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This post is all about college game day outfits.

Game Day Outfits

I think I can say this and have almost everyone agree with me, game days are one of the best parts of college. 

Not only is it the best time to spend time with friends and rep your college, but you also get to wear really cute outfits. Obviously, one of the best parts of game days are the game day outfits you get to wear.

...and for all you ladies in the south, I am SO jealous of how you really get to get dressed up for game day.

Because I know that the dressiness of games varies throughout the country, I have picked super cute casual game day outfits all the way up to dressy outfits.

This post shows you 25 of the cutest game day outfits that you can copy for your next game day.

First, we will start out with the dressy game day outfits.

In the south especially, it is very standard to get dressed up for game days. These game day outfits give cute examples of how to rep your school in a dressier way.

Custom Cut College Shirt

Game Day Outfits

.and OF COURSE, the shoes of the year: These Steve Madden wedges. (TBH, don't recommend. My Steve Madden wedges like this broke which is annoying because they weren't cheap! Super cute though.)

So many cute college gameday dresses!

Pom-Pom| Earrings (so many colors to go with your school's theme!)

Second, we will move on to college game day outfits with cheerleader skirts.

One outfit that has stood the test of time for the game day is wearing cheerleader skirts. Like, even our moms wore that.

It not only embodies the school spirit but looks so cute at the same time. Plus, they are CHEAP! You can pick up a cheerleader skirt in your color for less than $25 dollars (and wear it over and over again).

Cheerleader Skirt (comes in many colors) | Similar Jean Jacket | Maroon Skirt 

How cute is this jean jacket?! I've literally searched everywhere for this exact link to the jean jacket and can't find it anywhere. Here is another custom jean jacket that is SO cute! She can customize it to any school.

If you find whoever makes that jean jacket, let me know because I want to order it ;).

Short Sleeve College Shirt | Cheerleader Skirt | College Knee High Socks | Custom College Converse| Fanny Pack

Cheerleader Skirt | College Crop Top

Next, we have the cutest denim game day outfits.

This may be my personal favorite. You can never really go wrong with denim, can you? These game day outfits are the best because most of the time, you already have the things in your closet so you just have to quickly put it together.

Lace-Up College Tee (available for all colleges!)

Next up, the coveted game day outfit: striped overalls.

Can you list anything more that resembles college tailgate outfits? This is a very popular college outfit idea and can be seen at campuses across the country.

And lastly, the oversized shirt for game day outfits.

You can be comfortable AND cute at the same time?! I'm in. 

College Jersey | Pom-Pom

Hopefully, these gave you some inspo for your next game day outfit! 

I loved all of these and while unfortunately, my school isn't huge on game day (ugh private Christian school probs #annoying) my sister is going to Madison and I can't wait to help her dress cute for game days.

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