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cleaning closet organization

Before I even say anything else, I think you need to see this closet before the cleaning closet organization makeover...

cleaning closet

YIKES! There was really no method to this madness but there needed to be because 1) I mean look at it... and 2) I was running out of places to put things.

I have lived in my apartment for over a year now so I have a really good grasp on what I wanted to include in here. I already have my other decor closet in my laundry room which allowed this closet to really focus on the "cleaning" aspect of my life.

I needed this closet to store:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Medicine
  • Candles
  • Extra Store Bags
  • Extra Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
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laundry room closet organization

It really is crazy how much more your life feels so much more together with a simple organization spree.

I was also able to fit everything I need in here and still have room.

Here's where I got everything from and my favorite hacks for my cleaning closet organization...

cleaning closet organization


I live in Wisconsin so it is extremely common to keep any grocery bag you get for the winter to haul your snow boots in. It's a real thing ;). Since I've done that my entire life, I have it instilled in me that you keep any and every bag you receive. 

For awhile there, I was just throwing these bags on the ground and it was a hot mess. I ended up getting this cute striped basket for $12.99 at HomeGoods. I shove it in there and it stores it perfectly while looking a whole better.

My O-Cedar mop sits next to it (which, btw, is the best mop EVER!).

cleaning hacks


This is one of my favorite little hacks. I ordered these black command strip hooks from Amazon. Renter-friendly hack and a million times better than all of these sitting on the ground.

cleaning closet

These white containers are my absolute favorite. I use them EVERYWHERE in my apartment. Literally everywhere.

They're only $5 (or less) and come in all different sizes. Here's the link to the white containers.

cleaning closet organization ideas


These turntables are the best and another organization product I use throughout my entire apartment.

This is the clear turntable I used for my medicine.

laundry room closet organization

Paper towels and extra toilet paper have their home at the top of the closet. 

...and thats exactly how I organized my cleaning closet.

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