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Looking for last minute gifts that you can get fast on Amazon? Here are the best Amazon Christmas gifts for everyone in your life. 

amazon christmas gifts

The holiday season is one of the most busy times of the year. When it's a few days before Christmas and you realize you forgot to get a good gift for someone special is one of the worst feelings, but unfortunately we've all been there.

The great thing about the world we live in today is that you can order something and Amazon Prime will get it to you in two days. I don't know about you but Prime has saved me way too many times.

If you're looking for last minute Christmas gifts or just love the ease of shopping on Amazon, here are our favorite Amazon Christmas gifts that anyone in your life would love.

This post is all about Amazon Christmas gifts.

best amazon gifts


Best Overall:  Ugg Slippers

"I'm so obsessed with these Ugg slippers. I tell everyone I know to get them, they're that good!"

Best Under $25:  Charging Dock

"I'm a huge Apple product user but get frustrated trying to charge everything at night. This solved my problem and made my life so much easier!"

Best Value:  Nespresso Machine

"Having this Nespresso machine, I've saved so much money from buying coffee because I can make an even better latte at home."

Most Popular: Airfryer

"I don't know how I lived without my Airfryer. The food you can make in it is unbelievable, and it all tastes so good!"

Best in Beauty: Olaplex Bond Smoother

"I am never going back to another haircare brand. Olaplex has seriously made my hair look and feel the best it ever has."

Best for Baking: Desert Person

"I am a huge baker, and this is the best cookbook for desserts that I've used. Every recipe is above and beyond!"


1. For the music lover 

amazon echo

An all-new Amazon Echo has entered the room. We have Amazon Echo's throughout my entire apartment and love it to be able to play music, turn timers on, etc.

This would be a great gift for someone that is moving into a new place - whether it's a dorm, apartment or home, everyone needs a good speaker!

2. For the self-care guru

amazon facial steamer

This facial steamer is basically an at-home spa. This is a great gift for anyone that loves to pamper themselves, but can't afford to get weekly facials (I wish!).

3. For baking extraordinaire 

amazon christmas gifts for her

How delish does this good?! (lol)

I love sweets as much as the next guy, but to actually bake them is another story. This cookbook is dedicated to the best sweets in the game. For the baking lover, this cookbook would be amazing to open on Christmas day. And maybe you'll benefit from it too 

4. For the frequent traveler

amazon christmas gifts 2023

Hard case suitcases are superior to most. They protect your things and last forever. 

A high quality suitcase is a perfect Amazon Christmas gift for the person in your life that is always on the go. They have a variety of colors that can suit anyone.

5. For the one who is always staring at a screen

These days, most of us are constantly staring at some sort of screen - computer, phone, or TV, it's inevitable. 

Blue light glasses help our eyes from the harmful rays that come from our screens. I know I would love to receive these, especially because they're cute too!

6. For the sports fan

Sports gear is a classic Christmas gift, especially for him. But, people usually go for the apparel. 

I love this different sports-themed Christmas gift. These sleek beer glasses are classy yet perfect to pour a cold beer in on a football Sunday.

7. For the musician

For the person that loves to listen to music, a record player is a fun spin. Not only does it give that vintage sound that so many people are loving these days, it's a great thing to add to any room in the house!

8. For the foodie

If you love to cook, but don't have an airfryer yet, where have you been?!

Airfryers are the new obsession when it comes to cooking. You can cook so many things in the airfryer and somehow it always tastes way better. Definitely a great gift idea for any foodie!

9. For the tech lover

Huge Apple fan? This charging dock is for them. 

Imagine not worrying about 4 different cords to charge your devices at night. This charging dock gets rid of that mess and makes it easy to charge all your favorite Apple products.

10. For the homebody

You genuinely can't have enough candles, which is why this is a fool-proof Amazon Christmas gift!

11. For the coffee enthusiast

Save someone boat loads of Starbucks spending and gift this Nespresso machine. Surprisingly, it's pretty easy to make a good latte at home, you just need the right supplies!

There are a ton of coffee making accessories you could also get: 

The sky is the limit when it comes to coffee. 

12. For the one who loses everything

The Tile Finder is such a cool product. If you know someone that is constantly losing their keys or wallet, this is the gift for them. 

Basically, you attach the Tile to your keys or insert it into your wallet, and then you can track it with your phone. So if you lose your keys, you can easily track and find it with your phone!

13. For the picture-obsessed 

This is actually soo cool. It turns a photo on your phone into a polaroid.

For the person that loves taking photos, this is a cool gift that they won't be able to stop using. This Polaroid is the new and improved version of the vintage one we all know and love.

14. For the haircare enthusiast

My sister is head over heals obsessed with this Olaplex Bond Smoother. She has super curly hair, but it works with straight too. Trust me, for anyone that loves haircare, this is the gift for them!

15. For the fashionista

I have this exact Daniel Wellington watch and am obsessed with it. It adds so much to an outfit and really makes you look like you tried 10x harder than you did on your outfit. 

For anyone that likes fashion, this is a great watch that is the perfect last-minute Amazon Christmas gift.

16. For the makeup lover

My friend swears by this Makeup Eraser.

You just add water, and it wipes off all your makeup. It is great for the environment because once it's dirty, you can just throw it in the washer. And it's only $7!

17. For the one who's obsessed with their dog

Want to know what your dog is really made of? Get this Dog DNA test to find out.

18. For the busy bee

We all have that person in our life that doesn't seem to ever rest. If you're gifting for someone that is constantly on the go, a high quality planner is something they will definitely appreciate. 

Don't know if this is one that they would want? Here are all our favorite planners, for every type of person.

19. For the new homeowner

Isn't this so cute?! The perfect simple gift to give to a new homeowner.

20. For the outdoorsy one

Anyone that loves to be outdoors need an Eno hammock. You can hang these up basically anywhere, and they are so sturdy! 

Don't forget to buy the straps that go with it!

21. For the bookworm

A Kindle is a great gift for the one that is always reading. It saves the space that books will take up, and makes it easy to alternate between readings. Love this one too because you can adjust the light settings!

22. For the fitness junkie

Have someone in your life that is constantly sore from working out? 

The Theragun is the best new body massager that really targets knots throughout your body. The technology is amazing and definitely worth the price.

23. For the game night lover

Game nights are always filled with laughs and lots of yelling. What Do You Meme? is such a fun game to play with friends (but definitely Rated R!).

24. For the one that loves to be comfy

Ahh the classic Ugg slippers.

I talk about my Ugg slippers to everyone that will listen. They've lasted me years and are still the comfiest thing I put on my feet! Definitely recommend this Amazon Christmas gift to anyone that loves to lounge around!

25. For the environmentally friendly

You can't go wrong with more metal straws! These are great for those that are conscious of the environment and want to minimize their waste. Super affordable too!

26. For the blowout lover

What woman doesn't love a good blowout? 

Well, now you can do it at home! This blowdryer brush helps you create a blowout look from the comfort of your own home. Drybar has amazing products and this is one of our favorites.

27. For the one that needs to relax

Massages are expensive. Get this shoulder massager for the one in your life that just needs to relax sometimes.

28. For the tea-obsessed one

This teapot is so sleek, I'm obsessed. 

As they said "Finally, an electric pour-over kettle that pours as good as it looks."

29. For the one that spends way too much at Starbucks

Another drink related Amazon Christmas gift idea, but we aren't complaining. 

When you add up how much you spend at Starbucks a year, and realize you're spending thousands of dollars on a drink, it can be a hard pill to swallow. Good thing is, you can make cold brew right at home with this cold brew maker!

30. For the gamer

Got an avid gamer on your hands? The Nintendo Switch is definitely a gaming device they've been eyeing.

31. For the one that loves outdoor games

Any Shark Tank fans out there? This game was featured on there! 

Anyways, every guy I know is obsessed with Spike Ball. In college, you'd walk past an empty field and see at least 5 different games being played. This is such a good gift that someone can play with friends.

32. For the essential oils enthusiast

Essential oils are amazing to relax and wind down at night. 

We are obsessed with the essential oils diffuser because of the sleek design and minimalistic look. Definitely one of our favorite Amazon Christmas gifts!

This post was all about Amazon Christmas gifts.

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