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Looking for the best way to celebrate your 20th birthday? This post is all about the best 20th birthday ideas.

20th birthday ideas

Let's be honest, a 20th birthday can be hard to think of things to do.

You're at the point where you are probably ready to celebrate your birthday like your 21st, but you're not quite legally there. Even though you can't go out to a bar, there are still a ton of fun ways to celebrate leaving your teenage years.

We've come up with the best 20th birthday ideas that you can celebrate with for a day you will never forget.

This post is all about the best 20th birthday ideas.


1. Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a super fun and easy way to decorate any large space for a 20th birthday party. This kit from Amazon has everything you need to DIY an amazing centerpiece for your 20th birthday celebration. 

This is one 20th birthday decoration that looks super expensive but can be done for under $25! You can guarantee this backdrop will be making many appearances in the Instagram photos from the night.

2. 20th Birthday Balloons

You can't have a birthday without getting the big balloons, can you?! I mean seriously, what girl doesn't have big balloons with their age to take pictures with on her birthday?

These balloon sets are the best because you get so many things along with them that these balloons can be the only decorations you need to make any party great.

3. Custom 20th Birthday Centerpieces

If you are really wanting to go the extra mile with your decor, these custom 20th birthday centerpieces from Etsy are such a good way to amp up your party decorations! These can be made to have any name on them and used in floral centerpieces or other table decorations. 

4. Cute Cake Topper

You can't have any good 20th birthday cake without a little something to make it special! Buy a 20 cake topper to stick on top of your birthday cake or cupcakes.

5. 20th Birthday Crown And Sash

Not only will this sash and crown make for very cute photos BUT it may also score you some free dessert at dinner!

Everyone should know it's your birthday, right?!

6. Decorative 20th Straws

It wouldn't be a true 20th birthday without way too many things that say 20 on them right?!

Every celebration needs extra fabulous touches and these straws are perfect for mocktails!

7. Popcorn Bar

Recreate this 20th birthday idea:

Popcorn is an easy snack that will cost you nothing to make but is the perfect snack to serve to guests. To make serving your popcorn or other snacks even cuter, buy some small pink containers to portion the snacks in! This looks super cute but also makes it super easy for your guests to grab a snack and keep socializing.

7. Matching Plates And Utensils

Make sure you also think of all the party decor you will need to serve food at the party! Buy cute matching plates, cups, napkins, and utensils to serve food at your 20th birthday party this year!

8. 20th Birthday Banner

Birthday banners are the perfect decoration without spending a lot of money. It also REALLY looks like you put a lot of thought into the birthday as well!

9. All Pink Bar

Recreate this 20th birthday idea:

If you or the birthday girl loves pink, this 20th birthday idea is guaranteed to be a hit. Have an all-pink bar by serving lemonade, pink candy, and colorful macaroons! 

10. Fringe Backdrop

Recreate this 20th birthday idea:

Fringe backdrops make for the most adorable party decoration but also look so good as a background for pictures!

You can either buy a fringe banner like this one from Amazon or Etsy, or you can DIY one of your own by tying strips to a piece of string. Either way, this is a super cute party decoration that is sure to be a hit

11. Back in 2001 Board

This idea is super unique! It takes you back to the year you were born and all the events that happened.

12. Confetti 20's

Okay, for this idea my inner Insta lover is coming out but imagine a picture blowing cute 20 confetti!

I wish I would have thought about this 20th birthday idea for myself because they not only make for a cute decor touch BUT also a great insta photo!

13. Kissing My 20's Goodbye Balloons

Just for good measure here is one more super cute 20th birthday party balloon set. The lips balloon is so cute and would make for amazing Insta pictures! If you want a balloon set that is more unique than just the big "20" this is a great set to buy!


1. AirPods

Airpods are the perfect gift for a 20th birthday!

I can't even stress how lost my life would be without these, and most 20-year-olds either workout or go to college so they would LOVE them.

2. Dainty Necklace 

This necklace is EVERYWHERE, and luckily for us, Amazon has an inexpensive one any birthday girl will love (seriously, it's under $12!).

3. Cell Phone Wallet

Ladies!!! Isn't this so cute?! This is the perfect gift for anyone but I know having one of these on my phone, especially in college, was SO nice.

I seriously might have to order one of these for myself, but this wallet is a great 20th birthday gift and I can guarantee it will be loved by the birthday girl.

4. Hydroflask 

Hydro Flasks are the new IT things and I feel like EVERYONE has one!

I love giving gifts that are on trend and useful, and everyone drinks water right?!

5. Casetify Phone Case

How cute is this?! Casetify Cases are SO popular and super durable!

No girl will ever be opposed to receiving a new phone case for her birthday!

6. Makeup Mirror 

This 20th birthday gift idea is genius because most girls wear makeup, so you can't go wrong.

I own one of these mirrors and seriously I don't know how I lived without it!! Plus, it is under $30 which makes for a super affordable gift option!

7. ColourPop Stone Cold Fox Pallet

If the birthday girl you are buying for is a makeup fanatic, she is guaranteed to know and love any eyeshadow pallet by ColourPop.

This is one of their best pallets that has a ton of beautiful shades to create subtle makeup looks as well as bright, bold, and smoky looks. She is guaranteed to love this pallet but really any makeup pallet is a great 20th birthday idea for girls!

8. Jade Roller 

Jade rollers have completely changed my skincare routine!

I got one of these for my 20th birthday and seriously was my favorite gift and it is under $20.

It is never too early to start taking good care of your skin and any girl will appreciate and love this birthday gift idea!


1. Go On A Shopping Spree

How fun would a shopping spree with the girls be?!

When it comes to things to do for your 20th birthday, shopping is an activity that you can't go wrong with!

You can go shopping and spend money on yourself as opposed to spending it on dinner or an extra party. Or, if you are planning your friend's 20th birthday, you and all your friends can take her shopping on your dollar.

2. Take A Trip To The Beach

If you are close to one, go to the beach for your birthday celebration!

If you are lucky enough to have a birthday around the warmer weather then take a drive to the beach with friends. You can either drive down for the day and spend the day on the beach or rent an Air BnB for the night to celebrate after!

3. Go On A Trip With Friends

Going on a trip with friends sets you up with days of memories and celebrations.

This doesn't have to be anywhere super fancy or expensive! I went to Washington for my 20th birthday and it was amazing. You could even drive down to a lake, waterfall, or just to a fun restaurant out of town!

4. Go To A Concert

Plan ahead and check which of your favorite artists are playing a concert around your birthday. Buy tickets ahead of time and have a super fun night dressing up and listening to music with your friends.

If you are planning a 20th birthday party last minute, do your research to see if there are any last-minute concerts in your area you can buy tickets off Facebook for!

5. Go To A Nice Dinner

This is an obvious thing to do on your 20th birthday but it always guarantees so much fun. Check out all the top places to eat around you, and have intimate time with your friends.

6. Have A Girls Pamper Night

If you are not a crazy birthday person, then this is the perfect 20th birthday idea for you.

Go to the store and grab some face masks, nail polish, and maybe some pizza and have a girls' night! Some of my favorite memories are just relaxing with my friends and talking so don't be afraid to spend your birthday inside!

7. Hotel Party

Rent a hotel room and have a hotel party! This can make for some crazy times because a bunch of friends in a hotel makes for some serious girl talks and pampering.

Splitting the cost of a hotel room among friends can make it really reasonably priced too!

8. Party With Friends

This is the most basic idea BUT... This is such an easy idea but can be so much fun!

Invite some of your friends over and have some fun. This is a great 20th birthday party idea that is cheap! 

9. Have A Cooking Party

If you and your friends love food, have everyone bring ingredients to make their favorite dish! You can all cook up your favorite meals and have fun hanging out while doing it! 

Then, you have a full feast of everyone's favorite food to enjoy after you are done.

10. Go Rollerskating

Have a great time listening to music and skating around with friends.

Bringing the people you love with be so much fun, and you can grab some dinner before or after!

11. Go Camping

This is another great cheap idea to celebrate your 20th birthday where you can make for a fun time on a budget.

Going camping with your friends is so much and can lead to memories you will remember forever.

12. Take A Cooking Class

If you aren't the best chef, see if there are any local cooking classes you can go to. You are now 20 so girl you need to get your cooking skills up!

These are usually reasonably priced and can benefit you in the long run.

13. Go The Spa

Need I say more?! Spa days are the best and exactly how I would want to spend my 20th birthday. I know it's not a wild 21st birthday BUT... A spa day is amazing!

A spa day is also a great relaxer from work or school!

14. Have A Themed Party

A themed party is so much and can lead to some really creative costumes. The best themed parties I have seen: 1920s, Vine-themed, and Hawaiian-themed. 

What's great is that Amazon has so many theme party idea supplies for cheap so you can do this on a budget. Get all your guy friends involved too!

15. Go On A Mini Dinner Cruise

Rent a boat and go on a dinner cruise with all your closest friends.

You can feel boujee for the night and I guarantee this is something ALL your friends will always remember.

16. Have A Photo Shoot

Invite your friends over and take cute Instagram pictures together.

I know your 20th birthday isn't as exciting as your 21st but you can still have a fun time taking great Instagram pictures if you are into social media. Bring a bunch of different outfits and walk around to find different backdrops. This creates a ton of new content that people won't even be able to tell you took all in one day!

17. Go To An Over 18 Night Club

Yes, over 18 clubs are real! So you can go have a great time at a club without even being 21. There are a ton of fun clubs to go to that have karaoke, swing dancing, dinner, etc.

This post was all about the best 20th birthday ideas.

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