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You know when can walk into a space, and it just feels dirty? This living room felt really dirty.

I think it was a combo of the heavy plaster, which really did have a lot of dirt buildup on it, and the weird fireplace situation that was happening.

We made the pricey (but worth it) decision to get rid of all the plaster in the home besides the office ceiling. I love a good plaster moment, but this is just not cute plaster. I had some people giving me pushback for this one on TikTok, but can you see how thick it is?!

If you've already seen the kitchen reveal, you know that the far wall used to back up to a three-seasons room.

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One of the most exciting parts of this project happened when we started demo-ing the room and found this opening in the stairway! You can see it in the picture below. When we were getting this project quoted, we thought opening up this wall would be $5,000 plus to get it appropriately structured.

Because that picture hole thing was there, all we had to pay to open up that wall was the demo cost. It has honestly changed the entire feel of the home with that open!

There is just a beauty about old wood floors, so we had them refinished instead of ripping them out entirely. In the parts of the home that we added on, we had those installed to match as close as possible to the original floors as we could get.

Here's the view from the other side of the room...

This now faces the office and entryway

It was really interesting demo-ing this entire home and seeing the supplies and techniques they used to build homes in the early 1900s. In many ways, I think about how far we've come, and then I am like, "houses are NEVER built with this much quality anymore."

Here's the official list of what I wanted to do to this room...

Eek! Now for the fun part of the room. There wasn't too much of a design process for the room itself, but the pizazz will come through with the furniture.

This room is tricky because it's really long, and the fireplace is off-centered. So, do I center the furniture to the fireplace? The room? Kind of in the middle?

I decided to just slightly off-center it from the fireplace and do a chess table moment in the far corner.

The chess table moment is one of my favorite spots in the house. It's soooo good!

all products are linked at the bottom of this post

I'll link all the sources at the bottom of this blog post, but tomorrow you'll be able to see it being used in the home. I love it because it feels "collected" to me. Not that I ordered it all in one day, which happened, but still! It took me months to figure out all these different pieces, so it kind of was collected ;).

I am anti-matchy-matchy pillows most of the time, so I made sure to choose different types of pillows. The two side chairs...*perfection*. Shelby is begging me to let her take one to her apartment. hah!

all products are linked at the bottom of this post

And the chess table/fireplace! The fireplace has changed a decent amount from the original mood board. We actually had to overnight a mirror because the original one we bought was way too small.

Isn't that the cutest chess board you've ever seen?! Shelby and my dad are addicted to chess, and she will definitely be receiving this chess board for her Christmas present this year.

And to wrap this up, would you believe me if I told you that the light on the chess table is from Walmart?! I'll be pulling that for my own home because it is so cute. Another high-low decor moment that I am allll over.

Tomorrow I am posting the fireplace reveal, and then Wednesday is the whole living room reveal. After that, the entire first floor is documented!!

Here's all of the living room decor...

living room before


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