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This post is all about things that have made my life better.

I went through and wrote out a list of everything that has made my life better in the last year. They’re all super practical but have actually been life-changing for my lifestyle. So, let’s go through them!

This post is all about productivity tips and organization hacks.

1. Down Pillow Inserts

First up, get down pillow inserts — I usually purchase them from Amazon. This is so basic but it has literally transformed the rooms in my house, making them look much more decorated and professionally designed.

Then, I’ll buy pillows from Target or HomeGoods and replace their inserts with these down ones. They’re choppable (veryyy important) and just look super nice. Definitely one of my all-time favorite life hacks for home.

2. HelloFresh

I think I’m the only person on the internet who’s not paid to talk about HelloFresh, lol. We started HelloFresh about three months ago and it has saved us SO much money. We do four meals a week, spending around $85, and they’re super good.

My husband doesn’t enjoy them as much as I do because they involve a lot of dishes to make, but we’ve literally been saving $300 a month by using HelloFresh. 10/10 recommend trying one of the best cooking and kitchen hacks!

3. Three Hamper Laundry Basket

This is another super practical one! I recently bought this hamper from Amazon, and when I’m taking off my clothes, I separate them into darks, mediums, and whites right away.

That way, when laundry day comes, I literally just grab the hamper, throw everything into the wash, and it saves me a lot of time. This is one of the greatest cleaning shortcuts I have found!

4. Cleaning Lady

I know this is such a privilege, but, OMG, it has literally changed our lives!!

I’m the type of person who goes insane if the house isn’t clean. My husband and I have very demanding jobs, and we work a lot of hours. Our house was starting to show it, so we hired a cleaning lady about two years ago.

Again, I know it’s such a privilege, but if you can afford it, it’s absolutely game-changing.

5. Use Voice Text

This is something that I’m now known for because 99% of my texts are sent through voice text. It is suchhh a great time-saving hacks since I can send texts soo much faster. I can do it while I’m walking, I can do it while I’m driving, I literally just do it all the time.

Everyone in my life knows that if something’s misspelled or their name isn’t spelled correctly or whatever it is, it’s Siri, not me. But it just saves me a lot of time!

6. Anxiety Medication

So I started anxiety medication in January. It’s a double-edged sword because it’s caused me to gain a lot of weight — about 20 pounds. (I’ve never struggled with weight gain in my life, so I know it’s tied to that.)

However, it has made me feel normal for the first time in my life! I’m not up all night stressing over things, and it has really just changed my personality for the better. This is now one of the best stress management hacks for me haha!

7. Double Stuff Your Duvets

This is similar to the down pillow inserts, but I recommend double stuffing your duvets so you have two duvets sandwiched on top of each other. Then put your duvet cover over both of them.

This will make your bed so fluffy, comfortable, and look like a hotel bed. I am very picky and passionate about my bedding so I have linked my absolute favorite duvet down below!

8. Keep a Notepad Next to My Bed

This one might make me seem a little crazy haha. I am known for losing sleep in the middle of the night over random thoughts or ideas, so now I keep a notepad on the side of my bed.

If I wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea, something I’m stressing over, something I don’t want to forget, etc., I quickly write it down. Then, I can just go back to sleep and not obsess over it for the next four hours.

9. Shared Google Calendar

And lastly, my husband and I have a shared Google calendar.

I am the planner in our family, and my husband, Ben, would always get frustrated because I’d say, ‘Oh, we have this,’ or ‘Honey has a vet appointment,’ or whatever it is. He’d respond, ‘Well, I didn’t know that.’

So, we started a shared Google calendar, and that way, it’s very clear when we have things going on, who’s in charge of them, etc. It just keeps us on the same page!

This post is all about life hacks for everyday efficiency.

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