

8. Sunglasses Case

I don't know about you, but I am constantly mishandling my sunglasses. They are just that one accessory that gets tossed around, and I feel like I can't help it.

I have actually been meaning to get myself a sunglasses case, which semi why it came up on this list. But I think it would be such a great gift idea!

9. Nail Polish

As a lot of you know, I always have nail polish on, and so do a lot of my friends.

I love giving nail polish as a gift because I know it will actually be used.

I would stick to a neutral, classic color you know anyone would love (just to play it safe, unless you really know your friend would like hot pink. Then go ahead and buy hot pink nail polish)!

10. Jade Facial Roller 

Jade facial rollers are the thing right now. My little sister has one and she lovvesss it. This is another gift I would love to get. Seems like this is turning into my wish list, whoops!

11. Hair Scrunchies

A girl will always say yes to hair scrunchies.

Hair scrunchies are the ultimate gift you can count on! I love these satin scrunchies. They are supposed to be a lot better for your hair and are so cute.

12. Key Ring

Key rings can come in handy. I love that I can easily use mine to hold my keys while I'm at the store.

13. Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoo... yes, please! Most days, I don't leave the house without spraying my hair with a little dry shampoo. I don't know one of my friends who doesn't obsess over dry shampoo either. Perfect gift!

14. Coffee Shop Gift Card

My friends and I go to our local coffee shop all the time. I think a coffee shop gift card is perfect; I don't know any drinks over $10, and it's the perfect little treat someone can give.

A coffee shop gift card always puts a smile on my face, and I'm sure it will too to whomever you are gifting!

15. Stainless Steel Straws

Plastic straws are out-of-style, for very good reason, so everyone should have a pair of stainless steel straws on hand.

They're a great way to remind yourself you're doing something good for the environment and the marine life!

16. Weekly Planner Pad

Weekly planner pads are so cute, and something almost likes to have at their desk.

17. Shot Glasses

For those over 21 who like alcohol, this one for you! Shot glasses are great to give to that special someone who loves to have a good time.

18. Plant Terrarium

Plants are adorable and a great little addition to any home; they can have special meanings to people, and these are, thankfully, really easy to take care of!


My sister is a huge book reader, and I know would love to receive a nice bookmark. The perfect gift for any book-nerd out there!!

20. Measuring Spoons

For the baker in your life, new measuring spoons can be the most exciting gift to receive!

A great tip when trying to figure out what gift to give someone is thinking about their hobbies first! If they love makeup, finding a beauty item would be perfect for them. If they love baking, new measuring spoons would be fantastic!

21. Dry Brush

Dry brushing your skin is so good for you! It's supposed to help with blood flow, cellulite, and a whole lot of other things.

22. Journal

Every year marks the time to get a new journal, so why not help out your friend by getting one for him or her!

23. Star Earrings

I love my star earrings, and the best part is they don't rust!! These ones are super similar to mine which are $11, so it doesn't make the cut for this post on gifts under $10. But, these is a perfect for anyone out there who loves jewelry!

I have legit had mine in since January, and they look as shiny as on the first day I got them.

24. Vegetable Spiralizer

I don't know if you've ever had zoodles, but they're amazing. For your healthy friends out there, a vegetable spiralizer would be a great gift.

25. Photo Clip Fairy Lights

I am sure you have seen one of the many viral Pinterest photos of the wall draped in fairy lights and photos, and yes, although it's everywhere, it really is hella cute.

This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to capture memories. You could even go the extra mile and print out some photos of you both!

26. iPhone Screen Protector

Who doesn't need a screen protector?! I thank my screen protector every day for saving me thousands of dollars.

27. Glass Oil Dispenser

I love that this kind of seems like a fancy gift! My oil dispensers make me feel so much chicer than I actually am!!

28. Manicure Set

Boys and girls need to keep their nails and toes nice and fresh. Manicure sets are a win!

This post is all about gifts under $10.

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