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This post is all about what NOT to bring to college apartment.

college apartment

After going from a tiny dorm room to having an entire apartment, I was like OMG I need everything. I have so much space!  

It’s definitely easy to go overboard, because I sure did. In reality, you probably don’t need as much as you think. 

Stick to the essentials for a college apartment! Talk to your roommates (if you have some) and make sure you don’t buy duplicates! 

This post shows you what NOT to bring to a college apartment (from someone who got a little excited when shopping for mine).

6 Things I Regret Buying For My College Apartment: 

1. Cable

Cable is EXPENSIVE. Like, way more expensive than I thought (thank you mom and dad ;).

Is it just me or do people not watch regular TV anymore? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video is literally all I watch. 

So dropping $$$ on cable every month was sooo not worth it. 

If you plan to get a TV, definitely do not get cable. Instead get a Smart TV or a Roku. This way you can watch pretty much anything with no monthly payment on top of your Netflix subscription. 

2. Specialty Appliances

Crockpot, Instant Pot, Waffle Maker, etc. you do not need.  Unless you are a huge cooker, I guarantee you won’t use these things. 

My mom is obsessed with her Instant Pot and was like “you NEED one!” so of course I rolled with it. 

It sits on my kitchen shelves and has not been touched (sorry mom). It takes more effort to make a meal with than it is worth using. It also takes up a lot more storage in my already small kitchen. 

It’s one of those things that maybe when I am out of college and in the “real world” I will use but chances of me ever using it in college is rare. 

A waffle maker sounds awesome too but how often are you really going to make a waffle before class? Probably never. 

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3. Under the Bed Storage

In the dorm, you have to find literally any place to put things. 

The good thing about your new apartment is that you actually have space. What a concept right? 

I found that I really didn’t need to buy extra storage for my bedroom. My closet was spacious enough for all of my clothes. 

If you don’t have as much closet space, I highly recommend getting a dresser as well. Using a closet and dresser for your storage makes things a lot easier. 

This way you aren’t always reaching under your bed for things you need. 

4. Unnecessary Decor

My roommates and I did not coordinate who was bringing things to decorate the living areas. We ended up having an excessive amount of blankets and pillows. 

Since each of us brought different things, nothing really matched. 

I highly recommend discussing with your roommates beforehand about who is bringing what and if it will all be cohesive together. Remember: less is sometimes more. 

5. A Cup for Every Beverage

I love my coffee mugs and wine glasses as much as the next person but my apartment was overflowing with glasses. Short, tall, mugs, you name it we had it. 

My apartment kitchen did not have much storage so it was very crammed. 

It got to the point where we had to give some away because we had no room for other dishes. I promise you don’t need a variety of sizes, colors or types of glasses. Get a few normal glasses, a handful of mugs and a few wine glasses and you’ll be good to go. 

6. An Alarm Clock 

I don’t know if this is an obvious one now but you definitely don’t need an alarm clock. You think you’re going to use it but you won’t. But I don’t regret buying it from Best Wall Clock store and I thought of keeping it at home instead of hostel.

Your phone has pretty much everything you need in it now a days including an alarm clock. 

As cute as an alarm clock would be on your bed side table, it will end up being useless trust me. 

5 Things I Definitely Recommend Buying For Your College Apartment: 

While there are definitely thins I wish I didn’t buy, there are also many things I wish I did and ended up ordering on Amazon a week into living in my apartment.

Here is a checklist of college apartment essentials that you didn’t know you needed. 

1. Air Fresheners and Candles! 

So my first apartment did not have the best air flow and I swear it always smelled weird. Candles saved my life. 

I brought an air freshener but never really thought to bring candles. I ordered a ton of fall scents right when I moved in. They are so perfect for the changing seasons. 

I mean you can’t go wrong with a great seasonal candle, am I right?! I highly recommend these just to get in the mood for any season (even if your apartment doesn’t smell weird like mine did haha).

Also, don’t forget a lighter! (Also didn’t have one of these lol) 

2. A Water Filter

Whether it be a Brita, or a water filter to attach to your sink, these made our water taste so much better!

I swear I never trust any water to be that clean. These are great to ensure that your water is safe and clean. And it tastes better. 

3. Rolling Laundry Bin

Many college apartment buildings don’t have in-unit laundry (disregard if you do. and also I’m jealous). Mine was in our building on the first floor. 

I really wish I had a rolling laundry bin, mostly because I’m lazy, but when it gets heavy, it gets really annoying to carry up through the halls. 

Interested in purchasing items you saw in the video? Click here to see where I bought everything in my first apartment.

4. Black Out Curtains

I don’t know if it’s just me but I wake up with the sun if I don’t have curtains (which is super annoying). The blinds that came with my apartment blocked absolutely no light so I’d be waking up at 5am every morning. 

Black out curtains saved my life. My room is so dark now I could sleep all day (it’s kind of dangerous lol). 

They also add a more decorative feel to my room when their opened. What more could you want?

5. Slippers

I love my slippers! When you’re walking around your apartment barefoot, your feet gets super cold and dirty. 

It’s the best having them waiting for you next to your bed so when you get up you can slip them on and be cozy 🙂 

If you’re anything like me and go a little overboard every time you move in somewhere (aka dorm AND college apartment) than take my advice and highly consider what not to bring to college apartment. 

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