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This post is about all the sorority rush essentials. 

15 sorority rush essentials

OMG it's finally time for you to rush! I know I was looking forward to my sorority recruitment for so long and was so excited to get everything prepared.

Rushing a sorority is super exciting but it also can be pretty stressful. There are a ton of things you need to prepare before rush but luckily, I'm here to help you with everything you need to make rush go smoothly! 

This post is about all the sorority rush essentials.

**My friend, Charli, is in a sorority at Alabama and wrote this post for all of you looking to rush. It is SO good and filled with all the products she wish she had going into it.

Must Have Items For Sorority Rush:

1. Mini Fan

This is my #1 essential for sorority rush. Rush usually takes place in August before school and definitely in first semester so it will be HOT. I was sweating the entire time and a portable fan will literally save your life. 

I always used this right before going into my next house so reduce how sweaty I was when I walked in. The girls know it's hot and won't judge you if you're sweaty but this will make all the difference in how you feel.

2. Morphe Makeup Setting Spray

This was my holy grail product for making my makeup stay on during rush. I seriously cannot recommend this enough. After every few houses I went to, I would powder and then spray this on my face and my makeup still looked flawless after 8 hours in the blazing heat.

I cannot tell you how many girls I had come up to me and ask me how my makeup still looked like I had just put it on. THIS is how. 

3. Blister Bandaids

I am gonna tell you right now. Your feet will be in so much pain at the end of rush. I made the mistake of forgetting blister bandaids and I'm here to tell you I was so miserable.

Me and my friends ended up laughing at how bad our feet ended up looking at the end of the week but seriously you will get blisters from walking (or running) from house to house and these will make sorority rush a lot better.

DO NOT forget these!

4. Extra Pair Of Flip Flops/Sandals/Slides

Not bringing an extra pair of shoes is another one of my biggest mistakes during sorority rush. I pretty much had to make the decision between walking in my heels with blisters or taking them off and burning my feet on the concrete.

BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF SHOES. And don't worry about looking weird wearing these with your dress because I promise every other girl will be doing the same thing.

5. Notepad And Pen

After going from house to house so fast, they will start blending together. I would definitely recommend bringing a notebook and pen to write down the conversations you had in each house. This will making ranking and choosing houses a lot easier at the end of the day.

6. Drawstring Bag

The last thing you want to do is carry one of your nice bags around during rush. You end up having to throw them in the grass before each house and they get dirty really quickly.

I would suggest a water-resistant drawstring bag in case the grass is wet. Keep all your sorority rush essentials in here and you're good to go! 

7. Deodorant

You will for sure need to reapply throughout the day. No one wants to go into a house worried that they smell bad! 

8. Portable Charger

Everyday will be long and you have breaks in between houses so making sure you have a charged phone is important. I was also constantly calling my mom during rush and was so glad I had my phone charged.

9. Umbrella

Even if the forecast says it is supposed to be clear, weather can change and you don't want to be stuck walking to each house while it's raining. I would definitely recommend bringing a mini umbrella in your bag just in case! 

10. Mints

This sorority rush essential is pretty self-explanatory, but I would definitely stick with mints over gum. You usually aren't allowed to have gum when walking into a house.

I remember I realized I had gum in right before I went in and had to spit it out into my group leaders hand... lol embarrassing, but god bless my group leader. 

11. Face Powder

If you tend to get oily like I do, I would bring some face powder in your bag. I probably reapplied this a million times during the day. 

12. Water Bottle

One of the most important parts of making sure your rush goes smoothly is staying hydrated. No one wants you to be passing out during rush (I have seen that happen)... Drink lots of water!

Bringing a reusable water bottle like this one will be super helpful because you can refill it during breaks instead of wasting tons of plastic ones.

13. Safety Pins

I saw one too many girls dress straps break right before going into a house. I definitely recommend putting safety pins in your sorority recruitment essentials bag. Even if you don't use them, someone will need one at some point and you will save her life!

14. Bobby Pins And Hair Ties

You are bound to need to put your hair up at some point throughout the day so keeping hair ties around is a must. I would also suggest keeping bobby pins with you to keep your hair style intact all day!

15. Lip Gloss

I would suggest to wear a clear gloss most of the days of rush. You dont want to risk getting lipstick on your teeth while your talking!

This post was all about sorority rush essentials.

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