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If you're moving into a college apartment this year, you need to see these college bedroom ideas were are absolutely obsessed with at BSL. 

college apartment bedrooms

Moving into a college apartment is so exciting because it's like getting to decorate a dorm room all over again (but this time bigger and better). I was so excited to decorate my college apartment because I could go with a new style that I didn't use in my dorm room. Your college apartment will make you feel grown up and more independent than a dorm room!

The most important part of your new college apartment is your bedroom!!! Hopefully you'll finally be upgrading from that twin xl to a bigger bed and maybe not have to sleep in the same room as a roommate! You want your bedroom to be a new, sophisticated, cozy place to crash after a long day.

This post is all about college bedroom ideas.


1. Keep it simple and sweet 

college student bedroom decorating ideas

Recreate this simple, cozy bedroom:

This bedroom is super simple, but it looks SO cozy. The layers of bedding look like I would have the best night of sleep ever here, and the bright white lights create the perfect ambiance. 

2. Get a clothing rack to display your cutest pieces 

Recreate this trendy, beige bedroom:

This bedroom is everything!!! It's a super small space but they made it work and fit so many different elements in. The clothing rack definitely steals the show though.

You know when you have those couple pieces of clothing that just deserve to be seen?? That's what you need the clothing rack for! Your cute clothes basically become decor ?

3. Get some fun, funky candles

These candles are everywhere lately. I think it's fun to have funky candles as decor that you may never even burn! 

Imagine this candle on top of some stacked runway books and a little plant ?

4. Make a gallery wall with your favorite framed photos

college girl bedroom ideas

sourced from @franacciardo

Recreate this bright, pretty bedroom:

I absolutely love this college bedroom. It looks like the brightest, coziest little corner that I would love to crash in after a long day! 

Framing anything you're hanging on the wall makes it look so much nicer (and more sophisticated for your grown up apartment ?). 

5. Fill your space with plants

Recreate this peachy, lively bedroom:

This room is so cool. At first glance it seems a little messy, but when you appreciate all of the plants and details you start to fall in love with it! 

Having a little chair is so nice when someone is hanging out in your room because then they don't have to sit on your bed!! 

6. Get a cute and trendy rug 

I am obsessed with this leopard rug. I saw someone put this rug in their NYC apartment and it was soo cute. 

We all know leopard print is the biggest trend right now. This would honestly fit any bedroom aesthetic!

7. Stick with light, earthy tones

college apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this bright, airy bedroom:

This boho beauty is amazinggg. Doesn't this room just look like a place you could never be unhappy in? The little rattan mirror is darling and would look so good in any boho bedroom. 

8. Mix bold and boho elements

Recreate this heavenly, Dalmatian bedroom:

I have had this pin saved since I went to college and I still love it. The dalmation bedding is so bold, but the natural plant elements and earth tones are much more boho and calm. 

Whatever it is, this room has always been cute to me and it probably always will be! 

9. Get a neon sign with a cute little reminder

Is this the cutest neon sign you've ever seen? There are all of the little hearts and shapes of course, but this quote is my favorite by far. 

It would also make such fun lighting in your room!! 

10. You can never go wrong with a white comforter

college girl apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this clean and cute bedroom:

This dorm room is so cute and shows how you can always go with a classic white comforter and spice it up with fun pillows and a throw blanket. 

11. Use fake vines to fill wall space

Recreate this warm, earthy bedroom:

This room is so cute. The vines are definitely very trendy right now, but they add a fun element that you can really only do in a college bedroom. 

You know I love some leopard, so this blanket is a really cute accent. 

12. Buy a wall art collage

These wall collages can be up to $70 on other sites, but I found this really inexpensive collage kit on amazon and there are TONS.

These photo collages are the new tapestry of 2021 and they are so fun because you can add a lot of different prints instead of just one picture on a tapestry. 

13. Put a mirror above your bed

college apartment bedroom 2021

Recreate this cozy, grey bedroom:

Charli, one of our BSL college writers, used this big silver mirror above her bed and I love the way it turned out! 

Adding a little nightstand like the one I linked above is perfect for a small college apartment bedroom. 

14. Get a fun shaped mirror to go with a polaroid collage

Recreate this aesthetically pleasing collage:

This is one of my favorite college bedroom ideas I've seen! If I could describe this picture in one word, it would be VSCO ?. If that's your vibe, then you need to recreate this polaroid wall with the moon mirror! 

The mirror is super inexpensive and could easily be hung with a little 3M tape! 

15. Get a magazine caddy to keep school supplies organized

I had a gold magazine holder to organize all of my notebooks and planners together when I was in college and I think it made my desk look WAY more organized than it actually was. 

This double magazine caddy is so pretty and would be perfect in your college apartment bedroom to keep everything together. 

16. Keep it simple and sweet 

college house bedroom ideas

sourced from @mixtiles

Recreate this perfectly put-together bedroom:

I can't get enough of this room. It's seriously so put together and every last detail matches. 

If you haven't heard of mix-tiles you should 100% check them out. I tagged their instagram above so you could go to their website and design the frames with your own pictures. There is nothing better for a college bedroom because they're made to peel & stick over and over again. 

17. Put together the perfect desk

Recreate this darling, girly desk:

I'm obsessed with this little desk space. I love it because you can get ready there, work on homework, and charge your phone all in one place. 

Round mirrors are one of the trendiest home decor items right now, so having one in your college bedroom would take your room to the next level. 

18. Get a fluffy bean bag for cozy seating

This chair would be so nice to hang out in and read a book or do some studying, but what it is probably best for is when you have your friends over. 

The last thing you want is your friends to come over and sit their dirty clothes all over your bed that you have to sleep in. Having an extra chair like this is super nice for hanging out with people. 

19. Plant posters + mixed textures = boho perfection


Recreate this airy, boho bedroom:

Hannah, one of our BSL girls, had a bright, boho dorm room and we love everything about it. The plant posters are perfectly on trend and you know how much I love mixing all the different textured pillows!

20. Use a bar cart as a bedside table

Recreate this alternative bedside table:

Never thought I would be telling you to buy a bar cart for a nightstand, but it really just works. I love buying something that I will be able to use for years in the future. 

When you're ready to set up a bar cart, you can use this cart that you had already been using as a bedside table! 

21. Get an essential oil diffuser that's pretty enough to be decor

You know how much I am obsessed with the Vitruvi essential oil diffuser, but it will cost you over $100 ??. This stone diffuser looks identical and is half the price!! 

I'm always trying to achieve that luxury look on a budget, and this does exactly that. It would look so luxurious in a college bedroom. 

22. Make a flower wall to fill up empty wall space

Recreate this pretty flower wall:

These flower walls have been super popular this year. I feel like they are the perfect way to fill up space if you want to do something a little different and not just another photo collage. 

They're hard to find on amazon, so I definitely think it's worth it to get these Etsy flower garlands. 

23. Get a mini skincare fridge

I LOVE these vintage skincare fridges. Not only will they keep your products cool (and ready to de-puff at all times), but I think it also just looks really cute. 

Another bonus, if you have roommates constantly eating your food, you could stash little snacks in here ;). 

This post is all about college bedroom ideas. 

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