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This post is all about dorm room ideas for girls.

dorm room ideas for girls

One of the best parts of moving to college is the opportunity to decorate your dorm to perfection and these dorm room ideas for girls does just that.

When I was first going to college, I was obsessed with planning out my dorm decor and spent hours searching Pinterest to find the perfect inspiration ideas that I could then go copy in my own dorm room.

There are so many ideas that your head can quickly be spinning. Girly or boho? White bedding or patterned bedding? So many ideas!

This post shows you the 31 best dorm room ideas for girls.


1. Put a Wall Decal Over Your Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

I think that this is a brilliant dorm room idea for girls because it allows you to personalize your dorm room in such a unique way! 

We all have phrases or sayings that just put a little "pep in our step" when we see them. So how cool would it be to have that phrase in your dorm room? Answer: SO COOL! And Amazon has a bunch of different quote options for fairly cheap, so this is a dorm room idea that I TOTALLY recommend! 

2. Or a Monogram!

This is such a cute dorm room idea for girls because it adds a very personalized touch to your dorm room. Not to mention it also tells guests whose bed is whose! 

And wall monograms are fairly cheap, like the one I linked above is only $8! There's so many pros to a monogram above your bed that it's impossible to say no! 

3. Loft Your Beds

dorm room ideas

This is a dorm room idea for girls that I totally used my freshman year, and I speak highly of it! 

Lofting your bed is such a great way to give yourself more space in the little shoe box you're suppose to call home for 9 months. It allows you to put things under it or even just create an entire new space underneath like a kitchen/tv area or a study space. 

Most student housing departments offer lofting through selected companies that will come in and do everything for you for a slight fee. So if you're interested in lofting your beds, contact your student housing department first! 

4. Put a Futon Under One Bed

girls dorm room ideas

Recreate this dorm room:

If you decide that lofting your bed is definitely for you, this idea and the next one are dedicated to giving your inspiration as to what to do with the new space that you have! 

The first idea is to put a futon under one of the beds. My roommate and I did this freshman year and I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver it was for us!

 Our guests had a place to crash without cramping into one of our beds, and we had a space to watch TV too! This was such a great dorm room idea that I will recommend forever to freshman girls moving in! 

5. and everything else under the other!

Recreate this dorm room:

And my second dorm room ideas for girls is to create a little kitchen/living room area underneath the other lofted bed!

 Doing this literally makes it seem like you have an apartment, not just a shoe box. It gives you space to do it all as well as keep it organized. Now THAT's what I call a win win! 

6. Hang a Wall Tapestry on the Side of Your Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

Wall tapestries are a such a great dorm room idea for girls because they are a cheap decoration that takes up a lot of space on those cement brick walls! 

And, there are so many wall tapestry options on Amazon for cheap that it would be impossible to NOT find one that you didn't love. So get to shopping and knock out a major portion of your decorating mission with a wall tapestry! 

7. Put a Rug In Between Your Beds

dorm room ideas trendy

Recreate this dorm room:

Not only is this a super cute dorm room idea, but it is also one that is super cozy for your feet! 

Putting a rug in between your beds not only adds chic decoration to your space, but also gives your feet a soft landing for their first minutes out of bed. You can get any rug you like, but I suggest a fur one for that added comfort! 

8. Hang Lights Around Your Dorm

dorm room ideas ikea

Recreate this dorm room:

String lights are so in for dorm rooms! So I had to include them in this dorm room ideas for girls post! 

String lights can go anywhere, around your walls, on an entire wall, you get the idea! Regardless of where you put them, string lights add an additional, and softer, light option that will give your dorm a glow! 

9. Create and Hang a Photo Board

dorm room ideas 2022

Recreate this dorm room:

Photos are something that just HAS to be incorporated into any girl's dorm room. They add such a fun and personalized element to a room that it's hard to imagine why any girl wouldn't want them in there! 

But often girls are intimated by incorporating photos because they don't know how too. This idea is to solve all your problems. Create a photo board and hang it by your bed! That way you add decor to your bed area and have all your photos in one space. Now that's what I call a genius idea! 

10. Make a Coffee Station 

Recreate this dorm room:

Ah yes coffee, the fuel of college students. Many freshman in dorm rooms prefer to have coffee makers in their rooms because going to the dining hall everyone morning when your body craves caffeine to begin functioning is just too hard! I was one of those freshman, so here's what I did.

I made a coffee station, and I made it pretty. I put my keurig, and k-cup drawer on a stand and placed my mugs around it in a cute way. Not only did it ensure that I got my coffee first thing, but it also ensured that I had an aesthetically pleasing Insta story to create as well! 

11. Add Blackout Curtains 

Recreate this dorm room:

Blackout curtains are a girl's best friend when it comes to living in the dorms! The ones I linked above are the exact ones I used my freshman year, and boy oh boy was our room dark when we needed it to be! 

That's why I suggest blackout curtains for girl's dorm rooms, they allow you to sleep no matter what time of the day it is! But make sure you open them from time to time to avoid going crazy without daylight! 

12. Put Your Desk and Drawers Under Your Lofted Bed 

If adding a futon and TV area under your lofted bed really isn't your thing, try this dorm room idea for girls instead! 

Adding your desk and drawers to your space underneath gives you a great study area! And the cool thing about this idea is that once you're done studying, you can just crawl right up into bed! That's efficiency at it's finest, folks! 

13. Have an Ottoman by Your Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

Ottomans are a great addition to the space in between your beds in your dorm room! They give you a way to get into your beds as well as an additional place to sit if you have guests over!

If you're going to get an ottoman, I highly suggest getting one that allows you to store things in the middle of it, like shoes. I've linked a great one from Amazon above! 

14. Hang Curtains Under a Lofted Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

I think that this is such a cute dorm room idea for girls! Adding curtains to the underneath of your beds is genius regardless of whether you lofted your beds or not! 

They add decoration and give you a way to ignore the mess if your desk area is just too messy for company! 

15. Have a Headboard 

Recreate this dorm room:

This is a dorm room idea for girls that kind of goes without saying but I thought I would just add it to re-emphasize how important they are! 

Headboards make your entire bed area, no like really it looks weird if you don't have one I promise! And there are so many headboard options to choose from that it's easy to find one that you'll like!

Tip: many girls moving out of the dorms will sell their headboards, so just local FB groups or GroupMe's to score a deal! 

16. Have a Vanity Mirror For Your Desk

Recreate this dorm room:

I think that this is a total move when it comes to dorm room ideas for girls. Why? Because it adds glam to academics. It provides a space for you to glam up, or hunker down. It's definitely an idea to look into when preparing for your freshman dorm! 

17. Have a Lap Desk 

Recreate this dorm room:

This is such a genius dorm room idea for girls to copy because it allows you to productively do your homework or watch netflix in bed! 

A lap desk keeps your desk up off your legs so that when your laptop begins to overheat it won't burn you! And it looks super cute on a made up bed, who wouldn't want one in their dorm? 

18. Big Area Carpet 

dorm inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

This is a super important dorm room idea to copy because it makes your dorm room a lot cozier, cleaner, and cuter!

Adding an area rug covers up that ugly tile and gives your feet a soft cushion as your move about your dorm room! And it just adds something really cute to your dorm room, so definitely look into getting an area rug! 

19. Futon in between Beds

I think this is such a great dorm room idea for girls to copy if their dorm room is more of a horizontal rectangle. Putting the futon in the middle of the beds gives you one common area where everyone can be! 

It also just looks really awesome and is the perfect way to utilize that awkward space! 

20. Hang a Hammock Chair 

Recreate this dorm room:

Ok this is such a FUN dorm room idea that I just had to share so that everyone could copy it! 

If this doesn't make you want to loft your beds, I don't know what will. A hanging hammock chair is a super fun addition to your room that will allow you to escape from the day or just have another guest over! Seriously, get this chair and put it in your dorm room NOW! 

21. Have Matching Bedding 

Matching bedding is such a great dorm room idea for girls to copy because it is an easy way to ensure that your dorm room looks cute and cohesive! 

But if you don't want to be too "matchy matchy" with your roommate, then just get the same headboard, comforter, and blanket. Then get different, but similar pillows to show your individual styles! 

22. Hang Paper Lanterns 

Recreate this dorm room:

Paper lanterns are such a fun and unique dorm room idea that I just had to share so that girls can copy! 

They add such a chic look to the room, and are a great alternative if string lights aren't your thing. And the ones I've linked above aren't super expensive so they're great for decorating your dorm room on a budget! 

23. Make a Gallery Wall 

dorm room ideas target

A gallery wall is a great way to decorate that wall area by your bed in a way that is totally oh so you! 

A lot of these dorm room ideas that I'm suggesting you copy are ones that allow you to show off your personality but in a way that makes the dorm room look pretty and cozy. A gallery wall is another way to do just that. Get prints of your favorite quotes or drawings, frame them, and hang them in a fun way and BOOM! gallery wall is done! 

24. Frame Shopping Bags as Wall Decor 

Another great idea for a gallery wall that I highly suggest you copy is a gallery wall with shopping bags! Just frame shopping bags instead of prints and quotes for a gallery wall that shows your taste in fashion and decor all in one! 

25.  Use Wallpaper 

Recreate this dorm room:

I know what you're thinking, how can WALLPAPER be an idea that I copy? Because wallpaper is now peel-adhesive and I've linked some from Amazon above!

That's right, wallpaper is now super easy to apply and take down. And its ease is what makes it the dorm room idea to copy because no other girls will think of it! So go get some and make the most fabulous dorm room NOW! 

26. Put a Blanket at the End of Your Bed 

best dorm rooms

Recreate this dorm room:

Blankets aren't just a dorm room idea for girls to copy, they're also a necessity for girls to have in their dorm room. It can get chilly, especially when you aren't the one that gets to control the temperature. So make sure you grab one, and keep it at the end of your bed for extra decoration that will tie your bed area together! 

P.S. The one linked above is the exact one that I've owned for two years and swear by! Go grab it and thank me later, you won't regret it!

27. Put a Dresser in between Your Beds 

dorm room ideas for girls target

Recreate this dorm room:

You see a dresser in all dorm room pictures that you're scoping out on Pinterest. This is your reminder to copy this idea because it makes your dorm room look insanely elegant! 

Also, a dresser is another great item to be on the lookout for in FB Resale Groups because freshman often try to get rid of theses for cheap when they move out in the summer too!

28. Add a Chandelier 

dorm room ideas for girls ikea

Ok yes this idea is super extra, but if you can copy this idea then PLEASE do! 

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to share for my fellow girls that get so much out of doing the most. And the one I've linked is not super expensive, but boyyy does it make you look boujee!

29. Desk Hutches! 

Desk hutches are another great idea for girls to copy in their dorm room! 

They add a ton of extra storage space, which is something every girl finds herself needing in her freshman dorm. And with the right photos and trinkets, you can totally make it into a pretty space to look at too!

Wondering where to get one? This is another item that freshman try to get rid of when moving out so scour your FB Groups and GroupMe's for great deals!

30. Matching Lamps 

dorm room inspiration

Recreate this dorm room:

Usually the lighting in dorm rooms SUCK because there is only one overhead light. This idea to copy changes that! 

Getting matching lamps and placing them either both on a dresser or one on each desk gives you great lighting options that are a lot softer and easier to live with. And, they're great for when one roommate has to get up earlier than another!

31. String Lights Above the Futon 

This is another great dorm room idea for girls to copy because it is another way to incorporate string lights into your room! 

Regardless of what you do, I highly suggest getting another option for lighting because the overhead light provided is harsh and you will get tired of it on day 2. If you loft your bed, this is a great idea to copy because it keeps the parts of your room that need light lit while keeping your bed dark and perfect for sleeping! 

This post was all about the best dorm room ideas for girls.

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