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This post is all about what needs to be cleaned in a dorm room.

It's about time that your dorm room needs a good cleaning. Not just a "throw my books in my desk, and give it a vacuum" type of clean- a real, deep clean. 

Don't think I am telling you not to vacuum though, that is essential 🙂

This is the season of sicknesses and to combat that we are going to go through and deep clean the most important (and dirtiest) parts of your room.

 I get you don't have a lot of cleaning supplies at college, so I recommend (and personally only have) disinfecting spray and all-purpose spray.

1. Clean your sheets.

Let's be honest, the chance that you've already cleaned your sheets is slim to none.

Every year I've gone in with the intention of washing my sheets every week (like you should be doing) and it NEVER happens.

Having clean sheets will not only make you feel so much better, but it will also help get the oils, sweat (if you have air conditioning I am envy with jealousy), and other gross things that get on your bed out.

BTW, if you've been breaking out way more at college, this could be the reason why! Clean those sheets, it could help.

2. Disinfect your door handles.

What you really need to do is get some disinfecting spray and (every week) spray on your door handles.

Think about the number of people that are touching your door handle from hundreds of places, and you then touching it numerous times per day. Yikes! That's a lot of germs.

Well, I am sure the disinfect spray doesn't kill all the germs, it does claim to kill 99.9% of them and gives you peace of mind (which really could be the important thing here ;).

If you prefer wipes instead, these are my favorite.

3. Clean your phone and TV remote.

I debated adding this one to the list because you could argue if its really part of the "dorm" but this could be the dirtiest culprit of them all.

To clean your phone and TV remote, you first need to start by taking your case off. Then take a toothpick and run it through all the cracks, holes, and what not. I am sure you can figure that one out without me explaining too much. 

Then, spray some of that disinfecting spray on a paper towel or cloth and clean both sides of the phone staying away from any openings. Super easy and could save you from your next cold.

4. Dust all surfaces.

Dust accumulates so fast so I would really recommend doing this once a week, but I know just as well as anyone else that the chance you're doing it once a week is pretty rare.

 Take a cloth and some of that all-purpose spray and go over all surfaces including your bed, desk, lamps, dressers, etc.

5. Spray down your trashcan.

Let's be real, who knows what has been in your trashcan. Whether it be moldy food, puke (gross and extra smelly), or snotty tissues, you NEED to disinfect your trashcan.

 I would personally start by spraying my all-purpose cleaner all over the trashcan, and rub it in with a paper towel. I would then take my disinfect spray and let it sit for however long your directions say.

A little tip: One of the number one things that have helped not make my room smell like a full-on dump is Febreze trash bags. They are life changing and will cover ANY smell (yes, I have had basically anything you can imagine in those trash bags and nope, you can't smell any of that!).

dorm room essentials
6. Clean your mirrors.

This one is simple but clean your mirrors. It will remove the dust and make it seem more clear when you use it next! The all-purpose cleaner will work great for this 🙂

7. Clean your sink.

If you don't have a sink your room, you can ignore this one. However, if you do make sure to clean it!! This is my LEAST favorite thing to do, I really think it's disgusting. You gotta do it though.

I spray my all-purpose cleaner over the whole entire sink and take paper towels to rub it all in. I then spray my disinfect spray focusing on the edges and faucets.

8. Wash your towels.

If you're good, this is probably done every time you wash your laundry but I know for this most of us, that this is often forgotten.

I don't mean to sound gross here, but just think everything your towel has touched. Those community bathroom walls? Yep. Even worse, the bathroom floors? Let's hope not, but maybe. These are all things that are just accumulating germs and then you go out them all over your body.

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