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I’m really excited to give you a quick tour of our new restoration, The Sophomore House. You’ll get a sneak peak into each of the rooms and hear what my plans are for the project!

house project

Last year, when we officially started renovating the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ House, I had no idea what I was doing. Yes, I had a degree under my belt that was supposed to teach me all the skills to take on a restoration project, but the only way you can really learn how to restore (or build) a house is to do it. I learned SO much from our first restoration and could not be happier to announce we have officially started demolition on our second project, ‘The Sophomore House!’

I was having trouble coming up with a name for the project. Nothing was sticking, but once I heard one of our team members suggest ‘The Sophomore House,’ I knew it was perfect. It makes complete sense; last year was freshman year, and we had no idea what we were doing. But this year, we’ve leveled up. We’re not freshmen anymore. We’ve also created the acronym ‘TSH’ for ‘The Sophomore House’ because, let me tell you, once you have to write it out 30 times a day, it becomes a mouth full. 

TSH (again, ‘The Sophomore House’) has such good bones and is so much less work than our first project, ‘GBOGH’. The house hasn’t been updated in many years, but someone could move in right now and the house would be perfectly livable; whereas the ‘GBOGH’ house we needed to take down to the bones there was so much damage. 

You can follow along on @bysophialee on Instagram where I’ll be posting updates on the house in real time!

The Exterior

home renovation

Photos courtesy of @rockroseproductions

Isn’t she so cute? I really don’t have to do too much to the exterior. The plan is to first replace the shutters. Then, I’m tackling the light on the front porch; it’s off center and it’s driving me crazy. After the budget meeting, I learned it will cost too much to center it, so instead, I’m going to add a flush-mounted light where you won’t be able to see it. 

Last but not least, we are splurging on new copper gutters! Truly copper can make the biggest difference to a house. I feel like I’m starting a tradition of having a copper element in every restoration!

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The First Floor

The Vestibule

home renovation

There’s a small vestibule that you walk through to enter the house. We’ll be replacing the light and adding beautiful crown molding. Then we’ll be replacing the wallpaper (for the new wallpaper we’ll be using Sandberg Wallpaper). Very excited to share with you guys my ideas for how to spice up a small area!

The Foyer

home renovation

I adore this foyer. We will be adding a new light fixture, changing the paint color on the walls, and finishing it off with a little decor. 

The Formal Living & Dining Room

home renovation

Currently, this space is the main living room. However, for the home renovation we will be turning the current dining room into the family living room (more on that next). The space is so large that we are going to divide the room in half (not with additional walls, but with rugs and furniture). On the far side, we will have a formal sitting room and on the other side, we will have a beautiful dining room. I think it will be the perfect space for hosting.

The Family Room

home renovation

What will become the new living room was actually used as a dining room by the previous owners! I thought the space was simply perfect for a family room. We’ll be adding a framed tv and a cute & comfy couch. The real star of the show is the dark wood bar we’ll be adding! I thought it would be the perfect addition to the living room. There are two built-in cabinets currently; one will be turned into the bar, and the other will be removed so we can open the kitchen up more to the living room!

The Kitchen

home renovation

The cabinets on the right-hand side of the kitchen are so deep; I can’t even reach my arm to the back wall. So we will be removing the cabinets and adding custom-built cabinetry! This will open up the kitchen much more and make the room feel more spacious. We’re really trying to utilize the space as best we can. We’ll be adding a breakfast nook which I’m so ecstatic about. Kitchens are my favorite and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned as the weeks go on. 

The Half-Bath

home renovation

There’s a tiny half bath off the backyard entry into the house. In the home renovation we’ll be keeping the molding, adding new tile, and adding paint & wallpaper! To top it off we’ll have a new light fixture, toilet, and vanity added. 

The Little Porch

home renovation

The cutest part of the house has to be the leading porch off the stairs on the second floor. We’re going to make it so cozy. It’s become one of my favorite parts of the house. We’ll be adding chairs and a little table to make it the perfect place to have a morning coffee or read a book!

The Second Floor

The second floor is where the most work is being done! Currently, there are three bedrooms and one bathroom. We will be adding a second bathroom, aka the kid’s bathroom! The great thing is the two secondary bedrooms are quite big as they are, so even after the addition they will be spacious rooms! The primary bedroom, and current bathroom, will be closed off the create a primary suite. 

The Teen Boy’s Room

home renovation

The yellow secondary room will become a teen boy’s room! In the last house, I made one of the rooms a young twin boys’ room, so I’m so excited to tackle the challenge of a teen room. We will be getting rid of the yellow paint and adding some neutral, yet masculine flair to this room!

The Little Girl’s Room

home renovation

As soon as I walked into this room I knew it would be perfect for a little girl. After the home renovation is complete, and the house is sold, I can’t guarantee that the buyers of the house will have a little girl, but with every restoration, I like to create a story. I’ll be adding two full beds on either side and really making this space playful!

The Primary Suite

house renovation

The primary suite will be closed off and a door will be added! As you walk in there will be closet space to your left and the primary bathroom to your right. We’ll be painting the master bedroom, adding a second closet in the main room (that will look identical to the one on the opposite side of the room), and giving it a more classic feel.

The Primary Bathroom

home renovation

I have a lot of plans to make the bathroom feel luxurious. We’ll be adding in a much larger vanity (there was so much open, unused space between the vanity and the wall). The bathroom will truly be getting a big transformation. Tile, mirrors, shower, cabinetry. ALL the things. 

The Basement

home renovation

We are adding a bedroom in the basement which I think will be so great. Having a space where in-laws or friends can come when they visit is so important. I always try to make my restorations as ‘host-friendly’ as possible and the extra bedroom will be just that.

The Laundry Room

home restoration

The laundry room really needed a revamp and that’s what we’re going to give it. The shower you currently see will be removed, the walls will be closed off and the laundry room will be much more welcoming with fewer dungeon vibes. 

let’s keep in touch…

Every week, you’ll be getting all the latest from Sophia! From what she’s loving, what she’s cooking, what she’s decorating and so much more!

This post was all about The Sophomore House home renovation project.

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