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From cozy pillows and throws to unique table decor for the holidays, here is all the best Amazon Christmas decor to buy this year.

amazon christmas decor

We all know and love Amazon for their reasonable prices, never-ending selection, and insanely fast shipping (I mean seriously I will order something off Amazon and it will be here the next day). With the wide variety, Amazon offers it should be no surprise that they carry a wide range of super cute Christmas decor as well.

I am pretty much a Christmas decor fanatic but I’ll admit I'm pretty picky about what decor I buy. But even with my super-specific preferences on Christmas decor, I was able to find loads of stuff on Amazon that was actually super cute. I spent hours and I mean HOURS searching through Amazon for the best Christmas decor for this year and you better believe I found the best of the best.

Anyone looking for a quick and easy purchase when shopping for the holidays is guaranteed to love this Amazon Christmas decor.

This post is all about Amazon Christmas Decor.


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1. Christmas Trees

First things first! If you don't have a tree already that should be your very first purchase when decorating your home for the holidays. Amazon has hundreds of Christmas trees to choose from but the flocked white Christmas trees are some of my personal favs. This style of Christmas tree is what I used in my apartment last year and I could not have asked for a better-looking tree.

2. Candles & Candle Holders

How cute are these candle holders for Christmas?! You can either go for a cute Christmas candle holder like this gold sleigh one or use more subtle candleholders (this option is perfect for all my neutral decor-loving ladies out there).

3. Ornaments

Whether you are looking for bright and bold colored ornaments or prefer to keep your tree light and simple, Amazon is going to have any and every ornament you could think of.

Here are some of my personal favorites on Amazon right now! I used ornaments super similar to these ones from Amazon on my tree last year but I will tell you, these are a lot better priced.

4. Serving Trays & Dishes

You’re guaranteed to be hosting friends and family at some point this holiday season so you are going to need some cute Christmas serving trays!

These Christmas-shaped containers are perfect for serving snacks and finger foods when throwing a Christmas party.

5. Gift Wrap & Decorations

To go with your super cute holiday home finds from Amazon you’re going to need cute wrapping paper for the gifts under your tree as well! Currently obsessed with this gold embossed wrapping paper!!! Top it off with some cute bows and ribbons and you’re done!

6. Stockings & Hooks

The stockings and hooks I bought last year were from Target but they were seasonal items so I'm not completely sure when and if they will be back ins stock. But, these stockings and hooks from Amazon are super similar and are around the same price! 

7. Table Decor

Wooden beads are my go to table decor item and you can find them on Amazon! These work with all kinds of other decor so feel free to scatter them anywhere you like! Mini trees and simple gold Christmas decor are always cute table decor options for the holidays as well.

8. Doormats

It took a little sifting through all the tacky Christmas doormats but I was able to find some super cute and funny doormats on Amazon for the holidays! These doormats are perfect for accenting your front porch and layering over a larger patterned doormat.

9. Throw Pillows & Blankets

I tend to stay away from Christmas pillows and blankets just because I feel like they can look tacky but here are a couple of super cute ones I found for this year! Keep it neutral and simple with a white sweater pillow and minimalist Christmas patterns to give your couches or bed a festive Christmas feel. If you like the more colorful, traditional Christmas pillows there are a ton of options on Amazon as well!

10. Wreaths & Garlands

Have a mantel, door, or table you want to decorate? Garlands and wreaths are always a safe bet! From pine leaf garlands to cute and trendy pom-pom garlands Amazon has a ton of options you can use to decorate for Christmas!

11. Outdoor Christmas Decor

While you might be focused on getting the inside of your house ready for the holidays you can’t forget to decorate the outside for Christmas as well! Use small pine trees on either side of your front door to create a cute Christmas feel for your guests to walk into!

12. Vases & Florals

We all know how much I love my neutral decor and I tend to stick with it even during the holidays. These white ceramic vases and pampas grass are the perfect way to add florals into your home for the holidays while keeping decor minimalistic.

13. Dining Table Decor

How cute would this Amazon Christmas decor be as a dining table setup?! You will most likely be hosting at least one Christmas dinner this year and this decor is the perfect way to decorate your table.

14. Dining Table Set Up

Here are some more items you will need to create a festive dining table! These ceramic plates and gold cutlery are guaranteed to look amazing paired with your other table decor.

15. Baskets

I know baskets aren’t necessarily “Christmas-y” but you will most likely be keeping a bunch of cozy blankets around during the winter months and baskets are the perfect way to store all of them!

16. Twinkle Lights

No Christmas decor is complete without twinkle lights. These can be used on your tree, mantel, dining table, and even outdoors to give any room that cozy Christmas feel.

17. Jingle Bells

I used this Christmas decor idea a ton last Christmas and I will 100% be using it again. All you will need are some gold jingle bells and glass vases. Fill your vases with the bells and there you go! Super easy and budget-friendly Amazon Christmas decor that you can use as table decor and centerpieces.

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