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Looking for the best Christmas gifts for coworkers? Here are all of the thoughtful, unique gifts your coworkers will never stop talking about!

christmas gifts for coworkers

Why does it feel like coworkers are always the hardest people to shop for? I want it to be good, but it can't be toooo good that it starts some office drama.

These gifts are super nice (on a budget) and will make you everyone's favorite! I have everything from a funny sticker to a luxury box of chocolates, and your coworkers will love all of it!

This post is all about Christmas gifts for coworkers.

christmas gifts for coworkers


Best Overall:  Baggu Bag

"These bags are better in every single way then those bags. Better. Every. Way."

Best Under $5:  "Didn't Quit My Job Today" Sticker

"My items were so fun! The quality and presentation was perfect! Love and so fun for my team"

Best Value:  Public Goods Chocolate Almonds

"Beautiful box of goodies - perfect for a hostess gift or Christmas gift. Definitely recommend!"

Most Popular: P.F. Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco Classic Candle

"HIGHLY recommend this candle to anyone wishing to brighten up their living space and enjoy a subtle, authentic scent."

Best Custom Gift: Mark & Graham Monogrammed Mousepad

"This mousepad makes the perfect gift for coworkers, college students or the recent grad."

Trendiest Gift: Glossier Balm Dot Com

"I love balm dot com i literally use it everyday and it smells incredible"

Best Gift For Any Coworker: Cute Potted Plant

"I love the plants I have gotten from The Sill. They are beautifully packed and in great condition."


christmas gifts

1. Baggu Bag 

Literally, everyone is obsessed with these Baggu Bags right now! You need them in your life! This would make the perfect gift for a coworker because it's only $12, and it comes in so many funky prints and colors.

There really is something for everyone! This smiley face print is so cute.

christmas gifts

2. 2024 iPad Daily Planner

This gift may be a little pricier for a co-worker, but I would definitely get this for my work bestie. It is the perfect gift to keep your co-workers organized in 2024, and I can guarantee that they will love it.

inexpensive gifts for coworkers

3. Glossier Balm Dotcom

I feel like any gift from Glossier automatically makes you the cool coworker ;). I would be SO excited to receive a glossier balm dotcom as a gift. 

Each balm is $12, but you can bundle and save with a three-pack for $30!! Now you have a super cute, $10 gift for three of your favorite coworkers!! There are a ton of yummy flavors for every coworker's preference.

gifts for coworkers

4. "Didn't Quit My Job Today" Sticker

This is hilarious. I knowww you and your coworkers are always complaining about your jobs, and sometimes you just have to congratulate yourself for seeing it through ?.

This sticker is such a funny and cheap gift (the best of both worlds). I am honestly buying this for myself.

christmas gifts

5. Acrylic Dry Erase Memo Board

If you are working in a traditional desk space, this little acrylic dry erase board is so classy and cute!!

You could write your daily to-dos or weekly deadlines on there, and keep your space looking cute! This is the perfect coworker gift!

practical office gifts

6. Tiled Monogram Mug

If you haven't seen this mug yet, it's time you learn about the hype. Everyone loves this mug because it looks super expensive (and it's really not) and it is a fun monogrammed gift!

I have personally given this as a gift and they loved it! Maybe fill this little mug with some candy and a five-dollar Starbucks card, and you're set!

christmas gift ideas coworkers

7. Après Ski Monogram Ornament

Here's another monogram gift your coworkers will love. This is such a cute, festive ornament. 

It's a sweet little gift that can be a perfect addition to their Christmas tree decor!

8. Hand Soap

This is the Ouai to go (get it? Because it's pronounced way)!! Want something that you know they will use? A handsoap is a foolproof gift. 

9. Electric Wine Opener

This is a fun one! I feel like almost everyone loves wine or should have a wine opener at their house, so this would be a great gift for a co-worker!

So much easier than a regular wine opener, and I think this makes drinking wine a little more fun as well.

gifts for coworkers

10. Stanley Cup

Everyone love's a Stanley Cup. Keep your coworker hydrated and with the trends.

11. Cell Phone Stand

I was trying to think of cute things to sit on your coworker's desk, and this is a super sleek, inexpensive gift that they will definitely use.

I would definitely use something like this at my desk, so this would be perfect for an office gift, or even a WFH gift. 

12. Productive AF Notepad

This is hilarious. You know I love a traditional planner, I even made my own, but this notepad is so funny.

The best part about this notepad is there's no commitment (like a planner) so anyone can use it whenever they want!

christmas gifts for coworker friends

13. Small Plant For Desk

You will be such a huge fan of The Sill. The idea of shipping plants to your friends or coworkers is amazing! The pots are so aesthetically pleasing, and there is a great variety of plants!

14. Tony's Chocolonely Bundle

Best. Chocolate. Ever. If you haven't tried Tony's Chocolonely, you have to make sure you save a bar for yourself!

This four-pack of chocolate bars is perfect for your Christmas gifts for coworkers because it's small, easy, and SO yummy.

15. Candy Bento Box

How cool is this candy "bento box"? It comes with Sparkling Rosé Bears, Sugar Lips, and "But First, Rosé" gourmet candy. The packaging is everything, and the candy is super yum too!

16. Wine Straws

This is another hilarious gift (but I think I know some people who would really use this). If you want a gift that's a little more substantial, pair this with a bottle of wine and you're set! 

gifts for male coworkers

17. Custom Monogram Mousepad

This is the coolest custom gift for an office coworker gift! There are different colors if you want a more bold look, but I am loving this neutral mousepad.

Customize this with your coworker's initials, and you have an amazing gift.

thank you gifts for colleagues

18. Milk Bar Cookie Tin

Milk Bar is the bestttt!!! This little cookie tin is such a cute, trendy gift, and a super yummy one too!

The tin comes with 6 of their most popular cookies that your coworkers are sure to love! This is such an amazing Christmas gifts for coworkers. 

gifts for coworkers

19. Public Goods Chocolate Chocolate Almonds

The packaging on this chocolate goodie box is enough to sell me! The box comes with milk chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate pretzels, chocolate toffee popcorn, and milk chocolate toffee. Yum!!!

The best part is, it's made with all organic ingredients.

gifts for coworkers during covid

20. LUSH Gift Set

Want to gift a luxurious experience? This gift set from Lush is a fabulous gift.

The set comes with a bubble bar, moisturizer, bath bomb, sugar scrub, shower gel, and body lotion. Sounds heavenly!

gifts for coworkers

21. Glossier Beauty Bag Set 

This Glossier beauty bag is so dang cute and comes with hand lotion and the famous Glossier lip gloss! I want this myself, so you know your coworkers will love it!! This is a substantial, trendy, and very useful gift!

Of all of the Christmas gifts for coworkers, this one has to be my favorite!! 

gifts for coworker

22. Puzzle

I never thought I would put a puzzle on a gift guide, but this might be one of the cutest puzzles I have ever seen! If you know your coworkers are into puzzles, this is the best gift ever, or maybe they can try something new!

23. Essential Oil Diffuser

I am obsessed with the look of this essential oil diffuser. It looks exactly like the Vitruvi diffuser, but at a fraction of the cost!!

This would be super nice to have in an office space, or while working from home. We can all use a little zen. 

christmas gifts

24. Tea Drops Sampler

If you know me, you know that I am a tea fanatic. These tea drops are so cool and innovative!!

If you have a tea-loving coworker, you need to get them this sampler of tea drops! Not only will it be super fun to try, but the packaging is also super cute.

25. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Sometimes in a work environment, you need to learn to not give a f*ck. This book is funny and honestly pretty important. A book makes a great gift for coworkers, no matter what kind of book it is!

26. Tote Bag

Tote bags are the new craze, and you definitely want to get this gift for your coworkers. If you wanted to make it a bigger gift, you could fill it with a blanket or some snacks.

27. Portable Phone Charger

This is the best portable phone charger!! If you're looking for a super practical gift for your coworkers, this is such a good one!!

 They will definitely get good use out of it and think of you whenever they use it.

28. Dessert Person Cookbook

This is an amazing cookbook! I am absolutely obsessed with the aesthetic, and the recipes are so yummy.

Who doesn't love Claire Saffitz? This would be the best gift for a coworker who loves to cook, or is an aspiring cook!!

christmas gifts for coworkers diy

29. Kiehl's Hand Lotion

Kiehl's is one of those brands where every single product is good. If you want a simple and effective gift for coworkers, this ultimate strength hand salve will be perfect, especially during Winter!!

This post was all about Christmas gifts for Coworkers.

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