21 Mouthwatering Mug Meals You Can Actually Make in Your Dorm Room

Let's be real. College food sucks. And I think if I have to eat one more thing out of the dorm cafeteria I might die.

This is where I usually say how I am being dramatic and kidding, but I am serious. Dorm food is the worst. 

These recipes are home cooked meals perfect for your little dorm room microwave. You're welcome. 🙂

Side note: Make sure you are using a microwavable mug/plate. Don't wont you setting off your whole buildings alarm system. #whoops

Picture from Ella Claire Inspired.

If you have random mac n' cheese cravings like me, then this is a must-have recipe. To top it all off, this is only four ingredients. Yes, you read that right, FOUR! And one of those four is water... so basically best thing ever!

Can someone please try this and let me know how it tastes 🙂 I am honestly curious if this would work or not!! It unfortunately doesn't have exact directions so you might have to experiment on your timing for this one. How fun would this be as a weekend tradition though!


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Picture from Girl Gone Gourmet.

Those late night cravings are the WORST and this would solve every. single. one. of them! Does this not look heavenly?! Plus, I can imagine your dorm would be smelling gooodd after this one.

Picture from Tip Hero.

Can you believe this comes out of a mug... I think if you're trying to impress someone this is the recipe for you. Like I would go to a five-star restaurant and would not question for a second that that was made in a MUG! Crazy.

Picture from The Country Cook.

If you are big into breakfast foods this would be a good one for you. Lets be honest, the eggs in the cafeteria are the worst and taste like rubber. For this one you can stay in your pajamas and not even leave your room. Win-win.

Picture from Listotic.

Here's the perfect day for you: Go apple picking with friends, make this with those apples, and turn on a movie. How fun would that be?! Such a good activity and this isn't that bad for you. (anything that has granola on top of it is an instant in for me).

Picture from Bigger Bolding Baking.

This recipe has you actually make your own dough which is pretty impressive (and exciting) but I wonder how this would taste with a biscuit as the dough... thoughts? I think that would be really good.

Picture from All Created.

This is my all time favorite fall meal and the thought that I can get it in my dorm room is amazing! This is another recipe that looks very professional and would 'wow' anyone that saw it.

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Picture from Healthy Niblets and Bits.

The unhealthy dorm food really starts wearing on a person so if you could add in a healthy meal here or there you will feel SO much better! This one looks just as good as you can get in the restaurants.

Picture from The Big Man's World.

This carrot-cake looks heavenly! And it only takes 1 minute to microwave... yes and yes.

Picture from Bigger Bolder Baking.

I crave meals like this when it gets colder out and this is no exception. This looks amazing and so much better then cafeteria food.

Picture from Bigger Bolder Baking.

Can you believe that you can make a churro in the microwave?! This would be such a fun addition to taco Tuesday!

Picture from Kirbie's Cravings.

Okay, I am the worlds biggest fan of cheesecake and could eat it all day, everyday. I will definitely be giving this a try!

Picture from Bigger Bolder Baking.

Another perfect chili recipe perfect for a fall night!

Picture from Healthy Nibblets and Bits.

If you're vegetarian, this one is a perfect recipe for you! Looks so good and very healthy.

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Picture from Little Inspiration.

I have never had Mexican sweet corn before but with how good this looks, it is definitely making me curious!

Picture from Kirbies Cravings.

I am not personally a fan of guac, but I know a TON of people who are and would die over this guac mac n' cheese! This is a must-have for all you guacamole fans!

Picture from Urban Outfitters.

Mmm... burrito in a bowl! Such a cool idea! Also, looks very insta worthy 😉 

Picture from Host the Toast.

Okay, how fancy does this butter chicken look?! I have to admit, that I had no idea mug recipes could look this GOOD! 

Picture from Smitten Kitchen.

I think I may have saved the best for last! This recipe calls for an oven broil at the end but I would just say skip it and eat the melted cheese from the microwave. 

Which mug recipe are you going to try? 

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How I Have Increased My Savings by 300% With One Easy Step

Let’s admit it, saving money is a pain in the butt. It takes constant willpower to work and then basically act like that money never existed (especially when you see the latest trendy shoe that you NEED to have go on sale).

But when you save and see progress, it is the best. thing. ever.

In the last two months I have increased my savings per month by at least 300%. For a girl that went from basically putting no money into her savings account every month, to putting hundreds of dollars, it’s pretty dang exciting.

I get it, we are surrounded around genius marketing that makes you think you need everything in sight, a social life to keep up with including food and alcohol money, and the forgettable (but happens every month) birthday gift you need to get a friend/family member. It all adds up!

​So, how have I been increasing my savings by 300% every month? The envelope system.
The envelope system? What on earth is that?!

The envelope system is a budgeting method that makes you break down everything you spend and give yourself a strict budget. That sounds a little scary, but I promise it’s not. I will walk you through exactly how I make it work for me.

Say bye-bye to your debit/credit card.

You NEED to start using cash. It makes you so much more aware of what you are spending on instead of just swiping your card when you want that $8-dollar pasta bowl from Noodles (every week...guilty of this one:/).

Now, I am not telling you to throw away your debit or credit card. That would be very stupid. I still use my debate card all the time, just in a different way than before and I just got my first credit card (hollah) because it is important to be building credit. So, yes, you still need those!

Every single month I use a free website called The Every Dollar that helps me set up my budget. I have everything budgeted from my Orange Theory membership, car payment, food, gas, etc. I've tried a few different budgeting websites and there’s a few reasons why The Every Dollar is my favorite. Main reason, its free!! Second reason, it comes with an app so I can easily see everything on my phone. Lastly, it is based off of a zero-dollar system.

What this means, is that you use 100% of your monthly income. So, let's keep it simple and say that I make $1,000 every month. Every single dollar in that $1,000 has a spot to go. Like I said before, I budget for everything so I will insert that cost and how much I think I will spend into that website.

This is where the envelope system comes in.

Every bill or monthly payment I have, I use my debit card for and usually always have it be automatically deposited so I don't forget about it. Everything else, I use cash for. For example, this past month I took out cash for grocery shopping, clothing shopping, gas, restaurant money, Iowa money, and random money.

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I allocated a certain amount of money for each of those. For grocery shopping, $20 is usually good for me because I have a food plan at school. Depending on the season, I will give myself clothing money or I will not give myself any at all. Last month, I gave myself $40 dollars. You get it!

I then would take 6 envelopes and label each of them with those categories. I would put the specified money into each envelope and then put the envelopes in my wallet/clutch. If you're wondering, this is the wallet I have and it holds the envelopes really well. Plus, I really like how it is more of a 'clutch' so I don’t have to carry a purse when I don’t want too.

Here's the catch.

Once the money is spent in that envelope, you are DONE spending money in that area for the month. It makes you be much more selective about what you save and what you spend on.

You guys, the first month I did this, I saved over $700 dollars extra. Just from doing this. Which, honestly makes me disgusted that I was spending that much money but now that it has helped me, I want to shout it out to the world!!!

I'm going to be honest, it does get a little obnoxious when you are checking out at the grocery store and need to search through your envelopes to find the right one, but who cares? If I am saving money, I will do it.

This is exactly how I have increased my savings by 300% every month.

BTW, this is all thanks to my BFF Dave Ramsey. I am obsessed with him and he has taught me so much about money!! Just two months ago, I knew nothing about money but I purchased one of his books and learned so much from paying off debt to investing. He also has free podcasts that I listen to everyday that interview real people with real questions and gives them great money advice. He recommends the envelope system in his booked so that's how I learned about this. Highly recommend!!

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7 Life Changing Beauty Care Tips for Your Nighttime Routine

The way you treat your skin at night, could be the single most important "beauty care" you do all day.

 Did you know that every night you don't take your makeup off,  you age 14 days?!

Not 100% sure that stat is right, but it's what my Godmother has been telling me for years and she's never wrong;).

Take off your makeup-ALL of it!

This is the first thing I always do when getting ready for bed. I prefer a facial cleanser that has makeup remover in it and have currently been using this face wash from the drug store. It is perfect for night time because it has a smell that is so good and is supposed to help you relax.

I recently received this towel in my Ipsy bag and have been using it every night. It has something in it that you just need to wet the towel and it removes the makeup... so convenient and perfect for the quick swipe after washing your face to make sure you really got all your makeup off!

Buffer away your dry skin.

Do you suffer from acne or small bumps on your face? While I have been lucky with acne, I do often get skin colored bumps on my face that are the most annoying!! One way I have combated that is by exfoliating my face a few times every week. This is essential and highly recommended by estheticians so your dead skin can be buffed away opening up congested pores.

Use a purifying mask to rejuvenate your skin.

Facemasks are the best thing ever. They are just as fun as they are helpful. I have tried a bunch of different face masks but my favorites are the ones that are a sheet so it makes for easy cleanup.... and I see the best results from them! I have really dry skin and have been using this facemask at least once a week.

Get a silk pillowcase.

Not only does this tame the hair, it also helps prevent wrinkles. Win-win! You can purchase silk pillowcases really inexpensive and they are a super easy way to make you feel more luxe while helping not damage your hairs cuticles (like cotton pillowcases do).

Use a face lotion...every night.

Using lotion on your face helps smooth your skin and mellow irritation. It also reduces redness. I recently switched my face lotion and have seen a huge improvement in my skin.

If you suffer from acne, you need to be pulling up your hair at night. 

When you sleep at night, your hair leaves oil all over your face. This oil can clog pores causing acne and other issues. If you suffer from acne, you need to pin your hair away from your face so the oils don’t touch your face.

Drink water.

Water is the absolute best thing for your skin!! I have read article on article going over just how beneficial drinking enough water is and how it can really transform your skin. This is such an easy way to give your skin a fresh look. This is my absolute favorite water bottle that keeps my water supperrr cold all day.

Doing these can not only help your skin, but also overall really make you feel better.


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How I Get Paid To Shop Online

Want to know a secret? I have found a way to make money by doing absolutely nothing. Yep, you read that right. I don't do anything! In these last few months, I have been all about earning money anywhere and way I can (let's not take that out of context though ;).

Are you looking for a way to pay for your booze, uber rides, or late night food cravings? Well, I think I may be your new best friend. Ebates pays you to shop. Let me repeat, Ebates PAYS you to online shop! 

I am going to tell you all about Ebates, how you can use it, and whether or not is a scam (which btw, it's not. I've used it!).

Click here to sign up for Ebates, and refer two people to receive $50 as a welcome!

BTW, I want to make it clear that this is not a sponsored post. I use this personally and think anyone would be stupid to not also use it. 
What exactly is Ebates?

You're probably wondering what exactly is this Ebates thing I am talking about. Ebates is the leader of online cash back shopping.

According to its website, "Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.'s websites have paid over $250 million in cash to its members."

Ebates offers hundreds of stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Target, Forever 21, Macy's, Asos, Gap, Walmart and so many more!

So how does it work?

There are a few ways to earn money from Ebates and I am going to tell you exactly how to do it.

To receive money from Ebates, sign up for an account. If you already have one, log in to your account. Search for the store you want to shop at and click the "Shop Now" button. This should take you to the stores website. That is ALL you have to do! Ebates is tracking what you bought and will pay you you're earned cash back. Crazy, right?! So easy.

Another way is by installing the Ebates button to your computer. So, lets say I am wanting to get some sweaters from Gap. I can go to the Gap website, and then press my Ebates button at the top right of my Chrome browser and it will activate my cash back! Plus, it automatically adds the BEST coupon to your order insuring you get the best possible deal. The graphic above is showing exactly how to do this.

So, lets say you want to make money while shopping in stores. You can earn money for this too. Ebates has a video with exact instructions that will explain this much better but basically, you download the Ebates app and put your debit card info into Ebates (it's completely safe, trust me I use it!). Then you link what store you want to shop at. So, lets use Gap again as an example. I link Gap and then I go shop at Gap. When I get to the register, I use my debit card but put credit instead (so you don't use your pin) and sign your name. This will sync to Ebates and you get paid!

I forgot to mention that Ebates is completely FREE! There is no monthly fee, no fee that you have to pay to Ebates, and no surprises! It is 100% free for you to use Ebates.

How much exactly can I make from this?

Well, you definitely wont be buying a house with this money but it will easily cover booze money, uber rides, and late night food cravings. Ebates offers different percentages for each store and after awhile it really adds up. You can make a couple hundred dollars every year by doing your normal shopping. 

Is Ebates a scam?

No! Ebates is not a scam and something I personally promote (hello, I wouldn't have made it into a blog post if I didn't 100% believe in it!). I knew most of you would love knowing about this so I thought I would share with you just how good it is.

Ebates is basically the best thing to happen to me in 2017. (hehe jk, but it is pretty awesome isn't it?!)

Have you ever used Ebates? How much money did you make from it?

I am doing this post because people would be stupid to not use this website and earn free money back for doing what you're already shopping for. Let me remind you that this service is completely free AND that this post isnt sponsored- I just love it!. When you sign up through my link, you will earn $50 cash back for referring two people to the site as a welcome.  I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

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Dollar Store Organization Hacks for a Small Bathroom

This post is all about organization hacks.
organization hacks

As a college student, I know firsthand just how hard it is to organize your belongings in a small space on a budget.

However, you may not have thought about heading to the dollar store for your organizing needs. This means that just for a few dollars you can have a cleaner space and cleaner space = better feeling.

This post is all about organization hacks.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Bathroom:

1. Baskets as Shelving

organization hacks

Picture from Good Housekeeping

Copy with an Amazon Version:

How cute is this?! Love this as a decorative option but also a place to store supplies. I also think it would be cute to put some succulents or a candle. Obviously, I wouldn't use that candle in the basket but you get the idea 😉 Then when you want to change things up, you have a cute basket to use!

2. Hang Bins Inside Door

organization hacks
Copy with an Amazon Version:

I always have hair-ties and clips lying around and it drives me crazy! Picking up some of these small bins could be the answer to solving this issue plus you can use command hooks to hang them up which makes it dorm/apartment friendly. These trays comes in packs of 3 for $1 dollar...can't beat that!


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3. Bathroom Drawer Organization

organization hacks dollar stores

Picture from Bless'Er House

Copy with an Amazon Version:

I am going to go run to the dollar store to do this one myself. I love the thought of having everything separated and set apart. These baskets come in white too at the Dollar Store.

4. Candle Decor for Bathroom Necessities Storage

Copy with an Amazon Version:

Such a cute idea! All this is is a candle stick base and then a candle vase. Hot glue it and put your bathroom supplies in it.

5. Command Hooks to Store Hair Supplies

Picture from Craft River

Copy with an Amazon Version:

Another great college idea! I get so annoyed about having my straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer just sitting with the cords everywhere in my drawers. Put some command hooks up and you're good to go.

6. Hooks to Hang Shower Products

organization hacks

Picture from the Craft River

Copy with an Amazon Version:

This one involves having a certain type of bottle, but if you have this soft kind than you're good to go with this!

7. Use Containers to Organize Under the Sink

Picture from Coco 29

Copy with an Amazon Version:

Organizing your cabinet not only makes it look better but it will also help you save money. With it separated out, you can see exactly what you need instead of not being able to find it and go buy more.

8. Magnetic Strips for Bobby Pins and Nail Supplies

Picture from DIY N Crafts

Copy with an Amazon Version:

How smart is this?! I honestly have not thought of this. I always have bobby pins laying around and they are the most annoying thing! This would solve so many issues.

This post is all organization hacks.
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Picture from June Bug Weddings and Negin Mirsalehi

Dating. It is something that our generation (I am talking to you, millennials;) need to take part in more. It is so important in a relationship to turn the phones off, plan something special, and really get to know your new or old significant other. However, I am no stranger to how much dates can cost. They really can get out of control in price! I have put together a list of my favorite budget friendly date night ideas that you can come to when you can't think of what to do. (and yes, I will definitely be going to this list as well!)

Write letters to open to each other in a year.

Make a dinner and sit down with a notepad and pen. Write a letter about what experiences you want to have with this person, where you want to be, and where your relationship is at right now. Read them to each other now, but then put them in a special place where you can repeat this date night.

Believe me, this one is so fun. I used to write Ben (my boyfriend) a letter every month about what we did the past month, what we have planned, etc. While I haven’t read them to him yet, I have them all in one place and am saving it for a special moment (or if he tries to break up with me I'll guilt him back into the relationship with these hahaha).

Give each other massages.

Go on YouTube and look up how to give massages. They actually have some really good tips (my favorite is this video and this video). Bring out some lotion and pretend to be a masseuse for a little ;).

Binge watch a show together with popcorn and your favorite treats.

Go to the grocery store or gas station and pick up one of your favorite treats (personal favorite- Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream). Go back home, snuggle up in blankets, and put on your favorite show. Eat your ice-cream and start the TV series- it will give you multiple nights of dates if you get into the show!

BTW, Our favorite show right now is Scandal... love it! Really good mix of action and romance.

Watch a Sermon together.

I was introduced to this sermon series called "Single / Dating / Engaged / Married" and I highly recommend it to anyone. It is extremely relatable and can spark some really good conversation. You can find this sermon by downloading an app called "Breakaway Ministries." It's free, BTW. It also has a lot more sermons that I haven't listened to yet but want too, so definitely check it out!

Create a bucket list.

Whether you are married or dating, this one is so fun! List everything you want to. Whether it is something that could be done immediately or can’t be done for a while, it will always give you something to look forward too together!

Put together a care package for someone special.

We all know someone who lives far away and whoever that person is would love/be so surprised to see a package from you and your significant other! It doesn’t need to be big, go to a local Dollar Store and pick up five dollars’ worth of things! Write a special note together, make it exciting!! Your friend will SO appreciate it and it will give you both a night of fun.

Camp out in the backyard.

Set up a tent in one of your backyards and campout! Bring blankets, pillows, a laptop and movie. Then, wake up early and go make breakfast together.

Go to the beach/lake.

I can almost guarantee there is some sort of water location near you. At a lake near me, they rent out paddle boards and kayaks for extremely inexpensive. Pack a lunch for both of you, then spend half the day on the beach and the other half doing water activities!

Set up a picnic dinner.

This is a personal favorite of mine. Go on Pinterest and look up a recipe you will both like. Make it at home and gather plates, spoons, forks, picnic blanket, etc.  Head out to a local park and enjoy!


Set up a blanket outside and cozy up in it. Watch the starts and talk!


There are so many places that would appreciate two helping hands. Find a local shelter or food pantry, and donate a few hours of your time. Not only will you be spending time together, you will be helping people that really need it.

Attend a free outdoor concert.

I love this one! In my town we have a free concert that runs all summer and it really is so much fun. Make some drinks and bring some chairs.

Visit a museum.

Many museums offer days that are free or at a huge discount. Check online for any special promos and if you find one, head downtown! Or wherever your museum is, of course;)

Play chopped with each other.

Put 5 ingredients in a basket. Make sure one of them is a main food like chicken. You each have 45 minutes to make something special. When you are done, try them and decide which one is better. Ready, set, go!

Order pizza and solve a puzzle.

I have to admit; I am not a huge puzzle person. I get bored easily doing them, but with a piece of pizza and time with my favorite person, I could definitely deal with solving a puzzle.

Rent a bike in your city and explore.

In almost all cities I have been too recently, they have a 'rent a bike' program. You can choose how many hours you want and then explore different parts of the cities from the bike!

Set up for a fun run! (mud run, etc.)

I have a hard time putting fun and run in a sentence, but they do have so many cool 5K's nowadays. I have personally done The Color Run and I can just imagine how fun it would be to complete with one of my favorite people!

Go apple picking, go to a cornfield, pick strawberries:

They're many seasonal activities that can be done and usually don't require too much money. It's almost apple picking and cornfield time of the year, and this would really make an awesome date. If you go apple picking, go home and turn the apples into caramel apples!

Create a "relationship" box.

I personally have a relationship box and I love it. I have everything in it from Homecoming flowers, Promposal props (lol), the letters I listed above. While I am saving mine to give to Ben later, it really is so much fun to put together! I can just imagine how fun this would be to put together with your significant other!

Find a cute town and go for a walk.

Go to a town close to where you live and just walk around it! Visit the stores and stop for lunch in one of their cafes.

Go fake house hunting.

Go online and look up houses for sale where you live. Put a list together of homes you both like and go find them!

Local festival.

If you go on Facebook and look up local events, there are so many events shown from Taco Festivals to Strawberry Festivals. Most of which are free (unless you buy something of course!).

Make a cheese board and watch your favorite show.

Cheeseboards are very in right now so hit Pinterest and be inspired of what you want yours to be like. Hit the grocery store, each picking the ingredients you want, and put it together! Turn the TV on to one of your favorite shows and enjoy your Pinterest worthy cheese board!

Go bowling.

Such a cheap and fun activity to do!

Farmers market.

Go to a local farmer’s market and pick up some fresh eats! Plus, grab yourself a bouquet of freshly grown flowers.

Recreate your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant.

I can almost guarantee you and your significant other have a favorite restaurant. Pick your favorite meal from there and then look up dupes for it online. Make it together and compare it to the original restaurant- who knows it could be better!

Have a spa night.

This one might be a little girly but believe me, your guy will like it. Make/buy face masks and give each other massages. I promise it will be fun! This is my favorite face mask that your man will love too.

Go to a high school sporting event.

Check to see when your local high school has their next sporting event. While it might be more fun if you went to the high school of the game you are attending, it will still bring all the feel of high school back! (not sure if you want that or not, but it could be fun!).

Drive through your dream neighborhood.

Pick both of your dream house and pretend you live in the neighborhood!

Turn off your phone and just TALK!

This one is my favorite of them all. I am the first to be guilty of this, but I tend to always be on my phone, even on date nights! Turn those phones off for the night and just really talk. It will change your whole entire date!

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August 2017 Income Report: $639.24

Hey everyone! I am trying something new here - showing you exactly how much I make every month and how I am paying off over $30,000 of debt. Yep, you read that right... $30,000 in debt at 20 years old. I am going to divide it up to show you how I am making money and where I am putting it to pay off my debt while still living a happy, social life and being a full-time college student. 

August was filled with big events.

August was a month packed with big events. My mom and sister moved to New York, I traveled to Baltimore to visit family, Ben (my boyfriend) left for college, and I transferred/moved in to a new college. While this is all pretty exciting, it really affected my monthly income. In July, I discovered Dave Ramsey. I read his book Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money and learned SO much about money. I felt that I didn't know a lot about money, so this really helped me learn how to affectively save, invest, and pay off debt. I highly recommend the book to anyone, but especially college students as I feel we were not taught this in classrooms but it is extremely important for real, everyday life.

Because this is my first month doing an Income Report, I am going to go over all my debt with you, broken up, so you can see exactly where I stand with that.

This is the amount of debt I am in.

College Loans: $26,974.00

Car Loan: $4,511.04

Basically everything I have, I pay for myself. I purchased my car in November and put $2,000 down on it. I have been making monthly payments of around $150.00 but do not want to be doing this for four years (which is my loan package). Last month I put over $1,000 extra dollars to it which I was so happy about it! I was hoping to put extra money towards it last month, but with the start of college (hello books that were way more than I thought!) and my blog crashing, I had unexpected expenses that I didn't budget for. Because I am paying for college by myself, I have had to take out loans for everything which is where the majority of my debt comes from. I want all this debt GONE before I graduate, which is a hefty goal but I know I can do it. I have to pay $50.00 per month towards my debt but because of the state thinking I dropped out of college due to my internship, I have to pay an extra $50 this month, totaling $100.00.

BTW, if you are planning on starting a blog DO NOT start on Blogger or you will eventually have what happened to me; your website crashes and you lose everything. Use Bluehost as a host, then WordPress.org for your website platform. Buy a website preset (aka the design of your website) that will fit WordPress blogs (this is the one I used for my blog. Highly recommend this seller). Believe me, this will save you in the future!! I will have a post explaining in detail all of this in a few weeks.

Here's what I made working in only two weeks.

Now, I will show you how much I made in extra income this month. Since I am a full-time college student taking 21 credits I consider any income coming in extra.


Miscellaneous (including nannying): $639.00

Affiliate Marketing: $0.00

Scholarship: $1000.00

While this is a huge loss compared to the $1,600 I made last month, I am still extremely happy with it. I was elated (fancy word, hey;) to win two scholarships this month! I had not applied to any scholarships, then one week I got an urge to apply to a ton and used a handy little trick that allowed me to apply to over 30 scholarships with one essay. So far, only two deadlines have passed and I won both of those! I will have a post soon about how I did that.

Well this is pretty good for only working two weeks, I was hoping for a lot more.

I am going to be honest- I was hoping on making more this month. I brought in almost $1,600 dollars in July and didn't come anywhere near that this month. Since most of my money is from babysitting, I had a week of no income due to both families going on vacation. This is something I have to expect working in this field, so I was prepared. I also then had to miss days for traveling and moving in to college so I basically only worked one week this month which is NOT good. I also brought in no money with my blog which was a disappointment. In the next few months, this is going to be a HUGE focus for me. While I didn't bring in any money, I did receive over $1,000 dollars’ worth of clothes which is pretty exciting and saved me money since I didn't have to purchase anything.

With all of this said, I am still a month ahead in finances and have over $1,000 dollars in a money market for emergencies so I am doing good in my opinion :).

Here is my September goals.

Life goals:

  1. Wake up at 5am on weekdays. Yes, you're probably rolling your eyes at this but I really think I can do it plus I need more time in my day. I am taking 21 credits, working part-time, and treating my blog as another job. I need more time!!
  2. Workout at least 3 times a week. I joined Orange Theory and love it but dropped down my membership to only two days a week. My plan is to do that two days a week and go to the gym at least one other time.
  3. No desserts this month. With being on vacation, college starting, and just overall eating gross, I need a change in my diet. This one is going to be hard for me!
  4.  Only come home twice a week. I go to school only 15 minutes from my house and even though I live at school, I am finding myself come home a lot. I am a major home body and transferring to a school and not really knowing anyone entails me basically third wheeling people 24/7 which is so awkward. I've tried really hard to put myself out there but if I am not at school there’s no way for me to make friends, so this is a huge goal for me!

Blog goals:

  1. Get up to 1,000 views per week. I went from Blogger to WordPress just last week and while it needed to be done in order for me to turn this into a business, it hit my blog numbers hard. I was receiving almost 3,000 views a day (some days closer to 4,000 which I was EXTREMELY happy about) and ever since the change I am around 250 per day. M-a-j-o-r decrease but I had to change hosts so I have to move on and work towards this goal!
  2. Post three times per week. This summer I was all over the place with my schedule, so I really want to focus on getting it set in stone. I completely updated my blog this past month and am still tweaking some things so I just want everything to be back to normal again.
  3. Get two weeks ahead on posts. I want to have my posts completely done two weeks ahead of schedule. I am nervous that one week I will have a huge surprise project or exam and won’t be able to focus on the blog, so this way if that happens I will still be covered.
  4. 4. Join 30 group Pinterest boards and get to 300 followers. Pinterest is where I am focusing my time for social media as I believe it will have the biggest impact on my blog. I need to increase my Pinterest presence.
  5. Complete every task from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I took this course from Michele Gardner and it was hands down the best thing I could have ever purchased for my blog. I read it but now I want to reread and implement everything she teaches on how to make money through your blog. I will let you know if I am seeing an increase in my affiliate marketing next month.

Money Goals:

  1. Put $50 dollars extra into my car payment. This month will be hard since I am just scraping by covering my bills but I should have enough to do this.
  2. Save $200 dollars for blogging course. I want to take an online course called Elite Blogging Academy. It shows exactly how bloggers can make their website their full-time business and is an extremely praised course. However, it comes at a hefty price.... $799.00. Yeah, you're probably thinking I am crazy but I want all my 'extra' babysitting gigs to go to this. The course only opens up once a year and its rumored to be every February, so I have a few months to make this happen.
  3. Don't use my debit card. I have been trying to only use cash using the envelope system. It has saved me so much money but I still reach towards my debit card at times. I want NO debit card use this month, besides paying bills and school essentials (books).

So, with that money, this is where my debt status is.

I am only focusing on paying off one debt at a time so my first goal is to pay off my car loan. In August this is what I paid off:

Car loan:$4,667.82-$156.78=$4,511.04

What are your goals for September? I always feel like with the start of school it is like a new year!

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