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Inappropriate White Elephant Gift Ideas

These dirty white elephant gifts are hilarious and will have the entire party laughing. 


There is nothing better than finding that perfectly dirty white elephant gift idea that you just know will be a major hit with the group.

White elephant gift exchanges are all about having fun and my friends and I always find that the dirtier the gift, the more fun we have. 

Plus, most of these are white elephant gifts under $20.

If these gifts are TOO INAPPROPRIATE for you, check out this post: 50 Funny White Elephant Gifts That Will Have Everyone Laughing

Here are the best dirty white elephant gifts for you to bring this year.

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Dirty White Elephant Gifts: 

Think these panties for two could be a useful dirty white elephant gift for someone in your group? These will definitely make for some laughs.

(source @Pinterest)

Want to give a cookbook on 50 Ways To Eat Cock? 😉 

Continue on the coloring book trend with this Eat A Bag of D*cks Coloring Book. May not be classy, but it sure is funny. 

How funny is this penis shaped ice cube tray?! You can tell that people really like to give penis themed white elephant gifts. 

Here is a dirty white elephant gift that is actually practical.

This game will be a hit with the party.

I know of a lot of people who could use this weener kleener soap. 

In addition to those other dirty white elephant gifts, this hilarious deer men thong will fit perfectly into the holiday spirit. 

Know someone in your white elephant group that needs this, "How to Live With A Huge Penis" book? :/

How funny is this penis chocolate?!

10. Ball Tea Bag Holder

This is the perfect white elephant gift for anyone that is a tea (and ball :/) lover.

Know anyone that could use these ass wipes?

Winters can get cold, this could help!

13. Stud Muffin Undies

14. Dill Dough

Do you know someone who needs a Dill Dough?! (get it 😉

15. Wine Condom

This is a condom for your wine leaking here!

16. Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

How gross is this?!?! I was SHOCKED at how inexpensive this is. So funny!

17. Funny Cooking Apron

The perfect apron for the kitchen.

18. Penis Pokey

This is the adult version of a childhood book that you can put your finger through. It's hilarious!

My friend brought this as her white elephant gift last year and it was SO funny! It was also fun to do after we exchanged gifts. It's the adult version of pin the donkey. 

20. Fuzzy Handcuffs

How funny are these purple fuzzy handcuffs.

21. Bottle Opener Set

Everyone could use another bottle opener set and this one is hilarious!

An item I have personally given...penis soap. You can pick the color and scent of the soap. It was so funny and I highly recommend gifting this as a dirty white elephant gifts.

23. Penis Lipstick

Last but not least, penis lipstick. This is definitely for all you immature minds. So funny.

This post showed the best dirty white elephant gifts.

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