39 Best College Graduation Gifts for Girls

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This post is all about the best College Graduation Gifts for Girls.

college graduation gifts for girls

Graduating college is a BIG deal that deserves to be celebrated with a really freakin' good college graduation gifts for girls. 

I am a senior in college and will be graduating this spring so I went to all my graduating friends and we came up with a huge list of all the best graduation gifts that we would actually use.

You know how some high school graduation gifts you still haven't touched four years later?! Not these. These college graduation gifts will be used all the time and will remind the graduate how special they are to you.

These are the best College Graduation Gifts for Girls. 

Best College Graduation Gifts for Girls:

1. Nice Weekend Bag

Graduating means no more homework or studying on weekends! College graduates are going to be doing a lot more traveling and activities now that they have the time. 

This is a perfect college graduation gift for girls! Having a bag that's an in-between of a backpack and suitcase is perfect for any weekend activity (and something guaranteed to be used for YEARS!).

2. A Fun Cookbook

Now that the graduate is on their own, they are definitely going to want to try to learn to cook. What better way to learn to cook than from Chrissy Teigen? Yes, we are as obsessed with her as you are ;).

This cookbook is such a great gift for anyone that wants to make cooking fun. There are so many unique and yummy recipes! 

3. A Poster of Their College Town 

Graduating and leaving your college town behind can be hard. A cool poster of their college town is a perfect way to keep a little piece of college with you in your new home. 

Whether it's a map or a cool photo, this is a great gift for anyone that loves their college town! 

4. Coffee Maker 

For any college graduate that is going to start a 9-5 job, a coffee maker is essential. Going from sleeping in whenever you want to to an early morning wake up call is tough and caffeine is definitely going to be necessary. 

A nice coffee maker is something your college graduate will absolutely love and will USE. 

5. Fitness Tracker

Now that your graduate is done with college, they are going to have so much more free time! Why not use that extra time to do something active? 

Fitbits are a great gift because it is a watch and a fitness tracker in one. They encourage you to be more active and get out of your comfort zone. I love getting more steps in by going on walks and exploring! 

6. Amazon Prime Membership 

Becoming an adult means getting an Amazon Prime membership... obviously. Amazon is taking over the world and we're here for it. 

A Prime membership is a perfect gift for a college graduate because it is such a great thing to have once your out on your own but they might not want to spend money on right away. They will be so happy to receive this! 

This article shows you how you can gift an Amazon Prime Membership.

7. Business Card Holder

Once your out on your own, having a business card on you at all times is crucial. You never know who you might meet!

This card holder is so sleek and professional looking which is why I love it as a college graduation gift! It is also such a great gift that won't break the bank. 

8. Passport Holder

Okay how cute is this passport holder? A ton of college graduates travel before they start to work full time, so if that's the case, this is a perfect gift!

If your college graduate loves to travel, this is also a great gift! 

9. New Luggage

Once you graduate and have an actual income, you have much more time and money to travel. New luggage is the perfect graduation gift for the girl that loves to travel and is always on the go. 

This set is so cute! This luggage is simple but with the perfect touch of pink. 

10. A Frame with her Favorite College Photo 

An easy gift that won't break the bank is a nice frame with a favorite picture of the graduate and their college friends! This is such an easy college graduation gifts for girls but will mean so much to them. 

Moving away from your college friends is going to be tough so a photo to hang in their new home will be a great reminder of all the memories they had together the last 4 years. 

11. AirPods

Airpods are honestly a great gift for any occasion. You really don't know what you're missing out until you have them. Any graduate would be so excited to receive these as a gift! 

Whether its listening to podcasts on their commute to work, music while they grind or while they work out, Airpods are amazing for any time of the day. 

12. Monogrammed Planner 
college graduation gifts for girls

Staying organized is very important when transitioning to a new phase in life like graduating. A planner is a great gift to give especially for those that might be on a budget. 

Getting a customized planner gives a personal touch that will make this graduation gift even better! 

13. iPad

Is it just me or is an iPad such an adult thing to have? iPads are awesome for searching the web, watching a show, online shopping and so much more! 

If you're in the market for a more expensive graduation gift, this is it! 

14. Class Pass Membership

When moving to a new city, it's hard to know what kind of work out classes you are going to like. A ClassPass membership is a perfect way to encourage your college graduate to try out a variety of work out classes! 

This way they can find what they like and not have to worry about breaking the bank on drop-in prices at different work out places!  

15. An Instant Pot 

An Instant Pot just screams adult, doesn't it? While getting used to living on your own, an Instant Pot is a great way to get used to cooking for yourself and still eating really yummy meals. 

It makes cooking so easy and fast, while still loving the food you make. This is a perfect graduation gift for anyone that wants to cook a lot but doesn't want to invest a lot of time in it. 

16. A Nice Water Bottle 

A nice water bottle is a great way to encourage hydration which is great at any stage in life! 

I'm obsessed with Hydroflasks. They keep drinks cold (or hot) for sooo long so it's perfect to fill up before work and know that it will last the entire day. 

17. Cheese Board 

What says "adult" more than a cheese board? Nothing. This is the perfect graduation gift because it will really make your graduate feel like they are grown up. 

These are perfect for when they want to have friends over for appetizers and wine! 

18. Weighted Blanket 

Weighted Blankets are ALL the rage right now! They seriously make it feel like you’re sleeping with a hug around you.

It’s super comforting and guaranteed to help your sleep quality improve. This is especially great for graduates moving to a new city and maybe feeling homesick. Such a great gift! 

19. Badass / Adulting Books 

Starting a new career is a big deal. It is easy to feel like you have no idea what you're doing. Books like these are a great way to keep your college graduate feeling empowered and motivated! 

I love books about being a badass. It really makes me more motivated to live my best life and I'm sure you want the same for your college graduate! 

20. Custom Coordinates Necklace
college graduation gifts

After moving away from home or your college town, it's great to have little things that remind you of those places. 

A necklace with the coordinates of home is such a great accessory that will also remind you of home every time you put it on. 

21. Apple Watch 

Apple Watches are the new big thing. They pretty much do it all. If you know your college graduate is going to be busy but will still want to stay connected, this is the perfect gift! 

It is so convenient to receive notifications on your watch instead of having to look at your phone all the time. It is also a great way to track fitness goals. A perfect college graduation gift for anyone! 

22. Casper Pillow 

Casper pillows are apparently amazing. Getting accustomed to a new place and home is a large transition but having a comfy place to sleep will definitely make things a little easier! 

23. Towel Set 

A nice towel set is a great college graduation gift since it's not something that a college graduate is likely to splurge on. Nice towels are such a luxury though! 

I got towels as a high school graduation gift and still use them to this day. This is definitely a great gift that other people probably haven't thought about. 

24. Gym Bag 

Once your a college graduate, you will have a lot more time to exercise. A gym bag is so nice to have especially if you plan to go to the gym before or after work. 

Having a gym bag makes it so much easier to stay organized and have everything you will need for the gym in one place! This is a great college graduation gift for anyone that loves to stay active. 

25. Essential Oil Diffuser 

Essential oils have so many therapeutic benefits and a diffuser really helps them absorb throughout the body. With all the stress of graduating and moving to a new place, essential oils can be a great way to help relax. 

26. Roomba Robot Vacuum

Now that your graduate is on their own, they are going to have to take care of their own place. This is a great gift for those people that want to keep their place clean but might not have time or are too lazy to do it themselves. 

You can turn this vacuum on and let it clean your new home while your at work! How great does that sound? 

I have one and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED.

27. Toolkit

Now that your graduate is independent and living on their own, they are going to have to fix things when they break. While this isn't the most glamorous gift, I guarantee they will thank you later. 

The worst feeling is having something break and then realizing you have no way to fix it. With this gift, that will never have to happen! 

28. Cast Iron Skillet 

Again, cooking is definitely something your college graduate is going to do a lot more of once they are out on their own. A cast iron skillet is another great tool to have when cooking! 

29. "In the Company of Women" Book

For any girl boss college graduates that are going into business, this book is bound to inspire them to work hard to reach their career goals. 

Stories of inspiring women in the business world is always a great way to motivate. I LOVE books like these and I know your college graduate will too! 

30. Amazon Giftcard

When in doubt, an Amazon giftcard is always a good gift. Everyone always needs something from Amazon at some point. This is such a simple gift but I guarantee they will use it and appreciate it! 

31. Wine Glasses

If your college graduate loves a nice glass of wine once in a while, nice wine glasses is a great gift for their college graduation! Who doesn't love a glass of wine after a long, stressful day at work? 

These wine glasses put a modern spin on the classic wine glass. Stemless and copper, your college graduate is bound to love these! 

32. An Echo Dot 

An Echo Dot is such a fun gift for a college graduate because it's basically your own personal assistant helping make your life much easier. 

It can tell you the weather, turn your lights on and off, set timers and alarms and so much more. What more could a college graduate need?! 

33. Bath Gift Set 

As exciting as graduation is, it is also very stressful since you're finally realizing that you have to be a real adult. To help ease the stress of adulting, a bath gift basket is a perfect way to help your college graduate relax! 

34. A Work Bag

Graduating most likely means working. This work bag is so sleek and professional looking. Your graduate is guaranteed to feel like a BOSS walking into work with this over their shoulder! 

35. A Nice Watch 

Wearing a watch makes you look 10x more put together I swear. A nice watch is a great graduation gift for anyone because who doesn't love to look put together (and always know what time it is)! 

I love small things that can easily elevate a look, and this is one of them! Such a great college graduation gift. 

36. A New Robe

The best feeling after a long work day is snuggling up in a big cozy robe. I have this robe and it's the best thing to ever happen to me (lol). Seriously this is such a good gift!

Your college graduate is going to thank you forever. Everyone needs a big comfy robe! 

37. "Becoming" by Michelle Obama 

This is an incredibly easy and inexpensive gift but one that will inspire a young college graduate. For anyone that likes to read, or may be curious about the life of Michelle Obama, this story is amazing and inspiring. 

38. Blue Apron Subscription  

Blue Apron is a food subscription that delivers you the exact ingredients and portions of food with step-by-step instructions on how to make really good meals. 

This is such a great college graduation gift, especially for those that want to start cooking for themselves but don't know where to start. This gives them the tools they need to learn! 

39. An Electronics Charging Station

It's becoming more and more common to own multiple Apple products which starts to get annoying to charge them all at night! A charging station like this makes it easier and cleaner to charge all your devices at once. 

This makes your bedside table much more organized. This is a great college graduation gift if you know your college grad wants to stay keep all their devices in order! 

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This post was all about the best College Graduation Gifts for Girls.

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